Minister says Monza future secure and untouchable

Start of the 2011 Italian GP at Monza

Start of the 2011 Italian GP at Monza

The immediate future of the Italian Grand Prix is secure, claims the Lombardy minister Antonio Rossi, rejecting reports that historic Monza could be the victim as Bernie Ecclestone seeks to further expand the Formula 1 calendar beyond Europe.

“The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza is untouchable,” he is quoted by Tuttosport.

“Not only because it is an engine for the economy of Brianza, but also because of Expo 2015,” said Rossi.

Indeed, he said the Autodromo Nazionale, in the Villa Reale park, will play a role as Milan hosts the next Universal Exposition, Expo 2015. (GMM.)

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  • Faceman

    They said the same thing about Canada but without massive modernisation…

    well I hate to think of F1 without Monza! But hey, Bernie was ready to scrap Spa which is just as historic and a way better circuit!

    Maybe the locals should stop filling their own pockets and actually INVEST in the circuit/future.

  • yeah

    Monza has boring races most of the time. On top of that, the Italian crowd is very xenophobic. I was there in 2000 with a Mika cap on and I was pretty much kicked out of the stand with soda thrown over me for just sitting there (paid almost 300 bucks for that).

    Also the penalties for Ferrari’s competitors are slapped on easily while Ferrari gets away with much more and never gets a penalty.

    So time to go.

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    Time to go my ass… The circuit should stay… And i am glad it’s staying…

  • Faceman


    you take your chances when you travel… the same thing could and probably would happen at many sports venues so it’s on you… try that in some other cities and you’d be risking your life.

    Not saying it’s right or correct, just stating the obvious.

  • Saša

    Monza-Monaco = Formula 1

    Without one of those two, F1 is same as dead.

    Without Ferrari tho, there is no car racing at all.

    Also believe that the only worthy opponent to Ferrari is mighty Porsche. But they somehow found F1 not interesting for them.

    ps: my opinion only, nothing personal