Andretti interested in F1 if customer cars allowed

Michael and Mario Andretti

Michael and Mario Andretti

Michael Andretti would get involved in Formula 1 as a team owner if the sport allowed teams to field customer cars.

That is the claim of former McLaren driver Andretti’s famous father Mario, the 1978 world champion.

He told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that allowing teams to sell chassis to one another would help those teams that are struggling financially.

“I have already spoken with Bernie Ecclestone about it,” said the 73-year-old.

“It would also be a way for new teams to be a part of F1, even if they don’t have their own racing car factories,” added Andretti.

“My son (Michael) would be one of the first who would come in, if he could buy a car from one of the top manufacturers.”

Mario Andretti dismissed the claim that customer cars would devalue the sport.

“I find the idea of a blue Ferrari overtaking a red Ferrari very interesting,” he said. “It would give formula one a whole new appeal.”

Michael Andretti, whose F1 career as Ayrton Senna’s teammate at McLaren in 1993 was brief, is now a team owner in various series including Indycar.

‘Andretti Autosport’ will also contest the FIA’s new Formula E series for electric single seaters in 2014. (GMM)

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  • Bec

    It’s not really being involved in F1, if all you’re doing is buying a car off someone … It’s just turning up with a car some other people with more brains than you have designed and engineered.

  • M451

    Customer cars kills the sport. Unless they are given a midfield to lower end car, I wouldn’t welcome it. If anyone can just turn up to Milton Keynes with a large envelope of money and win the championship like that, here’s no point.

  • Fletcher

    Forget it Mario. Formula One doesn’t work like that. That’s what Formula One is all about. Each team is its own constructor. You and your son should get on with it and design your own car. I think it would be fantastic. Lot’s of talent and resources in the USA. Oh an please don’t put your son/grandson in the car for obvious reasons.

  • marky2112

    There is nothing wrong with having customer cars. F1 isn’t as simple as turning up to the track with a customer car and winning, the development rate is very quick indeed and any team who won a championship in a customer car would be a very good team indeed. I don’t expect teams like Ferrari to give customers a car as good as theirs when they can sell them last year’s car or build them one that’s almost as good. Teams get customer engines so why not customer chasis. The more teams the better.