Ferrari set to choose either Massa, Raikkonen or Hulkenberg on Wednesday

Nico Hulkenberg and Kimi Raikkonen are candidates to replace Felipe mAssa at Ferrari

Nico Hulkenberg and Kimi Raikkonen are candidates to replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari

Speculation was running rife in the Monza paddock on Italian Grand Prix race day, and the buzzword was ‘Wednesday’ when Ferrari is allegedly about to announce their driver line-up.

The big talking point was whether Kimi Raikkonen in fact agreed a 2014 deal to rejoin Ferrari next year on the Wednesday of last week, or whether the Italian team will announce it formally on the coming Wednesday.

Perhaps both are true. Perhaps neither. The fact is Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo revealed that the 2014 driver decision would be made shortly after the race in Italy.

“We will think of this immediately after Monza because we wanted to arrive at this weekend without any strange pressure,” he told reporters after qualifying at Ferrari’s home Italian Grand Prix.

“We will take any decision in the next days and we haven’t taken any kind of a decision yet. We haven’t signed any contract with anybody, we will talk with (Felipe) Massa and then we have our opinion and then we will decide,” Montezemolo added while refusing to rule out Hulkenberg or Raikkonen.

Luca di Montezemolo with Stefano Domenicali at Monza

Luca di Montezemolo with Stefano Domenicali at Monza

Felipe Massa will be hoping the latter is true, but he admitted on Sunday that a cloud does hang over his Formula 1 future.

“We’re still discussing it,” he said of his talks with Ferrari about next year.

“This race was important, not only for the contract with Ferrari but to show other teams what I’m able to do,” Massa, who finished fourth on Sunday, told the BBC.

Another driver hoping Ferrari’s 2014 deliberations involve him is Hulkenberg, who had a sensational weekend at Monza for struggling Ferrari-powered Sauber – qualifying third and finishing fifth.

On the possibility of joining Ferrari, the German said: “It’s definitely something I wouldn’t deny which I’m definitely interested in — it’s a no-brainer.

“There has been lots of talk but at some point the talking has to stop and the decisions will be made,” added Hulkenberg.

  • bunko

    Massa’s comment sounds like he’s already trying to sell himself to other teams. In such case, his behavior in quali makes a lot more sense. I hope he goes to another team. Its time for Ferrari to realize Massa will never be better than what he is now (or the past 4 years) if he stays. Maybe on another team he can regain his confidence back and be back to his old self (before the spring accident)

    I hope Hulk gets the seat, but I think its more likely to be Kimi.

  • Schumi Fan

    If KIMI then please Don’t expect TOW from KIMI….he will scold u in Radio itself

  • Tinto

    I am a Kimi fan, I like also Hulk’s modesty, but would rather prefer to see Hulk in Ferrari’s car. Let’s give a bit of credit to younger generation. Hulk is another German type mentality and discipline, versus Finish apparently lay back attitude. Kimi’s career cannot get any better, the sunset is coming, sorry about that.

    The second reason is Kimi. It is a matter of honour not to come back to the place he was kicked out from, or maybe I am wrong… Alonso and Co’s politics lack sportmanship, a miserable relation is going to be developed Kimi getting hurt. Ferraris do not like Kimi’s lack for words and PR attitude, in time their relation is going to deteriorate quite rapidly.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Good post from Tinto, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Fletcher

    I am afraid its going to be Massa once again. Massa tows the family line. ALonso, Bernie and Dominicali want Massa.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Hulkenberg would be the end of Alonso. He would outpace, outqualify and outrace Alonso in each session and event.

    Cant wait for that!

  • Fletcher

    Just heard on the news that it is Raikonen who will drive for Ferrari for 2014.

  • the fan

    my take here is that ferrari should go for kimi. why? luca should changed his policy of having just ONE driver and the other as supporter if they want to win the tiltle. what they have now clearly doesnt work for them. fernando is very good but he has to be pushed by his team mate. hulkenburg is good but he is not consistent and he would eventually play the same role as massa in the end if he cant outperform fernando. i can see kimi more providing the challenge to fernando and that can result in an even better results for ferrari. they are desperate at the moment and their policy of sticking to one car in challenging for the tiltle is plain and simple, a failure.

  • taz

    what do u mean alonso needs to be pushed by his team mate?
    clearify,as alonso has beaten his team mates hands down…07-hami, well nuthing to be said their hami is a class racer.
    08-09renault,his teammates failed to score sufficient points, 10-12 massa? why wasnt he kicked already only scoring 50-65% of points of alonso 2013…..
    u can either make massa let alonso pass early or regret at end of race such as aus10 china10actualy to many to man….

  • the fan

    alonso knows that massa cant compete with him so he’s clearly the no 1 in the team. having a more competitive driver in kimi will definitely make alonso work harder for that no 1 status and that may result in greater things for the team. an example would be mercedes. hamilton was strucked at how rosberg outperformed him in some races this year and it resulted in good things for MGP

  • hillside

    of course LdM will pick Kimi! his salary will paid anyway by FA’s good friends from Santander

  • Hawk

    Alonso will definitely beat Kimi. He only fears one man. His only disappointment is that by bringing Kimi they have lost trust in him. Secondly Massa does not take any points off him unlike other teams. Kimi definitely would take some points off him which would hurt his WDC chances and Kimi’s. unfortunately it’s highly unlikely that Ferrari will have both of them. It’s not their style and will split the team. Must have had the same situation in the past which didn’t work out.

  • Faceman

    Hulk needs to go with Brawn to Williams!!!

    And Kimi at Fezza is just plain silly. Looking forward to Alonso leaving suddenly and in huff just like he did at Mcloser and Luca kissing Kimi’s arse! Now that will be worth seeing!

  • the fan

    BBC has reported that the deal was finalized on Monday and the announcement on Wednesday. Alonso-Raikonnen it is!