Ferrari said no to Hulkenberg via SMS text message

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg’s manager has expressed disappointment with how Ferrari broke the bad news to the German driver this week, after it emerged that he was seriously considered by the Maranello based team as the replacement for Felipe Massa.

But when Ferrari ultimately signed Raikkonen, the Italian squad let Hulkenberg know in the form of a mere text message, the German driver’s manager Werner Heinz has revealed.

“After two months of negotiations, I expected at least a phone call,” he told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Werner said that five lawyers worked for eight weeks on the Ferrari contract, where ultimately the only missing link was president Luca di Montezemolo’s signature.

“The contracts went back and forth and in the end only had to be signed,” Heinz told the German newspaper Bild. “Domenicali sent us a SMS at 22.50 on Tuesday.”

Heinz continued: “Now Ferrari has signed Kimi we are talking again with Lotus. It looks like they are set for 2014.”

Switzerland’s Blick newspaper said a return to Force India is Hulkenberg’s ‘plan B’. Lotus team boss Eric Boullier confirmed that Hulkenberg is in the running.

“Of course,” he told RMC Sport, “as are all the drivers that are available. Felipe Massa is also available, so he is inevitably on the list. These are drivers whose management approached us,” added Boullier. (GMM)


  • Cindy Leija

    That’s Ferrari for yeah! That’s why kimi signed right way because someone else might took his place. Ferrari think they might have the dream. Will see next year by 3 race if it’s the dream team.

  • Kimi4WDC

    You still need to find good drive for your client, why would you complain about this now?!

    No wonder Nico was so unlucky with picking teams if he has such manager.

  • Ben

    that is no way to treat a promising driver, don’t care desirable the seat is. good thing he did not join them because they’d probably treat him as second rate. go to Lotus and beat them.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Lots of hype with Hulkenberg, But the top teams don’t seem to be in a hurry to give this guy a decent ride. Where’s the disconnect?

    I thought Nico was ripe for Webber’s seat. I think he would have been a wiser choice than DR – Just my opinion. In any case, Getting a text message notification is somewhat cold blooded and is probably a good indication about what Maranello thinks about Nico and his skills. Just speculating here.

    Now with Massa on the market who’s no doubt – burning up the phone lines to Lotus as I type, Nico might not have a choice but to stay at Sauber for 2014 and play teacher to the rookie Russian after all. Not the idea situation.

  • Nico_Hulkenberg

    I got the SMS on Tuesday night at exactly 22:50 by my watch.
    It read: ‘Sorry Nico, looks like you won’t be getting paid for at least another year. Yours sincerely, lots of love Stef’
    I’m so gutted, I’m off to buy some airtime so I can get Boullier on the phone.
    Can anyone lend me a tenner?

  • Ben

    I doubt if Hulk is better than DR.. RBR knows way more than we do on how good DR is, young drivers test, simulators, engineering feedback.. we’ll see next year.

  • Stoner

    Nico deserves the Lotus seat, at least he is far better than, Romain and Ricciardo

  • Hawk

    Strange. but people have different ways of handling issues.

  • Urko


    “Lots of hype with Hulkenberg, But the top teams don’t seem to be in a hurry to give this guy a decent ride. Where’s the disconnect?”

    I’m wondering that to.

    Anyway; Massa 2 retirement, Hulk 2 Lotus (plan B: back 2 FI replacing criminal Sutil).

  • Empee


    The circumstances just haven’t materialized to encourage those upper-echelon teams, which have been very adamant about promoting from within their talent farms lately, to go with an outsider IMO. The only exception I’m aware of is McLaren drafting Checo, which is arguably as much about the money as it is his potential.