Alonso: You’re really idiots. Mamma mia guys. Massa is too far away!

Fernando Alonso at Monza

Fernando Alonso at Monza

Civil war, with Fernando Alonso right in the middle, has erupted within the ranks at Ferrari after a qualifying blunder by the team at their home Italian Grand Prix.

Earlier at Monza, even though the Red Bull switch rumours have ended, Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone let slip that he thinks that the Spaniard is “not happy” at Ferrari.

The Italian team has been playing down reports of tension between Alonso and Luca di Montezemolo, but the Ferrari president was visibly furious after qualifying at Monza – and refusing to give interviews.

Alonso had complained on the radio that teammate Felipe Massa did not cooperate in an attempt to give the Maranello number one a high-speed slipstream.

Piero Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali watch proceedings at Monza

Piero Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo and Stefano Domenicali watch proceedings at Monza

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Alonso was livid over the radio “You’re really idiots. Mamma mia guys.” He later yelled: “Massa is too far away!” The report points out that some heard Alonso use the word ‘geniuses’, sarcastically, rather than “idiots”.

He qualified fifth, behind Massa, and reportedly slammed the team on the radio afterwards. According to former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi, the Spaniard told his team members they are “stupid”.

Another report quoted Alonso saying in Italian: “You have to let [Massa] go!”

Although he put on a brave face when speaking to reporters afterwards, insisting that it had been “a good qualifying”, it is possible that Alonso’s dream relationship with Ferrari if not over, is heading for a breakdown.

Fernando Alonso will start the Italian GP from fifth

Fernando Alonso will start the Italian GP from fifth

Earlier on Saturday, McLaren‘s Jenson Button was quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace: “I heard an interesting rumour today.

“Someone told me about Fernando going to McLaren. I don’t know if it will happen – he didn’t exactly leave McLaren in a good way [in 2007],” he added. “Let’s wait and see.”

After Saturday’s events, Eddie Jordan also smells a rat.

“Fernando’s not a happy boy,” the ex Formula 1 team owner said on British television BBC. “We could be watching something unfold here that we were not expecting.”

Meanwhile immediately after Monza qualifying Alonso was put on a brave face, saying that qualifying actually “went well considering how the last qualifying [sessions] were”.

Fernando Alonso with Luca di Montezemolo before Monza qualifying

Fernando Alonso with Luca di Montezemolo before Monza qualifying

“It was a good Saturday,” he is quoted by the Spanish sports newspaper AS. “The car has become competitive again because in recent weeks we were far behind. We can no longer have a funeral every Saturday, because there is a car (Red Bull) that is first and second. Hulkenberg (third) is a surprise.”

“We cannot compete with Red Bull – we have not done so all weekend, but the race is tomorrow and we will try to [finish] as high [up] as possible. I will try to win if Vettel does not go away in the first part of the race – and there is a storm forecast for the afternoon,” added Alonso.

The Spaniard also played down being outqualified by teammate Massa.

“You talk about it, but I think that in 100 grands prix, I was ahead maybe 82 times,” he told Antena 3 television. (GMM-Apex)

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  • stings

    Well done Felipe!
    Did he got a tow for his Q3 time? I guess not.
    So why is alonslow complaining?

  • Ukwhite

    That is low, typical Alonso. If he knew better he should have told it before. This guy is full of hydrogen sulfide.

    Massa’s gearbox will solve the problem, won,’t it?

  • stings

    not this time. Massa starts from the dirty side…otherwise….big problems with his gearbox!

  • Butterfly

    So, they can’t design a proper car, they can’t even do a proper copy from the competition, they probably have the biggest budget on the grid, the best driver, and they mess things up this badly at Monza.

    They can’t even get Felipe to do a proper tow in Q3.

    Incredibly pathetic.

  • Empee

    Hamilton parks it in Q2 partly because of an obstruction mid-lap, yet takes full responsibility for qualifying beneath the car’s potential. . .

    . . .meanwhile, Alonso goes to Q3 where he qualifies fifth, yet throws his team under the bus because his Massa didn’t give him a tow?

    Are we sure it’s Hamilton who needs to work on his maturity?

    How much further up the grid did he (Alonso) think he could practically go anyway? Even if he got pole, Vettel would smoke him like a cheap cigarette. I guess the plan there would’ve been for Massa to ‘intercept’ both Red Bulls in turn one ‘Grosjean-at-Spa’ style.

  • Ukwhite

    Missed opportunity indeed… Double tow would have worked better: Webber towing Massa towing Alonso.

    @Butterfly, sorry mate, you are very wrong, but the sorry of it is that you are a loyal fan of Fernando, you know love saying… Alonso is not the best. He is a beast indeed, but lacks many other things that makes Seb The Best,

  • Butterfly


    Are you sure Red Bull’s performance is down to Vettel and not Newey’s creations?

    So a car with 30 horsepower deficit takes pole at Monza by 3 tenths from the Ferraris and it’s down to Vettel. So, what, Alonso doesn’t know when to hit the gas pedal and when to hit the brake pedal. Also he must not know when to turn the steering wheel and how to hit an apex.

    Get real.

    It’s a wonderful performance by Red Bull. If I were LdM or SD I would be embarassed by Ferrari seeing how Red Bull managed to engineer the aerodynamics of the RB9 to compensate for the power deficit of the Renault engine.

    Brilliant on Red Bull & Newey’s part. 10+

    Ferrari, meanwhile, are in deep doo-doo. And it’s going to get worse.

  • fools

    Alonso isnt complaining. This isnt Ferrari’s first time screwing up the strategy. Its clear to say yet again Felipe has no contention for the WDC and Alonso is the only one who can compete with Vettel and Ferrari screw up again.

    Ferrari needs to act accordingly and bring Alonso up to par with his car. Its a fact Alonso race pace form is unreal among any starting from far back and still in podium and 2nd in points.

    Whats wrong Ferrari? Clearly it isnt Alonso fault and they need to get it done right because Alonso is fed up and it telling his team how it is.

    Just like Kimi saying “leave me alone I know what Im doing” but people laugh at that and dont take it insulting.. actually they made shirts?

    When its Alonso it gets taken out of orthodox. Clearly because he is the best and everyone is on his nutts and wondering why they cant produce a winning car for him. Alonso cant keep pulling magic tricks and shows come every Sunday. smh.

  • lawl

    Spoiled brat who?

  • stings

    According to miss butterfly, driving an F1 car is just knowing “when to hit the gas pedal and when to hit the brake pedal. Also he must (not) know when to turn the steering wheel and how to hit an apex.”
    If this is her view on F1…. I can now explain why she posts all those BS she around here.

  • Butterfly


    Oh, I’m sorry, did you watch the 2011 F1 season? That “Season of Dominance by Vettel” when he used to miss five apexes and still get pole position by more than half of second?

    Alonso is flawless in qualy and he can drive like that for a whole race distance. Plus, those ridiculously clever overtaking moves he pulls on people.

    I have never seen Vettel do any of that. Never.

    But, you know, Vettel is the same driver as Button, Felipe, Rosberg, Schumacher. Can’t ask for more, really.

  • lawl

    that butterfly guy is just hilarious.

    Ferrari is the best team, with more money, more political and industrial power and still butty cries about Adrian Newey, seriously wanna convince everyone that Ferrari cant find a proper aero engineer? is there only 1 person in the whole fking world who can deliver a proper car?

    You hate kimi, and schumacher, they gave us spectacle and championships even with inferior cars (kimi) something that your alonslow is not capable of, get over it.

    Too bad Ferrari is only aiming for santander’s money, they would have sacked Alonso years ago.

    Good thing Enzo Ferrari isnt here to listen this spoiled f4g alonslow talk sh¡t about his wonderful team.

  • Butterfly


    Yes, I think Ferrari can’t find a proper Chief Designer. The guy doing the designs has produced crappy cars since 2009.

    No, I do not hate neither Kimi nor Schumacher. I don’t even hate Vettel. In fact, the only driver on the grid I would personally shoot in the face is Sutil, but that’s just me.

    Just because I say Vettel & Schumacher are not as good as Alonso doesn’t mean I hate them, or that I deny their accomplishments in F1. Schumacher is the records holder, Vettel is on his way to besting that; no doubt about that in my mind, mate.

    As for “Santander Money”, I would calm down if I were you, mate. From what I’ve read, the money Santander brings in is used to pay Fernando’s sallary. They bring 40M euro, of which 30M goes to the Spaniard with a further 10M if he wins the title that year. So Ferrari employ Fernando for free, basically.

    Besides, big sponsors are attracted to big drivers, so there’s nothing shameful in Fernando generating that kind of interest from a banking institution.

    And, as you may not know, the cigarette money from Phillip Morris is about 100M euro per year. That’s 2.5x times the money from Santander.

    I think Enzo would fire Luca di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, and Nicholas Tombazis in a heartbeat. They’re the ones responsible for the state of the Scuderia.

  • lawl


    Oh Im sorry, did you watch 2010 and 2012 seasons? Those Ferrari-Alonso dominance seasons he fked up crashing Kimi at Suzuka and “Alonso, Vitaly is faster than you, confirm the message?”.

    Alonso is flawless at crying about Newey’s car, about Vettel, about his idiotic team, about his idiotic partner who has outqualified him, about Nelson piquet so he crashes and he can win? about “please tell felipe i cant pass him” about “felipe your gearbox is fked up misteriously”.

    I have never seen Alonso proud of his dream team. Never. HE ALWAYS LET THEM DOWN AND STILL CALLS THEM IDIOTS. I have never seen Vettel do that. Never :)

    But you know, Vettel is the same driver as Schumacher, Prost, Senna, Hakkinen, Fangio. He has won with a winning car, not like your alonslow when he had the best car, 2010 and 2012.

    Happy weekend and happy race Mr. “Driving an F1 car is only hitting the pedal and braking, turn left turn right” LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOOL from all your stupid phrases, thats by far, the best one.

  • Butterfly


    That’s just your perception f-ing with you, mate.

  • lawl

    “Driving an F1 car is only hitting the pedal and braking, turning left, turning right.”


    Go make me a sandwich instead.

  • Empee

    “When its Alonso it gets taken out of orthodox.”

    Because has a disgusting history of it from where I stand. Whether during his tenure with Renault, McLaren, or Ferrari, he becomes cancer when the team’s resources aren’t being almost entirely employed on servicing his WDC window. Ferrari certainly isn’t helping with its recent propensity of fielding a competitive car late in the season, but as I’ve said, he’s pulled a similar act on two other teams that are championship front-runners to this day.

    In retrospect, I think Niki Lauda’s opinion on why RB needed to pass on Alonso was perpetuated by this. I really do get the feeling that if he were Vettel’s teammate rather than Webber during those close WDC fights from 2010 on, he’d have thrown the grandest hissy fit over Red Bull not compelling Vettel to be number two when he got the upper hand. He practically did so when Lewis Hamilton repeatedly made his edict on the track that he was not going to be his sidekick in 2007.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Butterfly you are fighting a losing battle here.

    Real champions wouldn’t be caught dead slating the team in such a manner – with the name-calling. No way to defend it. And I don’t buy this theory Maranello – With all it’s history – Has just completely forgotten how to produce a championship winning race car (?) Get real. Someone on this board said some time ago that it some point – You have to take a realistic look at the driver(s) and ask: “Are they the problem?” It’s a legitimate question.

    Incidents like what happened Saturday give good evidence to where the blame lies. Fernando needs to lead Ferrari – And, I think he just proved once and for all that he’s incapable of doing so. I think that’s a reasonable assessment after what I saw today.

    Vettel has been leading Red Bull and getting results. Period.

    Ferrari should sack Fernando Monday just like they did Prost back in the day- And grab Kimi or even Hulkenburg at all cost. Cut their losses now. This weekend proves beyond doubt Ferrari’s Alonso experience has failed.

    Is this what you get for 30 million a year? Seriously?

  • Butterfly


    So you trolls are blaming Ferrari’s shortcomings on Alonso to feel good?

    You’re not only an old man, you’re an idiot. Jesus, how small is your p{en}is?


  • Tamburello_1994

    Why do you always have to resort to the name calling?

    Why did you take my post as a personal attack on you, where you felt the need to take shots at me? are you really that thinned skinned?

    You need to up your game.

    Once you’re over your spaz-attack maybe we can have a more substantive debate devoid of the crap, Butterfly.

    Otherwise, You will be disregarded as just some hysterical “C-word.” not worthy of further discussion.

    Your call.

  • Empee

    “So you trolls are blaming Ferrari’s shortcomings on Alonso to feel good?”

    We trolls are receptive to the idea that a pattern of self-serving conduct having contributed to Alonso obtaining only two championships in eleven seasons with three top-tier teams. Two of those teams (Ferrari, McLaren) were WDC/WCC winners either shortly before he signed on or after he left, and the third (Renault), while behind, remain in a good place because they minimize the ridiculous driver politics that have made Ferrari a perpetual front-page story in the Formula 1 world.

    Effective as Alonso is as a racing driver, widely available evidence suggests that his presence is not conducive to a healthy team dynamic in the long-term. As Tamburello more or less said, he hasn’t led or inspired in the face of adversity; he’s whined and dared to call out the only people who have his back. It’s not smart, it’s not leadership, and it damned sure isn’t what he needs to be doing in light of having no other avenue to retreat to where he can compete at the level he wants to.

  • quattro

    Wow, how misleading was not that headline and so far from the truth of matters? ALO was happy obviously with the help he got from MAS although it turned out to be “quite limited” – so happy that he went on the radio at the end of the lap and THANKED MAS and the team for trying! Of course that specific message was not put on the world feed and you could start wondering why those editing it decided against putting it on!

    I really appreciate respectable F1 reporting – and fabricating events is not respectable in my book.

  • Drift

    Fernando needs to show more respect to Ferrari!

    No matter how hard he thinks they have not done the job to give him the car he needs and how one can understand his frustration about this, Ferrari is still pretty much the ultimate destination for any race driver.

    I think he is trembling his privilege to drive for one of the most highly regarded and respectable outfits to ever see the light of race driving!

  • Laokannan

    The problem here is Alonso. As soon as this guy arrives to a place, things start going wrong. Whatever worked well, starts malfunctioning, relationhips get tense. Incredible. Alonso is basically a freeloader that just cares for one thing: W/W. Winning or Whining. No matter by what means, legally or not, he wants it. Winning. And if not, he starts Whining. Everybody should cooperate with him. Everybody should work for him, indeed. He’s a genius. He’s the one. Massa is a servant. Mechanics are servants. Ferrari is just a mean, and he is the F1 messiah. So, lets’s get one thing clear: if Alonso doesn’t win tomorrow, more whining will come. More embarassment will knock Ferrari’s door. Alonso just can’t stand there losing, even though he’s just a loser. A loser with bad habits….

  • quattro


    Man, I am not sure if one single psychiatrist could help you – most certainly you will need a whole team of them, and even so I am not sure they will manage to cure you.

    A couple of facts to help you get out of the fantasy world you are trapped within:

    – ALO is the one and only driver that did beat Schumacher while at his best, to two world drivers titles, before even turning 26
    – ALO has beaten HAM every year since 2010 until this day, with a slower package
    – ALO have come close to beating the Newey car twice since 2010, while driving an Italian donkey and if not for circumstances outside of his control he would have managed both in 2010 and 2012
    – ALO is faster than you!

  • quattro

    @lawl & others

    Oh, a vettel fan, got it. Then I really understand your frustration mate. VET keeps taking poles, and runs from those poles to easy victories. He does that so often, still when he steps on that podium expecting respect, cheering and applauds, he (and you :) ) get nothing from me and the rest of the knowledgeable F1 community but BOOOOOing. Clear and laud BOOOing. Did you hear it at SPA podium lately? Did you hear it in Canada? Silverstone? Did you notice how nervous and red faced the usually very cheerful and smiling Vettel-boy gets :) . When ALO step up in 2nd/3rd position you hear the masses cheer and applaud. Yeah mate, I understand your frustration and feeling the need to attack ALO the great on internet forums :)

    Oh yeah, and probably you are german as well. Still remembering when ALO beat “the great” Schumi to two world titles making him run out of F1 prematurely? Yeah mate, totally understand your frustration even more.

    Well, get used to it mate. ALO is a hardcore racer – Ferrari give him a donkey to race with and still VET struggles to win titles, no matter how superior a package Newey provides to the back stabbing finger boy. THAT is why we love and applaud ALO, THAT is why F1 BOOOs your “driver”.

    PS. Cheers and good luck on the next podium :)

  • AlonsoFan

    Its just out of pure desperation of Alonso of doing the best job infront in the tifosi.

  • quattro


    You from UK mate? Your hateful posts regarding ALO suggest that, along with your alias and illogical reasoning.
    Well, yes ALO have been destroying the magical Hamilton consistently since 2010. Yes, Hamilton have had the better package each of those years and should have managed to be infront in the standing…at least once. No, that is not the fault of ALO – you should be hitting on HAM…and/or your media which have been hyping him for you and other Brits for ages for no good reason at all (take a look at the standings for last x years). Your frustration is really targeted in the wrong direction. cheers

  • quattro


    First of all, do not let yourself be drawn to conclusions by these misleading headlines – they are really not truthful. ALO did get on the radio at the end of qualy and THANK both the team AND Massa for the help. He should really NOT have done that because he did ultimately NOT get that much help at the end anyway, but being a gentleman he did anyway.

    And no, Ferrari does not deserve respect solely based on history. If they deliver a dokey, year after year they really does not deserve respect as they are only wasting money, resources and damaging their own reputation and legacy.

  • Hawk

    @quattro before blubbering you should know that actually Ukwhite loathes Hamilton.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso should simply be replaced with Hulkenberg. It is time.

  • Empee


    The facts and statistics you’ve presented, while correct, fail to change the context of my point, which is that Alonso’s presence, to paraphrase a poster from another site, has yet to improve a team in the long-term. No one’s denying that he accrued several personal and team accolades during a campaign (like becoming the youngest double-champion prior to Vettel, which also powered the factory Renault team to its only constructor’s wins), but anyone with extensive LIFE experience knows that it’s perfectly possible for cancers to do that, particularly when no one knows that someone is in fact one.

    Sustaining that success is another matter, especially once the cat is out of the bag.

    After a successful Renault campaign, he went to and quit McLaren, which despite Spygate, won the WDC on the back of a second-year driver the next year. Then he went to Ferrari, which had won practically every title since he became an active F1 driver. Titles won since then? 0. Which makes his frustrations understandable. . .at least until one remembers that when Schumacher signed on in 1996, Ferrari hadn’t won a single title since 1983. The team still wouldn’t secure any titles for another three years and Schumacher had to wait one more for his.

    I was too young to appreciate off-track press coverage back then, nonetheless, I haven’t come across any discussion about how Schumacher badmouthed his team to the extent Alonso is regularly accused of. Indeed, you can’t believe everything the press claims, but rarely is a published story, or in this case, a series of published stories, without some element of truth. That Alonso would make any sort of disparagingly sarcastic reference about the team under the circumstances is ridiculous for someone who practically demands to be the lead driver.

    You’re right, he shouldn’t be blindly kissing Ferrari’s ass. Heritage should be counterweighed with recent accomplishments, as it’s possible for an institution to get away from what made it great. But if you’re at the point where you can’t take it anymore, it’s either time to resolve to tactfully fixing the problem, to take a deep breath and try again, or just leave. The persistence of these games he plays intersects with the notion that should Ferrari tire of him, he has no where else to go.

  • Gordon

    @ empee

    Which other top driver has done that? Vettel? Hamilton? Raikkonen? The more you guys aberrate on this topic, the more laughable you are. So Alonso is an egotistical maniac. Unless you are a Ferrari fan, what do you care? Or is it because he is the best paid driver and is considered the best by his peers?

  • Torque

    Fern’s going to be driving a Marussia next year if he doesn’t shut up.

  • Butterfly



  • Butterfly


    I thought me and fools were the only ones defending Mighty Alonso over here.

    This place is troll-infested.

    Hey, great argument about the boo-ing.

  • Elf

    Indeed, two trolls, fools and butterfly

  • Berg

    Its totally understandable why a number of F1 fans constantly attach Alonso what ever he does & where he ends up. When things are good for him every one just disappears. This is because he is the biggest personality in the world of motor sport industry. He is defiantly not an angle, but he is not that bad either. F1 world is full of dirty politics, and if you are at the top, you are naturally a target not to be missed by the media that love to tackle a big celebrity and throw them in the middle of the spot light.
    Yes Ferrari is a great team, though not capable to compete with teams like RB and on many occasions are beaten by few other teams. During Schumi, they had real bosses taking charge, and when Schumi ask to include his ideas, they will that part & rum the car at their own testing grounds facilities until they got it right. Now, Ferrari is not that good with air tunnels & simulators. Their greatest upgrades always come in late & they rarely work.

    Where as the RB’s are on a different plant. Beside the genius aero’s & mechanical outfits, they very well manipulate the engine mapping beyond the comprehension of the FIA inspectors. For a smart inspector to understand those advanced loopholes is surly wasting his time at the wrong place. RB is outsmarting all.
    To a very big extent, Ecclestone is to be blamed for all that nonsense. Regulations should be as much as straight forward as it should be. But the big money will always make him bend over to support the big names even if it has to do with poisoning the public. He loved the Ferrari Marlboro Schumi dominance & and he is doing the same thing licking the asses of RB beverage company.

  • Empee


    The same could be said you coming forth with this pseudo-pithy reply; that it’s laughable, that someone so secure in their opinion (or lack of one) shouldn’t have to post anything on an internet message board. But that’s boring, so I’ll entertain your questions.

    Few are innocent of the acerbic interaction with the team, but I consider context as important as the offense. I happen to think that unless he was facetiously praising Felipe’s pace, this was a perfect example of negative context. But I doubt that. And no, the ability to amass a pages-long list of drivers who do/have done it doesn’t make it any more justifiable.

    If you disagree, that’s great. If you want to lay out why that is so, even better. I actually like reading and even creating diverging opinion I don’t necessarily feel because it compels me to consider different perspectives. If I’m lucky, I come across people who are even more knowledgeable and grounded in a subject matter and introduce different perspectives still. It’s like politics, except I don’t actually screw up anyone’s livelihood in practicing it.

    That said, I don’t have to be a ‘fan’ of any team to find their affairs discussion-worthy, and you do yourself and others a disservice by thinking otherwise.

  • Ukwhite

    @Butterfly: Enjoyable posting, you look a smart guy. However, I am amazed how little merit you give to Seb. You see Alonso as a demigod (excuse me?) and drastically belittle Seb, Do you really believe it? If so, I see an issue, honest. Try to be fair and give more credit to Seb, this guy is gonna make your F1 time a hell for many years to come. His dominance will continue, one day you may swallow your words. Time will tell.

  • jl

    who beat schumacher in his prime?
    are you bark when you said it’s alonso?
    2005 it’s tyre problem.
    2006 it’s a blown engine in suzuka, when sxhumacher passed Alonso and lead,….
    guess who didn’t whinning even Di Montezemolo betrayed him, even after blown engine, he told his mechanic: “Good Job”, with a smile not sarcastic expression.
    It’s Schumacher, great champion did that, he deserves for 7.

    Now look at Alonso,… even for 2 championship he won, he didn’t deserve at all.

  • Butterfly


    Right. So I should give credit to a guy that has a car that’s so fast he puts it on pole regardless of whether he hits all the apexes or not during qualifying, then starts the race from there, runs away from DRS, overtakes the cars that are blue-flagged, then coasts to the checkered flag. He then shows everybody the finger to let the world know he’s better than Alonso and Hamilton. Right, I should give him credit. For what, exactly?

    No wonder people are boo-ing him.

    You know, at least Schumacher had both dominant machinery at his disposal *AND* he could fight wheel-to-wheel with the likes of Alonso and Hakkinen.

    The Red Bull Mascot (i.e., Vettel) has no f-ing clue what that is.

  • Ukwhite

    @Quattro: No mate, none of two, Alonso or Lewis, have that magnetism to keep me watching F1.

    I like a bit Alonso and the beast from him, but his human limits are too much to bear. He needs too much maintenance and …towing, and you know what I mean from many points of view.

    Definitely I am not a Lewis fan, he is just a ridiculous flamboyant person with his behaviour. If he put more effort into his career, and Seb is a good example, Lewis can reach the sky, but he won’t, that is his design.

    I enjoy Kimi, Seb, Hulk, Grosjean and hopefully Daniel that I really hope he will nit be another jerk like Webber.

  • jl

    hey dude,.. you’re totaly wrong.
    Alonso will have a place to go.
    It’s Marusia who will make him gold mine with his santander back up.

  • Ukwhite

    @Butterfly: I respect your opinion, but in the end you are going to eat the humble pie, and that will be for free, I will buy it for you.

    The booing is just a false issue and you know it very well. Montreal area has many Ferrari fans, their manners lack lustre, they are ready for uglier behaviour for sure, you will see it. Silverstone was just cheers For Seb’s car failure, followed by GreenPeace issue booing.

    Mascot? That is your problem, his name is Seb! The Seb!

  • Empee

    “You know, at least Schumacher had both dominant machinery at his disposal *AND* he could fight wheel-to-wheel with the likes of Alonso and Hakkinen.”

    I always figured this was Butterfly and others’ issue with Vettel and chose to respect it. Yes, he wins. And he does so the way every team and driver aspires to; putting the car on pole so as to minimize your chances of being involved in the nigh-unavoidable turn one crash(es). But we saw many of the champions before him go wheel to wheel with competitors and scrap for the win. Perhaps my perspective is affected by my inability to watch races, but Vettel hasn’t amassed nearly as many nail-biting race segments as the champions of one or two decades past. The reason some guys are fervent fans of Senna, Schumacher, Hill, Hakkinen, Hamilton, Alonso, etc is because they’ve seen them earn their titles through some absolute streetfights of races, if not seasons. Vettel? Not so much.

  • Empee


    That’s horrible. . .XD

    Honestly, I’d rather he realize that he’s coming up on his last shots at a title. Take the speculation about his conduct out of the equation, and the fact remains that not only did he burn a bridge or two in his departures, but that the kinds of teams that can keep him in the title hunt are potentially set for the next half-decade as far as driver lineups go. Now that the oldest drivers are a whopping 33 years old, we’re not going to see any Schumacher-esque retirements from top-tier teams for a while.

  • Laokannan

    Personally, I think Vettel is the best driver out there. Not simply because he’s driving one of the best cars available, the fastest one in certain courses, but because he’s smart, bold and adamant.

    Hamilton is fast, but lacks common sense and cracks somehow easily under pressure.
    Button is cunning, but not fast.
    Raikkonen is fast and endures pressure, but lacks perseverance. Massa is fast, but lacks perseverance and cracks under pressure.
    Webber is too temperamental, has highs and lows

    Alonso is undeniable a talented driver, but not the “big deal” Spanish press and acolytes pretend he is. He’s respected, but also the most detested driver of the paddock. Anywhere he goes, problems arise, as ego shows up. And overall, he’s not that good. A driver that stands first in the championship in the last Grand Prix, starting 3rd in the grid and needing only a 4th place to grab another crown, and is not capable of surpassing a poor wretch for the 6th place, has no merit for being considered “the best driver”. I’d rather consider the best driver he who, being knocked out of combat at lap 1 in the last race, fights back epically to earn the points to win the championship.

  • Hugomac

    I haven’t missed a race since Monza 93 & I agree with Butterfly
    Vettel has not been tested, I doubt that they’ll let Riccardo win even if he was faster as it seems to be His team. Alonso is Passionate, a bit arrogant & very talented the best usually are.
    You can’t be impressed by someone who always seems to have easy victories & cries like a little boy when things don’t seem do his way. It unfortunate that in English speaking websites & TV coverage Alonso was made took like a villan at his time at McLaren, the Brits are like that anyone who is against Hamilton & was passionate about winning is deemed an arrogant prick, nothing against Hamilton I think he’s the quickest over one lap in F1 just think Alonso is treated unfairly for being ruthless.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Now bit by bit Alonso is discovering just who is boss at Ferrari. Luca calls the shots at Ferrari and that includes making Alonso look like an idiot on track.

  • lawl

    lol @ quattro

    that best driver you talked about is crying because some old fart called Felipe Massa is faster than him with an inferior car and he was not supposed to be faster, because obviously Alonslow is Nº 1 at his team, isnt he?

    Hulkenberg and Massa faster, wow, the best driver? yeah fking right…


    Thats the truth, doesnt matter how you call Sebastian Vettel, doesnt matter how much you and that idiot Butterfly hate Schumacher, Alonso cries at his team because with a faster car couldnt do sh¡t against Felipe at Ferrari’s home. Sounds sweeeeet.

    The world saw the truth and the world laughed hard at that slow spoiled brat, whatever their retarded fans have to say, kid.

  • lawl


    Dude, trying to teach 1+1 to that Butterfly is useless.

    She’s Alonso’s mom, she thinks driving an F1 car is “hitting the throttle, hitting the brakes, turning left, turning right”. -7 september, 2013.

    Give the poor woman a break, after all, shes Nº 1 alonso fan and that says it all.

    The rest of the forum let her speak her nonsense because from time to time (when she is not making ghost accounts to help her “arguments”) is fking hilarious, like today, so join us, feel sorry for alo’s mom and enjoy watching her lose her head after the race xD

  • stings

    quattro….about booing?…you will do that a lot! Boo your frustrated loser a(ss).

  • hillside

    Massa read it like a book, he totally owned the sucker behing him! haha

  • Rich

    For all you America baseball fans, a comparison. Fernando Alonso is same kind of bargain to Ferrari as Alex Rodriguez is to the New York Yankees. And both are as big assholes as each other.

  • Butterfly

    Hey, look, new trolls popping up. Nice harvest.

    At least Fernando Alonso is the F1 drivers with the most people talking about him. There are more trolls than people talking about him, which is good.

    He’s certainly got the mind-share.

  • Spartacus

    Once again Alonso fails to perform to his pay cheque. And once again Butterfly is on the defence of the indefensible.

    However you look at it Alonso isn’t worth the money. Luca has finally realised that.

    I so hope he doesn’t end back at McLaren; they’re far too good a team for him.

  • quattro


    Thanks! I really enjoy your posts as they often are informative and spot-on.

    Regarding the trolls, well actually I am having really good time reading their posts. Right now I have tears from laughing after reading the latest few troll-posts e g from hillside, Spartacus, jl, stings… . You cannot use logic with people that do not seem to have most basic reasoning capability – the only smart thing to do, I have discovered, is to laugh :)
    Besides, I am getting the impression that one person is posting using several aliases. LoL

  • realf1fan

    Alonso’s behaviour is nothing new this is the man who asked Ron Dennis to sabotage the then top rookies car because he was not getting his own way which lead to him trying to blackmail a team principal with emails. The guy is most likely the best F1 driver about now but he lacks professionalism and ethics bit like the team he is with now, they deserve each other.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Article is inexact: the word used by Fernando was “scemi”, plural of “scemo” and not “geni” plural of “genio”. I’m italian and i listened the phrase more times, trust me.

  • lawl


    “You cannot use logic with people that do not seem to have most basic reasoning capability”

    according to your logic, little Alonso got owned by his own teammate, an old brasilian, in an inferior car, at home grand prix, he is still the best driver above Senna and Schumacher but he cries like a sad, pathetic baby.

    Way to go genius!

  • Wolf 9

    @ Butterfly, I love the way you ride those haters. You have to ease it down because stress is harmful & we don’t want to lose those haters on this site….these clowns make me laugh & its fun…but I am sure deep down they are learning…great job Butterfly

  • stings

    Wolf 9 knows already the lesson taught by his personal F1 guru-Butterfly: “Driving an F1 car is only hitting the pedal and braking, turning left, turning right.”
    Keep on laughing guys….enjoy being second (which is the same for loser)

  • quattro


    Congrats on the cruising to another “victory” for your little boy. Btw, how did you like the boooing on the podium of today?

    “according to your logic, little Alonso got owned by his own teammate, an old brasilian…”

    Are you finished? Good. Now, reread your statement in the post I took the quote above from, then take a look at the final standings from the race of today. Do you understand now why I include you and those like you in the group of “people that do not seem to have most basic reasoning capability”.

    Now would be a good time for you to look in the phone book for a REALLY good psychiatrist. Good luck!

  • stings

    quattro….is it a good idea to use a phone book in order to find a psychiatrist?
    It looks like it wasn’t in your case! No change in your condition.
    At least not in the good direction.

  • quattro


    “I so hope he doesn’t end back at McLaren; they’re far too good a team for him.”

    LOL, Mclaren? Well, they are in fifth place in the constructors, kind of in front of Force India…so yeah, which top driver would not be killing for becoming a Mclaren driver :)

    Man stop it, you are killing us! Gasping over here!

  • Wolf 9

    @stings…you totally stink
    BOOooooo BOOooooo did it sting your ears….lol
    Get use to it

  • jl

    when does the F1 race start? from qualifying.
    Senna respected because he is great qualifier.
    Even Alonso want to become pole sitter.

    It was idiot who think that Vettel should allow himself to start grand prix from back row just to prove he is fast.

    Great driver should start from back row!
    Then tell that to Senna, tell that to Alonso,…. tell that to all F1 driver!

    Take pole position and win in race,… that’s the main goal of F1 race.
    Vettel proved that ini Monza today while alonso smell his smoke. :p lolololol

  • Wolf 9

    ji, Alonso didn’t even smell the smoke. Vettel was too far ahead. The toughest moment for Vettel today was the In & out of the pit lane. Easy cruise just like any other day….

  • lawl


    Sorry, my “little boy” won? Im sorry to tell you, Hamilton was 9th, he didnt win. I enjoy watching real racers, Kimi, Lewis, Sebastian, Kubica.

    You, and the other retards around are all the same: if we dont support your Alonslow, we support Vettel.

    There’s a saying in my country: “you dont bite the hand that feeds you”. Maybe your little boy alonswag should learn about it.

  • lawl


    “At least Fernando Alonso is the F1 drivers with the most people talking about him.”

    True that! so 97% of the people at Monza booing and hating Sebastian means what?

    “There are more trolls than people talking about him, which is good.”


  • quattro


    “Im sorry to tell you, Hamilton was 9th, he didnt win. I enjoy watching real racers, Kimi, Lewis, Sebastian, Kubica.”

    A tip to you if you really like watching real racers – stay away from Sebastian. The only time you will see him race is when he stabs someone in the back, breaking pre-race-agreements. The rest of the time you will only see a supercar, cruising from pole to flag – not racing in my book but hey, maybe that is real racing for you.

    “At least Fernando Alonso is the F1 drivers with the most people talking about him.”
    “True that! so 97% of the people at Monza booing and hating Sebastian means what?”

    If you confuse “booing” with “talking about” VET really will win the popularity contest every day of the week. Only thing that confuses men then is WHY in heck does he look that nervous and bothered when the fans booo him every other week-end, geni?!

  • jl


    nothing change with your comment idiot.

    Vettel still win Monza and leads championsip with healthy points.

    Where is Alonso?
    No room in history for number 2.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “First loser” is all second is.

  • jimmyb

    why all these want a be experts always put hamilton in the mix

  • lawl


    “The only time you will see him race is when he stabs someone in the back, breaking pre-race-agreements. ”

    I see. Agreements you say? Well, agreements like Singapore 2008 when Nelsinho crashed under orders from Briatore and Alonso so he could win?

    Agreements like breaking a gearbox to be in a better place on the grid?

    Kid, you got nothing. Facts are facts. I prefer watching a Sebastian Vettel overtaking a slow a** Webber than an Alonso cry f4g b¡tching at his team about his poor qualifying. Owned.

  • quattro

    dear lawl,

    Mate, I am not sure how many personalities you have! Sometimes you are eloquent in your posts, while in others you seem to be the opposite…anyway.

    “agreements like Singapore 2008 ”

    As far as I (and the rest of the world) is concerned that crash was fully investigated and the people involved in it were all punished. Now, if you feel you have any additional (real not imagined!) evidence, I am sure FIA would love to get in touch with you. Your friend Google will help you find the address details to FIA I am sure!

    “Agreements like breaking a gearbox ”

    Fully legal and obviously it was agreed upon from ALL parties and ALL parties RESPECTED the agreement. Besides, it was right at the end of the season, ALO in the middle of fighting for the title and MAS fully outside of the championship fight.
    What your young friend VET has not understood yet is that last little, yet very important, part about RESPECTING agreements after agree on them.

    “I prefer watching a Sebastian Vettel overtaking a slow a** Webber”

    If you get turned on by seeing VET overtaking a competitor while knowing that competitor has turned his engine output DOWN, while honoring an agreement made previously with that same VET to do the same, I am sure you could as well watch him overtake an old man riding a bicycle. Fine with me, even if I would find it bizarre! Cheers