Michelin reportedly tested Formula 1 tyres at Le Mans

Michelin man in F1 next year?

Michelin man in F1 next year?

According to reports Michelin may have been preparing for a possible return to Formula 1 next year for some time.

Speculation that the French marque is in the running to either compete against the sport’s sole supplier Pirelli next year, or replace the Italian brand altogether, gained strength recently at Spa-Francorchamps.

But according to the publication Racecar Engineering, Michelin’s preparations date back at least to June.

“At the Le Mans test day, Audi ran a fourth car on narrow [Michelin] tyres”, reported journalist Andrew Cotton.

“Michelin therefore already has live track data for a hybrid car and should be able to build tyres to the demands of Formula 1, even allowing for the extra downforce and cornering speeds of a Formula 1 car over an LMP,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Richard Piers

    That shows the level of technical competence of too many journos. It should have been immediately obvious if F! tyres were being tested, they are a totally different shape !

  • =El Presidente=

    I dont like michelin, they failed -big time- before, much more so then Pirelli, that only provides what was asked for, and they will fail again.

    Not to mention that they want to drive on 18″ rims… i would like to see that.. the firt few races will be agonizing slow, due to total lack of suspension..

    Also Bernie told that it will just be Pirelli next year at Spa.

  • =El Presidente=

    @ richard : thats one of the main issues, currently most of the suspension’travel’ is obtained trough the high-wall tires at the moment in F1. a switch to 18″ “roadtires” would be a real drama for F1. since they will have to redesign the whole front of the car (suspension etc) but also a massive portion of the aerodynamics rely on the tire shapes..

    I can not but think that Michelin is just a storm in a glass of water.

  • Faceman

    Michelin is better than Pirelli and it’s time to move on from 2007.

    Well said Richard…. just ignore anyone who has faith in Bernie’s comments…. they obv have issues discerning reality from fiction.

  • yeahbudd112

    The regulations for next years LMP1 cars say that the cars must run on smaller tires that they are running now. This is what they where testing without doubt!

  • Tom Clar

    Let’s face it this is the usual collection of comments by the usual suspects who have not a clue what is really happening or going to happen!

  • steven

    i hope mitchelin dont come back the raceing has been loads better since pirilli joined the have had a few probs this year but nout to worry about if mitch did come back then it would be back to 1 stop racshing were the quali on

  • AAX

    What a load of nonsense..Pirelli is only following their vendor requirements to produce short lasting tyres from their customers the FIA..Theres nothing wrong with their competence..But its doing them no favors publicity wise, I would never buy a set of pirellis..And I drive an Infiniti btw haha

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