Marko tried to steal Horner’s thunder over Ricciardo announcement

Christian Horner with  Helmut Marko

Christian Horner with Helmut Marko

German media reports have said that on the Wednesday before the Italian Grand Prix weekend, the day on which Daniel Ricciardo was named Red Bull‘s 2014 driver, team principal Christian Horner was caught by surprise by the timing of the announcement.

While attending the premiere of the movie ‘Rush’ on the day, Horner received a telephone call to inform him that Red Bull’s driver consultant Helmut Marko had begun an appearance on Austrian television to announce Ricciardo’s 2014 signing.

A mere 13 minutes later, Horner had arranged the distribution of an official press release – with quotes attributed only to himself and the team’s design guru Adrian Newey, thus avoiding any red faces.

It is not known if Marko was trying to steal Horner’s thunder by not collaborating with the Briton with regards to the announcement. (GMM)

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  • marco polo

    Marko and vettle need to set out to see on a drift wood with nothing but a knife and olive oil. Todt will join them also if re-elected.

  • Harri

    “tea principal” Christian Horner ;)

  • Gerru

    No respect for Marko

  • Boycottthebull

    Marko never ceases to amaze me. he is the most destabilising thing any F1 team has ever seen. What does this guy actually do apart from protect Vettel and slag off everyone else in the team and cause problems for them? Marko is the very reason for my username. I refuse to buy a product where once single cent contributes to the wages of that fool.

  • the fan

    marko drinks too much red bull and its polluting his mind…

  • Hawk

    stupid guy..
    he is just trying to make himself useful because for sure RB does not NEED HIM! Just a friend of DM..

  • Ben

    probably why RBR did not hold press conference to announce DR appointment, one of the biggest announcements for years. Anyway, does not matter now… see what happens next year

  • Nowhereman

    They would be much better off as a team and most likely perform even better if that senile old scab was gone.
    He is the number one irritant on that team.
    Everyone would do better without his involvement.