Vergne: I’m going to learn a lot as the number one Toro Rosso driver

Jean-Eric Vergne looking forward to 2014 already

Jean-Eric Vergne looking forward to 2014 already

Jean-Eric Vergne insists that he will enjoy being Toro Rosso’s number one driver next year as current teammate Daniel Ricciardo departs for Red Bull.

Frenchman Vergne admits that he is disappointed to have missed out on the high-profile move to replace Mark Webber, but confirmation he is staying put at Toro Rosso is also “a very good thing for me,” he told L’Equipe.

“The choice is quite logical, because Daniel is a Red Bull [backed] driver and because he has a bit more experience than me,” he told the French daily.

“He was better than me in certain aspects that are important to them, such as qualifying, but the race is something else – we are extremely close,” said Vergne, 23.

Jean-Eric Vergne leads Daniel Ricciardo during the Spanish GP

Jean-Eric Vergne leads Daniel Ricciardo during the Spanish GP

Even Ricciardo’s new teammate, the reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel, agrees with Vergne’s assessment.

“I do not see a big difference between them,” the German is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “They have had similar results this season, even though we do have a better view from inside the team.”

“Daniel was a little more consistent, but both have the same speed,” said Vettel.

Vergne thinks that success for Ricciardo will therefore reflect well on himself, and sees staying at Toro Rosso as an advantage.

“I’m going to learn a lot as the number 1 Toro Rosso driver,” he said, “and will try to pull the team up.

Daniel Ricciardo with  Jean-Eric Vergne

Daniel Ricciardo with Jean-Eric Vergne

“There are many more things in the positive column for next year. We’ll probably have a better car, we have our new technical director James Key, and the Renault engine will bring us a lot.

“I think if I had the choice to go somewhere else, I would stay at Toro Rosso.”

As for Vettel, the German insists that his task in 2014 will be no different even though he will have a different teammate for the first time in five years.

“I’m sure that [Ricciardo] will try his best to beat me, but nothing changes,” said Vettel.

“It will be an Australian trying to make my life difficult,” he smiled. (GMM)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Another pathetic vane Vergne story with him throwing a tantrum claiming he was just as quick as Ricciardo. The better driver got the seat so stop your winging trying to substantiate yourself it just makes you look pathetic.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Vergne #1 until Carlos Sainz Jr whips his ass in the first race.

  • damo

    Love how ver thinks passing a caterham is the same as passing a lotus or Ferrari! They picked ric cause hes better than you get over it. Also according to yo
    u aren’t you already number one!!!! You idiot

  • Frodo

    The results don’t lie. JEV made less mistakes the past 2 years with less experience. Since signing Daniel did not score any points like Perez after his signing last year. Time will tell but the scorecards the past 2 seasons don’t lie.