Frijns and Sauber part ways as teen Sirotkin arrives

Robin Frijns

Robin Frijns

Sauber’s paid reserve driver, Dutchman Robin Frijns, will not be travelling to Monza this weekend.

The news follows reports this week that the Italian Grand Prix will mark the first race weekend appearance in Sauber team gear for the team’s intended 2014 driver, Russian teen Sergey Sirotkin.

It subsequently emerged that the highly-rated Frijns, 22, is leaving Sauber with immediate effect, after Sauber did not take up the option on his contract.

“Yes, that bad news is true,” he is quoted by De Telegraaf newspaper. (GMM)

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  • Hawk

    such a pity. but thats the way the world is. somethin’s gotta give. it is either him or Sauber

  • Alex van Z

    So we got all these teams complaining about paydrivers, but then they drop what is probably the biggest talent driver for the next few year and leave him without a seat for 2014.

    This guy has the potential to mix it up with the big boys, and not just onces but for real on regular basis. But we keep a field more then half full of drivers who are really fast but everybody knows that even in a great car they will never fight for the championship because only a just over a handfull really has that potential like this guy.

    Of the current field only Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel are real championship contenders with drivers as Rosberg, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Ricciardio, Di Resta, Button, Massa as drivers who can win races if they have a good car and if the car is like Brawn good give the title a shot (aslong as their teammate is not one of the top 4.) Bianchi has potential also but this guy has a shot to be among the top 5 drivers and fast. Considering that Kimi won’t keep racing forever. Webber stops now, but I cannot imagen Kimi, Fernando, Felipe, Jenson for more then 3 years longer. meaning someone needs to be trained to challenge Vettel (and maybe Hamilton) now.

  • =El Presidente=

    What alex said.. i second that mostly.

    this kid is the cream of all the new talents.. still he has to move for some spoiled russian brad, who actually still has to learn to drive an F1 car..


  • steven

    agree its getting to many pay driversv now the sport needs to do something about it i no if it keeps going like this i wont be watching it anymore in a few years time the last time a top driver came thew was ham 2007 some would say vettel but i disagree he was as bad as groghon in the first few years of his career and to me a top driver is some one who comes in and inpresses from day 1

  • Once in a decade

    @steven I agree with you. And before Hamilton came in 2007, only Jacques Villeneuve was as impressive in his rookie year in 1996. Pity he didn’t fare as well for more seasons (after clinching his only WDC title in his second season, just like Hamilton) and huge ambitions by his “ski tutor/ mentor/ manager” placed him in inferior machinery at the worst time of his early F1 career.

  • The Pessimist

    It’s absolutely gutting to see a top young driver falling by the wayside just because he does not bring cash. When will this end? Formula one is the pinnacle of motor sport and is increasingly seen as a sport only for the rich and influential, unless FOM (which ironically has increase it’s revenues massively) does not do something about the costs some serious talent would be lost forever.

    Remember Alonso,Kimi,Michael,Vettel and Jenson are all champions co’z they were all in Formula one in their early twenties and it is sad to see drivers like Robin Frijns on the way out instead of being groomed to be a world champion one day. Does anyone remember Vitaly Petrov,Narain Karthikeyan,Sakon Yamamoto,Pedro Diniz or for that matter Justin Wilson who all brought money,mind you no one will remember Maldonado or Sirotkin either.