Raikkonen: I am really happy to be returning to Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen will return to Ferrari in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen will return to Ferrari in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen will race for Ferrari next season after agreeing a two-year deal that takes the 2007 Formula 1 World Champion back to the glamour team which he left in 2009.

Ferrari said in a statement that the 33-year-old Finnish ‘Iceman’, currently competing for Lotus, will replace Brazilian Felipe Massa alongside Spain’s double world champion Fernando Alonso.

“Scuderia Ferrari announces that it has reached an agreement with Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn will join Fernando Alonso in the driver line-up for the next two racing seasons,” the statement said.

Raikkonen said, “I am really happy to be returning to Maranello where I previously spent three fantastic and very successful years. I have so many memories of my time at Ferrari, memories which have stayed with me these past years, first and foremost, winning the World Championship title in 2007, which was really unforgettable.”

Kimi Raikkonen on the podium with Ferrari  team principal Jean Todt (at the time) after winning his first ever race as a Ferrari driver in Melbourne 2007

Kimi Raikkonen on the podium with Ferrari team principal (at the time) Jean Todt (now the FIA President) after winning his first ever race as a Ferrari driver in Melbourne 2007

He added, “I can’t wait to be driving a Prancing Horse car again and to reacquaint myself with so many people with whom I had such close links, as well as working with Fernando, whom I consider a great driver, in order to bring the team the success it deserves.”

Massa, championship runner-up to Lewis Hamilton in 2008 before he suffered near-fatal head injuries in Hungary the following year, had already announced on social media that he would not be driving for the Italian team in 2014.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali commented, “I am pleased to welcome Kimi back to the Scuderia, the team with which he won his World Championship title. I sense he is very happy to be returning to Maranello and very determined to tackle the work that awaits him in the best way possible.” (Reuters)

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen teammates as from 2014

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen teammates as from 2014

Kimi Raikkonen Fact File

  • Age: 33 (born on Oct. 17, 1979 in Espoo, Finland)
  • Began go-karting aged 11 and entered the British Formula Renault series in 1999. He was champion the following year with seven wins from 10 races.
  • Sauber signed him at the end of 2000, despite his lack of experience. Then-FIA president Max Mosley was one of the doubters, only reluctantly handing him an F1 superlicence after Sauber pleaded his case.
  • Raikkonen scored a point on his debut in Australia in 2001. By the end of that season he had scored nine points and been signed by McLaren to replace compatriot Mika Hakkinen.
  • Dubbed ‘Ice Man’ by McLaren team boss Ron Dennis for his calmness under pressure, he pushed Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher all the way in 2003 but missed out on the championship by two points. He now has ‘Iceman’ tattooed on his forearm.
  • The Finn was runner-up to Renault’s Fernando Alonso in 2005, winning as many races (seven) as his Spanish rival. On Sept 10, 2006, Ferrari announced he had been signed to replace seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher.
  • World champion in 2007, beating Hamilton and Alonso by a single point after winning three of the last four races in a stunning turnaround.
  • Third in the 2008 championship and eclipsed by team mate Felipe Massa. At the end of 2009, after winning just one race, he was paid off for the remaining year of his contract and replaced by Alonso. The Finn then spent the next two years in world rallying and NASCAR.
  • Returned to F1 with Lotus in 2012 and made an instant impression, ending the year third overall. Until this year’s Belgian Grand Prix, he had racked up a record 27 consecutive races in the points. Raikkonen also won the 2013 season-opener in Australia.
  • 11 September 2013 Ferrari announce Raikkonen’s return as replacement for Brazilian Felipe Massa.

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  • McLarenfan

    Alonso the Iceman is faster than YOU!!!!

  • fools


  • Zala

    Very nice!

  • Flying Finn

    Now we will see witch is better in performance wise… Cool or hot… It is going to be EPIC season 2014 =)

  • GreenHell

    The decline of Alonso’s star has begun… Now he can show what he really got. Perfect.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Kimi and Allison is a winning pairing.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “…..as well as working with Fernando, whom I consider a great driver, in order to bring the team the success it deserves.”

    Is that a backhanded slap at Fernando?

  • hillside

    FA’s Santander paid Kimi to leave and now they’ll be paying again just to have him. Kimi can wipe his ass all day with their money and dont give a damn about them!

    life is so good for this guy

  • Flying Finn

    Kimi is independent in his decisions on / off the track. And that is really something. Knows is totally aware what a circus the F1 world is and takes full advantages of it. Love this attitude!
    Kimi is the kind of guy who can retire anytime he likes and be very, very pleased with his choices over the years. Honest / straight to himself = nothing to regret!

  • lawl

    alo and his fans… be scared.

  • Hawk

    Ron Dennis is funny

  • Stoner

    To all the doubters, wait for next season, and see Alonso start whinning as Kimi will thrash him.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Absurd! …well, this is the best insurance that Ferrari won’t win any title next year :-) …unless Kimi won’t accept to be a 2nd driver just to store his pension ;-)

  • the fan

    i wonder what could be running in helmut marko’s head now(alright vettel fans, im referring to the constructors championship!:D)

  • Ankit

    @Tamburello_1994. I call people like you, instigators. People who love twisting the simplest of things and turning it into really complicated. Kimi just said, he’s happy to be pairing with Alonso and give the team the constructors championship it really deserves because he knows that massa didn’t do that and knows Alonso is already doing his part. How is that a backhanded slap at Alonso, please try and explain. People like you make me lose faith in the human intelligence.

  • Robb

    There’s no way Kimi said those things attributed to him.
    He would more likely say something like:
    “Yeah, I’ll be at Ferrari next year…it might be ok.”

  • fools


    More like Troll.

  • fools

    To be honest…this just made Alonso get off his potato couch. Guarantee Alonso turns his magic up a huge knot.

    This driver pairing will only make each of them stronger. Im sure Ferrari is hating how RB has been so dominate in the Constructors Championship so this will help bring in points what Massa lacked.. Kimi and Alonso are friends on and off track. Maybe not the best of friends but definitely came up in the same class and are relatively the same age with very sharp riving skills with huge respect for each other…(Im assuming PR will do there best next yr to create steam. Hell they may start the steam by the next GP)

    Again, this will only make Alonso stronger knowing he has a much better teammate joining sides. I cant wait already for 2014 not only for this new driver line up but for the NEW TURBOS AS WELL!

    New game new dice…LETS RACE!

    ALONSO FOR THE 2013 + WDC!

  • Saša

    This is best that could happen,
    a best line up in whole racing history.

    2014. will be year to remember.

    Now we only need Ferrari to fix wind tunnel and produce good car for them.

    I had a dream, and now I am waiting to enjoy it in 2014.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    The whole thing is a FARCE, Ferrari shouldn’t be allowed to do such things… forcing a former world champion to leave F1 just to make place for another driver who didn’t want to pair with him, and few years later signing the same “banned” driver to pair with the same whining driver! It’s ridiculous and put in bad light the whole circus. The only consolation is that they won’t win anything next year, but Ferrari is a shame for this sport, and i’m sayn this being italian…

  • Ankit

    haha yea, that word is too mainstream :p. Also I believe Kimi coming to Ferrari is a boon, both for Ferrari and for Alonso, as Alonso will have a stronger drive to drive stronger ;)


    real LOTUS is the GREEN one
    Tu sei un italiota (italianoidiota) non un italiano vero, purtroppo in Italia siete in troppi è questo il problema


    Se ti vergogni di essere italiano vattene via dall’ Italia

  • Urko

    @the fan; Spot on!!

    by Fire & Ice ;)))

  • Nico_Hulkenberg

    What’s this?
    I was promised this seat!
    Damn you Monty!
    And damn you Sauber for not paying me!
    What the F am I going to do now? Drive around in that stupid car that I barely fit into for another year for these Swiss Cheese-heads?
    Time to start negotiations with Lotus.
    Wish me luck.
    I wonder if they’ll give me Kimi’s salary.
    I really deserve it but I don’t really know what I’ve done to deserve it.
    Oh well

  • earlcee7

    It seems with this decision, Ferrari have the constructors’ title in mind. Smart choice but the wdc for both their drivers should be interesting to watch… Let’s hope they have a decent car next year!

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Ankit

    “because he knows that massa didn’t do that and knows Alonso is already doing his part.”

    Did I hit a raw nerve? Seems so.

    You can give Alonso a pass if you want to. That’s completely up to you. I don’t. It can be argued both drivers are responsible for Ferrari’s failure to capture ANYTHING in the so-called “Alonso era”. What’s so hard for you to understand that you need me to break it down in baby sized bits just for you?

    Secondly, Get the quote correct. Kimi says nothing about a “constructor championship”. He uses the term “success” doesn’t he? Which can mean just about anything including a driver championship, No? It should be noted the last time Maranello won anything significant Raikkonen was leading the team. Listening to his own words, It sounds to me he’s looking to pick up the mantle and win again. If you think he’s going to be doing his best Felipe Massa impersonation by just following Fernando around, you’re fooling yourself, Which incidentally seems to be a common thread with “Alonso fans”

  • fools

    you sound like a ignorant F1 fan boy with no logic. Just stfu please do us all a favor. Alonso isnt complaning for shit hes embracing Kimi. Are you smokin crack! Again? smdh! Try reading for once…I mean the article. Not comments only. geezez

  • Tamburello_1994

    “I don’t think Alonso will be too pleased to see Raikkonen there,” – Martin Brundle.

    Another fine example of a Alonso fan deluding themselves with made up bullshit.

  • Forza Ferrari

    @real LOTUS is the GREEN one
    The only farce here is your idiotic comments! You are a shame for Italy and for your parents, dumb butthurt Lotus fanboy! Get outta here with your mindless BS! Ferrari is the BEST, always and forever!!! Forza Ferrari!!!

  • kimigirl

    go kimi!

  • the fan

    i agree, this is a wake up call for Alonso and this lineup will only take his legacy to an even greater level, same goes for kimi. ferrari has the constructors championship in mind and the drivers title will be somewhat possible even with RB’s dominance. having 2 of the best drivers will definitely take away some points off vettel, people cant seem to see this as a possiblilty. credit to LDM for 2 things… for scrapping his policy of having just one driver in the team and letting fernando know that ferrari is bigger than him.

  • Boycottthebull

    Gimme Gimme Kimi shows his loyalty and goes for the cash. Its his primary concern. Good riddance! It will just cause turmoil over at Ferrari. The may get a constructors by lining up 2 ex world champions but they will just end up taking points from each other and neither will win. Lotus is a streamlined operation and needs better value for money than spending it all on a driver that refuses to do the media work expected of every other driver. I think the Hulk would be perfect for Lotus and I hope he and Grosjean thrash the egos in red. The fake Kimi media statements being released just made me loose the last bit of respect for him, saying how excited he is to be back with Ferrari and how much he admires Alonso blah blah blah. Do they think the public is that stupid? Kimis actual response would be Give me more money and beer and stop asking questions. At least that would be honest!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    All those people who said Alonso would never allow his team mate to be a great driver, I guess you can SHUT UP NOW!

    If Alonso dominates Kimi you will blame it on the team, not on Alonso being faster than Kimi.

    Ferrari chose Massa over Kimi as he was at that time consistently faster than Kimi. It was not to give Alonso a weaker team mate. Mass had almost won the WDC racing with Kimi in the same team. Plus Kimi was getting $30m a year, Massa $10m. So it made sense to keep Massa.

  • A893

    Kimi is just following the $. I will be very surprised if he finishes w/ more points than Alonso, who imo is a better driver

  • Tamburello_1994

    I’m in the frame of mind Alonso shouldn’t have needed some sort of “wake up call”. Every year he should have been well motivated to beat everyone – including the bulls, and put Ferrari back on top.

    Besides, Being the highest paid driver in motor racing should have been motivation enough.

    Let’s all hope Fernando finally gets it in gear before he finds himself out looking in.

  • hillside


    does media work gets the driver or the team gets better result on the track?


    Massa was groomed to be no.1 driver and even had a few years of tutoring from a multiple WDC long before Kimi arrived in Maranello, so everybody were stunned (and pissed) when Kimi snatch the title out from the radar. but still, the following year, the team backed up Massa instead of their defending champion and Felipe still fail to deliver.

    its just Ferrari were too greedy. they didn’t have the upgrade on many things like their wind tunnel, lousy designers and let their drivers pay for their seats.

    Massa kept his seat safe for many years because his family has been selling tons of Fiat cars in their country. then, they signed another pay driver because of his Santader money.

  • Nemo Nobody

    Well done hillside, you are the first one to mention the wealth of Massa family (anyone can search online).

    Massa is a mediocre driver and we all see that every Sunday afternoon.
    Ferrari is becoming a mediocre team lately and i don’t see them having the edge over RB in the new era. Now they have 2 very good drivers, but they also need brains in the team…

  • Tamburello_1994

    From espnf1:

    Break from the norm

    The real unknown now is what happens to Alonso. He moved to Ferrari amid much fanfare in search of more world titles, having failed to add to his back-to-back successes at Renault. However, having been Ferrari’s undisputed leader since 2010, suddenly there is a threat. Normally you would expect anyone coming in alongside Alonso to have a hard time getting the same backing from team, but there’s a special affiliation with Raikkonen as he has achieved what Alonso hasn’t: won the world championship in a Ferrari.

  • Tamburello_1994

    So what do you say to that @Fools and Ankit?

    You both were “mouth all mighty” yesterday and less than twenty four hours later, pundits across the spectrum are echoing what I said. So much for the ignorant fanboy I guess, Right?

    Looks like I was spot the fcuk on. Low hanging fruit boys and girls! I love when that happens.


  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I thought that an international website could be immune from the many childish, stupid, insolent, unsportsmanlike and miserable trolls that infest italian forums and blogs, but unfortunately i was wrong…
    Italy is a wonderful country but has the most pathetic brain-dead people in the world, what is well showed from Ferrari’s “tifosi”: they only follow their stupid soccer teams for the whole week, and then, on some sunday, they waste 1 hour and half not to follow GP, but only to watch Ferrari on TV listening to an idiotic tv commentator who always repeat ad nauseum that Ferrari is the best, Italy is the best, and the rest of the world cheats!!! …you morons, made our countruy a JOKE for the whole world!!! Go away, think to Juventus and other bullshits!