Di Resta admits that he would love to drive for Ferrari

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta has been in Italy ahead of the grand prix in the country. With a race cockpit at Ferrari potentially available for 2014, and silly season rumours flooding the newswires , di Resta’s pre-Monza holiday destination might actually be significant.

The Scot has been vacationing in the hamlet town of Corigliano Sessa Aurunca, which is located more than 500 kilometres from Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters.

The town is reportedly the ancestral home of di Resta’s grandfather, Felice, who moved to Scotland some six decades ago.

Nevertheless, when questioned in Italy this week, the 27-year-old did not deny his ambition is to move to Ferrari.

“Driving for Ferrari would be a dream for me and my family,” he is quoted by Ansa news agency.

“I feel at home [in Italy],” he smiled. “But for now I am focused on Force India and the Grand Prix at Monza, where I want to do well.” (GMM.)

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  • Ankit

    but nobody love to work with you

  • dream on

    Keep dreaming. He is behind Hulkenberg and even Bianchi in that queue let alone Kimi.
    Used the British card to get the media to propaganda a move up the grid and now using Italian ancestry to rally up the tifosi to do the same. Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic
    Everybody knows Di Resta is not a team player. Does he think the Ferrari bosses will tolerate him blaming the team when he has a crap race and praises only himself when and had a decent race weekend. Well maybe only if he was a double world champion.
    Go back to DTM or swop your seat with Bianchi and see if you can drive that wheel barrow like he does. Then maybe your chances will increase slightly.

  • Boycottthebull

    I agree with “Dream ON”. Doesnt Deliver Di Resta gets so much media coverage when he has achieved absolutely nothing. Its amazing! If there is a UK driver their press just paints him as a star even when he is not. You may want to at least get on the podium once before you even think of Ferarri mate.

  • The Pessimist

    C’mon, he took a different route to be in F1 and rightfully bragging about his success co’z he’s improved massively ias a driver,show me a driver who moved from DTM and set the track on fire or who was as successful as Paul.

  • hhdkfh

    the Pessimist :D, quite ironic haha. But I agree 100% with ur comment. Mika, Jean and David didn’t go that well in DTM neither. He is actually a verry polyvalent and fast driver.