Massa admits to talks with Lotus and McLaren

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa is known to be in talks with Lotus but has revealed that he also has an eye on a race seat at McLaren.

The Brazilian told the broadcaster Globo that he will not be playing a supportive role for Ferrari ‘number one’ Fernando Alonso for the balance of his career with the fabled Italian team.

“No, I won’t be doing that,” said the 32-year-old, who has been told he is being replaced by former teammate Kimi Raikkonen after November’s 2013 finale.

“I’m going to attack,” Massa promised.

He is hoping that the ‘attack’ will be the springboard to another top car, having already ruled out continuing his career with a back-of-the-grid team.

“We’re negotiating with Lotus and it’s going well,” said Massa. “They have a competitive car, which is what I want.

“We are also in contact with McLaren, but this is more difficult to judge,” he added, referring to the British team that is yet to confirm whether its current drivers, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez, are definitely staying put in 2014.

One driver not clinging onto his similarly-long Formula 1 career is Mark Webber, who is swapping his Red Bull cockpit for a Porsche prototype for 2014.

The 37-year-old Australian told Formula 1 Racing magazine that finding the right time to stop is  difficult for any sportsman.

“I’m probably leaving Formula 1 a year too soon but with the [regulation] changes next season and the opportunity to join Porsche, it’s the best move for me,” said Webber. (GMM.)

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  • Boycottthebull

    It would be a waste of Lotus’ time and money to bring Massa into their team. He has underperformed at Ferrari for years now. Ever since his accident he is past his prime. Not only would it make Lotus look foolish having had their best members plundered by Ferrari waving its cash around then to take on their rejects. His ego has him pegged at No1 driver for Lotus and refuses to drive for a lesser team. Massa is the past, Hulkenberg is the future.

  • f1 fan

    @ the guy above me Oh cmon just get over it now .. you are speaking only one side of the story, have you forgot the amount of support and sacrifices felipe made for Alonso and his team , , just wish to see that old aggressive Felipe back, !!

  • Forza

    @Boycottthebull do you have nothing better to do than put people down?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Boycottthebull Some people don’t like the truth. You are right, Massa is the past, Hukenberg, Frijns and Bianchi are the future. Lotus should sign a cheap fast young driver, not an expensive slow old driver like Massa.

  • Boycottthebull

    @F1 fan – What does Massa getting paid huge amounts of money to play back up boy at Ferrari have anything to do with Lotus being obligated to take him on? They didnt treat him that way so why should should they pay the price for a driver that will be of no help to them whatsoever? As it was after Massa’s accident Ferrari kept him on way longer than they should have because they didnt want to appear nasty. They gave him his shot and he has delivered nothing. He may be a nice guy but thats no reason for a completely different team to then be dragged down by him. One bad weekend with a series of Massa massacres crashing twice in one weekend would send Lotus broke. Not only that he expects to be paid more than ten times more than Grosjean and be No1 when Grosjean has had more podium finishes than Massa this year and has 2 years experience with the team. He is strutting around making demands as if he is a former world champ and expects all rights and treasure associated with that. “Red Bull Cheats” (great nick btw) is absolutely correct go younger go cheaper and go faster. Massa will just be a boat anchor and drag the team down.

  • Boycottthebull

    @Forza – Every coin as got 2 sides hasnt it? Im supporting a great team that comprises hundreds of people not just a single individual that will be dragged down by the ego of one Ferraris discards who thinks he should still be top dog when his form suggests otherwise. I wish him well but he should move on to something new and exciting. Webber is doing just that and he is faster than Massa these days. The guy has been paid tens of millions of Euro these past 8 years how sorry is one expected to feel for the guy when he can retire in absolute style and luxury? And why is it Lotus’ responsibility to make it up to him for being so hard done by at Ferrari?

  • arturo zuniga

    give chance to a new generation of young drivers , massa has nothing to show anymore , he was a good driver ,nothing else .

  • pablo

    do you think that lotus is going to pay for massa? Massa will have to pay if he wants o to stay in F1!!

  • Spartacus

    Let’s not forget that Massa is quick. Given a fair crack at the whip he’s quicker than Alonso. But he’s also a team player; taking orders and very often seconds on car or pit stop strategy.

    McLaren would be the team in the most need of Massa; they must dump Perez for next season.

    Lotus don’t have the money, and if they did they’d have kept Kimi. Plus Grosjean is doing a good job this year. They should opt for the less expenisve Hulkenberg.

  • marky2112

    Massa has underperformed since the accident and should have been fired 2 years ago at least. The last thing Lotus needs is Massa, Hulkenburg is younger, faster, better and cheaper. Face it people Massa hasn’t won a race in 5 years and one of those years Alonso would have won the championship in the same car if Grosjean didn’t try to decapitate him.