Alonso: I still have three and a half more years with Ferrari which I intend to respect

Fernando Alonso arrives at Monza

Fernando Alonso arrives at Monza

Fernando Alonso put recent speculation to bed on Thursday by committing his Formula 1 future to Ferrari for at least three and a half years, if not more.

“There were rumours about Red Bull, there were rumours in Italy about a sabbatical year, there were so many rumours,” he told reporters at the Italian Grand Prix when asked whether he would be interested one day in a move to the reigning champions Red Bull.

“I still have three and a half more years with Ferrari which I intend to respect and hopefully to increase a little bit, and as I said, finish my career in the best team in the world which is Ferrari,” declared the Spaniard.

Alonso, a double world champion with Renault, is second in the championship behind Red Bull’s triple champion Sebastian Vettel.

Fernando Alonso is committed to Ferrari despite the rumours

Fernando Alonso is committed to Ferrari despite the rumours

The German is 46 points ahead of Alonso with eight races remaining.

Australian Mark Webber’s decision to leave Formula 1 at the end of the season triggered a storm of speculation about his successor, with Alonso’s manager fuelling the rumour mill when he was seen talking to Red Bull team principal Christian Horner in Hungary in July.

The manager, Luis Garcia Abad, said he had been discussing the prospects of rising Spanish GP3 driver Carlos Sainz, son of the former rally world champion.

The rumour-mill subsided this week when Red Bull announced that Australian Daniel Ricciardo, currently with Toro Rosso, would partner Vettel next year.

Fernando Alonso's last win was in Spain

Fernando Alonso’s last win was in Spain

Alonso said that even if Ferrari lacked the performance of the Red Bull, there was everything to play for over the coming seasons.

“We are not at the moment achieving the results that we want but we are working very hard and next year will be completely new rules which obviously open the door for many teams to stop the domination that Red Bull seems to have had in the last couple of years,” he said.

“So we have high hopes also for next year’s challenge.

“It’s very good news that Daniel has signed [for Red Bull], also for our country because it has opened up a good possibility for Carlos Sainz to join Toro Rosso, so that was the best news for us,” added the Spaniard. (Reuters)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    I never entertained the thought that Fernando would break his solid Ferrari contract . . . The so-called rumors was just silly season time / space fillers. It never made any good sense for Alonso to bail on Ferrari – and Ferrari letting him get away with it. Never in a million years.

    It remains to be seen what Felipe Massa’s fate will be. Doubtful Kimi would ever go back – from which he came – as Alonso’s wingman, When he can be top dog at Lotus. I’m not sure if he was ever Ferrari material to begin with despite the championship year. I sort of remember Kimi being very bitter publicly at Ferrari for giving up in 2009 and not developing the car further in his waning days with the team. Why re-live all that?

    I’d like to see Nico Hulkenberg or Paul di Resta step up and get a shot with the prancing horse unit.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Well said, Nando, stay there, you and Ferrari are made for each other! :-)

  • Spartacus

    He’s certainly well paid at Ferrari; no need to go looking elsewhere. And the shot of 3 and a half years left is a reminder to Ferrari they’ll have to buy his contract out if they want a decent driver in his place!

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they had to buy out Alonso to get Kimi back in? After they had to buy Kimi out of his contract!

    They’d have been better keeping Kimi.

  • Butterfly


    Well, it wasn’t so solid. Because of performance clauses related to the car, Fernando could have walked away. There was a deadline on September 1st this year. His manager did talk to Red Bull, and they were waiting for his decision at that date. He said no to the, then they announced Ricciardo on Sep 2nd.

    I hope they make a good car next year. Better than the pieces of sh{it} from the last years.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Butterfly

    Reality is the contract is “solid enough” that leaving an estimated 90 million – over the next three years on the table at Ferrari to jump ship to the unknown just isn’t smart business sense. Being the racing worlds highest paid driver does have it’s perks.

    Doubtful he could of commanded that much going anywhere else under the circumstances.

    And yes, Nobody has a clue about next year. Switching to Red Bull or anywhere else for that matter guarantees you nothing. Why roll the dice? I’ve said this more than once. Might as well stay put and push for better things from Maranello.

    Bottom line, Butterfly, is nobody just walks away from Ferrari and gets away with it. Not even your much beloved Fernando.

  • Spartacus

    It won’t be long until Ferrari are paying Alonso not to drive for them. As soon as a better driver becomes available he’s out. That’s Ferrari.

    The only thing keeping Alonso at Ferrari is the length of the contract they were daft enough to sign him in to. Big mistake by Ferrari. It made no sense at all.

  • Butterfly


    I have no problem with Ferrari per se, it’s just that I expect next year’s car to continue the trend set since 2009, that’s all.

    Yes, they pay a lot of money, but you tend to win very few races with them, even if you’re the mighty Alonso. I mean, look at Massa. Top driver, yet his only chance of winning came in Germany 2010, and the team needed that win for Alonso so bad, Felipe got nothing.

    It’s a messed-up situation for Ferrari, I hope they get better fast.