Big Picture: Alonso versus Webber as close as it gets

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Where: Italian Grand Prix at Monza

When: 9 September 2013

Who: Mark Webber (Red Bull) and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)

Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso are mates. They are also hard as nails rivals in Formula 1 and have been so for decades and in the past have delivered some hair raising moments on track as they battled each other relentlessly but fairly – remember Eau Rouge 2011? They were at it again at the Italian Grand Prix, the pair side by side exiting Curva Grande into and through Variante della Roggia. Alonso taking second place thanks to the move which would have probably ended in tears had it been tried by lesser men. Bravo boys!
Photo by Sutton Images

  • Faceman

    Goes to show how poor that Ferrari really is again this year. Even Hulk showed what the engine and gearbox can do! Pathetic, good thing Bryne is designing the 2014 car and they’ll have better windtunnel data by then I’m sure!