Ferrari and Lotus in F1 engineer musical chairs

James Allison with Kimi Raikkonen

James Allison with Kimi Raikkonen

Lotus technical guru James Allison was the first to defect to Ferrari, and star driver Kimi Raikkonen will follow him to Maranello at the end of the season.

And after Raikkonen’s move was confirmed, it also emerged that Lotus’ aerodynamics chief Dirk de Beer is heading to Ferrari.

It is also rumoured that Raikkonen will take his race engineer Mark Slade, who started working with the Finn at McLaren a decade ago, to Ferrari.

However, Auto Motor und Sport has said that Lotus has signed well-regarded Ferrari aerodynamicist, Nicolas Hennel.

Meanwhile, Finland’s Turun Sanomat reports that the new turbo V6 era could start off on the heavy side for Ferrari.

According to sources, the current version of the 2014-specification Ferrari ‘power unit’ will reportedly push the car well over the allowed maximum weight. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Ferrari seems to have this new policy “if you cant beat em buy em”. Pretty pathetic really. I hope Lotus dont continue to take in Ferraris rejects such as Massa. The guy is past his time and he couldnt deliver for Ferrari he certainly wont deliver for Lotus yet he is strutting around like thats the only seat he is prepared to take and wont go to a lesser team. He even has suggested he wont be a number 2 driver at Lotus. Move on Massa dont let your ego drag down our much beloved Lotus. Where is Hulkenberg when you want him.

  • Forza Ferrari

    There is nothing pathetic about trying to get all the best people to work for your team. It just shows the desire to win. So get over it!