Perez: It will be huge for Formula 1 as a sport to go to Mexico

Sergio Perez pleased his country will be on the F1 calendar again

Sergio Perez pleased that his country will be on the F1 calendar again

Mexico’s return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2014 after more than 20 years’ absence will be one of the highlights of the season, the country’s leading racer Sergio Perez said ahead of the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

The McLaren driver, who will be hoping to have a car capable of winning his home race after a lacklustre season for the British team this year, told reporters at the Italian Grand Prix that it would be huge.

A draft calendar circulated to teams before Sunday’s race at Monza had a record 21 rounds with Mexico listed for 9 November, the week before the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, subject to track approval.

“I’m very excited. It’s not confirmed yet, it’s just a pre-calendar but I feel there are very big chances now of this happening,” Perez said.

Nigel Mansell won the last Mexican GP in 1992 with Riccardo Patrese second and Michael Schumacher third

Nigel Mansell won the last Mexican GP, in 1992, with Riccardo Patrese second and Michael Schumacher third

“It will be great for my country, great for the sport. Formula 1 will be amazed how popular this grand prix can become… it will be huge for F1 as a sport to go there.”

Mexico last hosted a grand prix at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in 1992, when Nigel Mansell was triumphant for Williams who were a top team in those days.

They have scored just one point this season, however, and that is not the only way in which the sport’s landscape has changed with new venues like Russia and India opening up.

Last year’s inaugural race in Austin drew a strong Latin crowd from both sides of the border and Perez agreed that having the two races together would be like having two home grands prix in succession with big crowds at both.

In 2011 Sergio Perez did a  Sauber roadshow in Guadalajara to a full house

In 2011 Sergio Perez did a Sauber roadshow in Guadalajara to huge crowds

He said he had been kept abreast of developments in Mexico City and was there a few weeks ago to watch his brother race.

“I know how good the racetrack is,” Perez said. “Obviously they need to rebuild it but there is time enough. I really hope for the good of the sport and my country that it happens.”

The Mexican reckoned a few flat-out months of work would be required to upgrade the pit and paddock facilities but the layout was good.

“Looking at it, they have to change the pits to make them proper for Formula 1, [improve] a few corners maybe and apart from that it’s just a matter of time what they can do,” he said. “But I think they don’t have to do big things for the racetrack to be ready.” (Reuters)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Does “Push ‘em off to Pass Perez” just want to show that everyone in Mexico also drive like idiots or just to get his home crown backing his ridiculous overtaking manoeuvres.

  • Fletcher

    Boycotthebull did Perez hurt your feelings. Grow up man, it’s only racing. You are taking it personally lol. Numbnut

    Yeah I was there back in 92 Crazy Mexicans are true F1 fanatics. Worse than the Italians. There will be hundreds of thousands of fans around the track. Trust me.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Mexico and France need to be back on the F1 world tour.

    I miss Portugal too. Estoril was a favorite of mine.

    Would be an excuse to holiday in Faro !!!

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Perez is one of the best drivers actually in F1, who doesn’t see this, simply doesn’t understand anything about racing.

    Anyway, good to have Mexico again in calendar, nice track!

  • lawl


    Move along grandma, just because your max speed is 20 in the highway doesnt mean everyone else is stupid.

    BTW call us stupid in our faces next year, lets see how much time you keep your face in its place.

  • the fan

    perez is actually one of the fastest drivers in F1 today BUT he’s not in the company of the best drivers, why? because he’s not smart, he’s out of control and he loses focus. he’s actually in the company of the likes of maldonado and sutil

  • Tamburello_1994

    Perez has a long way to go and much to prove before he can rated as “one of formula one’s best”.

    Winning a F1 race might help.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    …maybe Alonso or Vettel should be able to win a F1 race with this year’s McLaren?

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Winning a race only proves you have the better car under your ass.

    As i said, who only looks at winners, understand nothing of racing.

    Full stop. ;-)