Vettel snubs Red Bull hosted Monza farewell party for Webber

Mark Webber speaks at his Monza farewell

Mark Webber speaks at his Monza farewell

World champion Sebastian Vettel on Friday did not attend a Red Bull hosted farewell party to mark teammate Mark Webber’s last grand prix in Europe.

Bild newspaper said the reigning world champion sat downstairs ‘playing with his iphone’ while, just 16 steps above in the Red Bull motor home at Monza, much of the Formula 1 fraternity paid tribute to Webber as the Australian’s 12-year career draws to a close.

Helping Webber celebrate were figures like Ross Brawn, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton and even Sir Frank Williams, who was carried up the 16 stairs in his wheelchair.

“We are no longer friends, but we respect each other,” Vettel is quoted as saying.

1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, meanwhile, backed Red Bull’s decision to replace the Le Mans-bound Webber with in-house talent Daniel Ricciardo.

Mark Webber with Sir Frank Williams and Nico Hulkenberg

Mark Webber with Sir Frank Williams and Nico Hulkenberg

“Vettel has developed so much this year – he’s super fast but he no longer makes mistakes or freaks out. He’s made the biggest step of his career,” said the French-Canadian at Monza, who has previously been critical of Vettel.

“So why would they have signed a driver who disturbs the peace? Daniel will be easier to handle politically than Webber,” Villeneuve is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

“Does he have broad enough shoulders to withstand the pressure? We will not know until next year. We’ll see if he’s still grinning then.

“But I think it’s good [that] Red Bull have taken a driver from their own school – other teams also encourage young drivers but really all they do is talk about it,” he added. (GMM.)

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  • M451

    “So why would they have signed a driver who disturbs the peace? Daniel will be easier to handle politically than Webber,”

    They only want him there to play number two.

  • hillside

    very classy

  • Tamburello_1994

    Not a good look, Sebastian, Not a good look.

    You try to cut the kid some slack, Especially after Malaysia and his pulls a bush league move like this. What a lick knob.

  • abhinav

    Vettel is a spoiled brat, not decent enough to be a champion

  • Spartacus

    A wise move not to spoil Webber’s party.

    Once they’re both retired they’ll be friends again. Just that in this highly competitive environment it’s difficult to be friends with someone who you’re always trying to better.

  • telstar

    Vettel is a disgrace to Formula One, not the kind of champion who commands respect from others. People suck up to him in the Newey car but he is nothing of the stuff great champions are made of.

  • MeMe

    Who cares about this ass***** ?
    It’s good for Webber, he’ll will be happier than in that team full of liars and hypocrites.

  • Tinto

    Perfect decision from Seb.

    Who on Earth from all of you blaming Seb would have gone to your enemy’s party? Parhetic…

  • the fan

    ever since vettel became champion, year after year his head is getting bigger and bigger… the least you can do to someone who has given you his support while not getting any is to at least be “friendly” off track. still thinks like a kid and acts like a kid.

  • stings

    the fan…nobody will take it from you dude! You’re the biggest retard.

  • lol

    You need to be invited first to be present. You all think Webber wanted Vettel there? You know, the kid that trashed him and ended his F1 career?

  • lawl

    If vettel doesnt go hes some spoiled brat. If he goes to the party, hes a fking hypocrite.

    The guy earns 18m a year, I think he gives a damn about u thinking hes a “retard”, lol.

  • AAX

    The most unpopular champion in history I reckon.. He’s a prick..Hulkenburg is the true german i’ve said that before this weekend..He’s on a high horse..I hope 2014 regs cut him down to size.. One more win Mark..Please :o

  • the fan

    stings… its an opinion you dumbass haha! and its not for the taking especially from another idiot in this forum like you:)

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Vettel really is the most hated champion, and Red Bull the most hated F1 team, based on comments in the online media.

  • Gene

    As a fan of Daniel Ricciardo I would hope that he is allowed to ease into the team next year without having to worry about Vettel undermining his every move. Maybe their similar age outlook will bring about a better team relationship between them..

  • Ian Chalmers

    As the biggest DIVA in formula 1 Vetal always DEMANDS respect and is totally incapable of showing respect for anyone, hence his failure to attend the team party for Webber…….What a S..T

  • Laokannan

    Vettel is still too young, and maybe don’t manage what being “politically correct” means. Hypocrisy and falseness would have been to be somewhere you don’t want, paying homage to a guy you dislike, knowing you’re detested, but such is required when you want to keep an image that is important for you as a public figure. He needs advise!

  • Christian Baumgartner

    I´d been an f1 fan for as long as I can think and do not appreciate the politics in f1,that constantly protect unfair a..holes like the biggest cheat m.schumacher and spoiled mamaboys like vettel. put him in a lotus and he will never win again.we know by now what that twat is capable of when under pressure. he is the most hated champion,because everyone knows that webber was never allowed to be world champion. so next year we want a real world champion and not a bockwurst from hessen,who behaves like a 5 year old. give us sport and no politics!!!