Alonso and Hamilton best paid drivers in global motor sport

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso laughing all the way to the bank

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso laughing all the way to the bank

Fernando Alonso has emerged as the highest paid driver in the world of motor racing, with Lewis Hamilton not far behind as Formula 1 drivers take the top two spots in the big earners list ahead of their NASCAR rivals.

The authoritative business magazine Forbes said that the Ferrari driver earns $30 million per year, of which $2 million is made up of personal endorsements.

In second place is another Formula 1 driver, Mercedes‘ Lewis Hamilton, who reportedly makes $27.5 million per year, followed by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr, with $26 million.

Sebastian Vettel earns half of what Fernando Alonso banks

Sebastian Vettel earns half of what Fernando Alonso banks

Another American, Jimmie Johnson, is next best with his $24 million, trailed by MotoGP veteran Valentino Rossi ($22 million , and yet another NASCAR star Tony Stewart ($18.5 million).

According to Forbes, Formula 1’s reigning triple world champion and 2013 title leader Sebastian Vettel makes $18 million per year, slightly less than NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon.

Female driver Danica Patrick is not far behind Vettel with her $15 million, which is more than the $14 million reportedly earned by McLaren‘s Jenson Button. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    S. Vettel needs to fire his agent tomorrow for dereliction of duty.

  • Hawk

    its all about brand.. its about selling cars, engines.. drinks? nah..
    as for NASCAR, its the market and branding, branding, endorsements..

  • VETTEL#1

    This will explain why Vettel earn as much as he does. Old but still valid.

  • VETTEL#1
  • VETTEL#1

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  • the fan

    tamburello… i agree. something is wrong with his value. but i guess if he moves to Ferrari in 2 to 3 years he could be a 50m driver like Kimi and MSC before

  • Tamburello_1994


    . . . . He just sign an extension a short time ago, Am I wrong?

    And that’s all he could negotiate for himself? Really?

    Keep your day job, Seb. That’s just pathetic.

    Hopefully his endorsement deals are a bit more lucrative.

    Maybe he should get in touch with Anthony Hamiltion, ffs.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Fan

    I suppose you’re right. Obviously Red Bull isn’t selling enough drinks to pay the man what he’s worth. ;) He should be well beyond Alonso by miles in terms of pay.

    Speaking of which, I bet Ferrari would love to pay 18 million yearly for 3 possibly 4 championships in a row.

  • V3tt3L

    Vettel doesn’t use a manager to do his contracts so it’s obvious they would pay him less than the other 2 who use “negotiators” to get them the best deal and extort their teams more, they also get a cut of that of 20-30%.

    Lewis and Alonso don’t actually get that full amount you know!

    Also take into consideration that Vettel is A LOT! smarter than these 2 as he would prefer half his wages to keep ((the best designers and engineers at Red Bull)) and pay them stupidly well when they win.

    That is why children Vettel is on his way to his 4th world title and the rest have yet to win the WDC since 2009, FACT!

  • Tamburello_1994

    I don’t all together agree with that logic.

    I’m betting Fernando “take home” is more than eighteen million annually.

    If not, He’s getting fleeced.

  • nakagoli

    vettels income is different to others, he also gets performance bonuses. 1m$ per win, and so on down the scale. as he does a lot of winning, he is easily matching Hamilton and Alonso.

  • Rac3r

    I’ve been searching and searching for the jacket lewis is wearing – anyone know if it is on sale?

  • the fan

    must be because Red Bull also needs to pay Adrian Newey some 15m a year for those cars :)

  • Tamburello_1994

    Probably team issued . . . . . Just like the Toro Rosso “driver” caps.

    Lemme know if someone has spotted them bad boys for sale.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is a complete waste of money. No titles. No race wins even with the best car.

  • Monza


    I saw that jacket for sale in the Mercedes shop at the Hungarian Grand Prix this summer, so yes, it`s for sale. Search on:-)

  • Jetpack

    “…four times I’ve told my agent to get me a better deal and now those two are laughing at me-FOUR TIMES !!..”

  • the fan

    alonso_is_slow… no race wins and no Titles? its definitely you ignorant idiot again coming back with another set of crappy facts :)

  • alfonso

    alfonso is paid driver. Kind regards, Santander:))))

  • aberracus

    The real thing is Vettel has to give 12 million back a year so he can drive the fastest car.

    You know, comparing him to Alonso, i mean.

    Is easy to see wich one is the recognized talent, in case of Red Bull obviously is Newey