Schumacher: Vettel has already won three titles, so why couldn’t he win seven?

Michael Schumacher with Sebastian Vettel

Michael Schumacher with Sebastian Vettel

Michael Schumacher believes it is possible that his record haul of seven Formula 1 World Championship world titles could be matched by fellow German Sebastian Vettel.

Earlier this week, the Spanish sports daily Marca quoted Vettel as saying that comparisons between himself and his former mentor Schumacher are “ridiculous”.

“I have three titles, which is nothing compared to seven,” he said.

“Beating his record is not something that can happen in the next couple of years, so I don’t even think about it,” the Red Bull driver added. “I have had some very good years but it could change suddenly.”

Schumacher, now 44 years old, has a slightly different view, however.

At the end of his last race in F1 (Brazil 2012) Michael Schumacher congratulates Sebastian Vettel on his third title triumph

At the end of his last race in F1 (Brazil 2012) Michael Schumacher congratulates Sebastian Vettel on his third title triumph

The great German said that Vettel, 26, is already on course for his fourth title – a feat not achieved by Schumacher until 2001, at the age of 32.

“He has the best package, and championships are usually won by the best,” Schumacher told Belgian television Vier.

“Records are there to be beaten,” he smiled. “They motivated me when I was racing, and in the end I achieved it.

“Believe me, if Sebastian was able to surpass what I did, I would be happy for him. In a short time he has won three titles, so why couldn’t he win seven?” added Schumacher.

German racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck, however, doubts that Vettel will overtake Schumacher as the most successful driver of all time.

Michael Schumacher won his seventh title in 2004

Michael Schumacher won his seventh title in 2004

“The times and the circumstances are too different,” he told Sport1, comparing the respective Schumacher and Vettel eras.

“If one night Schumacher dreamed of having a new front wing, he could have it the next day and test it as well.

“This is not possible under the current regulations.”

Stuck also said that Vettel’s success is highly dependent on the skills of another man – Adrian Newey.

“If, for whatever reason, Newey was not there anymore, I think the team could be in a very different situation,” he said.

Schumacher won his world titles in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004; scoring 91 wins and 155 podiums in 307 starts. (GMM)

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  • jeff

    I will believe it when I see it.

  • Ankit

    Hahahahahaha! This made me laugh out loud at work!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Making a good start but a still a long haul to seven.

  • Ben

    At current rate & how good the RB package is, seven or even eight is not out of the question. I reckon he’ll win 5 or 6 by the time he’s 30 so another 2 or 3 is logical.

  • advantage won’t last

    Because his car advantage won’t last as long as michaels did.
    end off

  • Butterfly

    advantage won’t last:

    Actually, Red Bull’s car advantage will last as long as Newey is there, and possibly beyond that.

  • Ankit


    I doubt that. Considering the regulation change from next year, I don’t see Red Bull dominating as much as it does right now. I’m not saying they will be bad, but they just won’t be up there

  • Lol.

    I love when people Scoff at Vettel’s chance to beat Schumi’s record.

    I’m sure all of you scoffed when people said Schumi was driving for Beneton and people were saying he could beat the likes of Senna, Prost or Fangio.

    Discounting 1991 and 2006, where Vettel and Schumi did not compete full seasons, Vettel is on course for title number 4, let’s assume he wins; He will have 4 titles, in his 6th season as a formula 1 driver. Schumacher achieved title number 4 in 2001, at the age of 32 and in his 10th season. He retired in 2006, his 15th season, and came back in 2010-2012 for his 16, 17 and 18th seasons.

    Vettel has 12 seasons to win 3+ world titles, 30 pole positions, 68 fastest laps and 61 gp. We will likely be seeing 20 race seasons in the near future, so that’s a potential 240 grand prix, and a driver of his success will always be competing in a championship capable car.

    Unlikely to beat those records? Absolutely. But anyone who discounts his chance to do so is either totally in love with their god or dellusional. Schumi had the fastest car undoubtably in 1999-2004, 6 complete seasons, but for obvious reasons didnt win in 1999. Vettel has had the fastest car for 5 seasons, 2009-2013, and is in great shape for next year no doubt. The two are incredibly alike in many ways.

    Also, Schumi is happy for his records to be broken. Why isn’t anyone else?

  • realf1fan

    If Newey and his team are as effective with the 1.6 V6 turbo engines as they were with the 2.4 v8 then Vettel will be in with a good chance of getting Schumi’s record after all Vettel is racing better drivers than Schumi did.

  • f1 fan

    Cars and their engines will be very different from next season onwards, and most of the teams have already switched their focus on next years development, so it can be any ones game to be won .. let’s hope for the best, especially in 2015 when Honda returns !!!

  • KevinW

    It’s not Vettel alone that will set the stage for broken records. In the next few years, Alonso will be on the tail end of his career and Raikkonnen will likely wonder off to other interests. Rossberg is a threat, but so far is not Vettel’s match – unless the car gives him an edge. Hamilton is good, but so unfocused and inconsistent that he can’t conquer anyone who has the relentless focus and consistency Vettel is exhibiting as he matures in the sport. Beyond this, there are no solid threats on the horizon. This is really what set Schumacher up to acheive what he did – he was peaking at a period when there were scant few others who could match him as long as he had a decent car under him. Vettel may be heading into such a zone, where he is reaching his best ever as a driver, Red Bull are in stride, and there may be little to challenge him. With F1 going down the paid driver/spec racer drain, the likelihood of a pure talent in a super quick car emerging to change this is becoming slimmer and slimmer

  • fools

    “Alonso will be on the tail end of his career.”

    Another TROLL ignorant statement. Yet Schumi was driving in F1 over 40. Yet Button and Kimi are older but the hater troll mentions Alonso’s name instead. Idiot.

    Someone slap @kevinW

  • KC

    “Actually, Red Bull’s car advantage will last as long as Newey is there”

    Actually, Red Bull don’t have a car advantage at present. They have a driver advantage. And they will have it until Vetel leaves to join Ferrari.

  • realf1fan

    @ fool your comments maybe a bit agro but I’m inclined to agree with you troll comments from KW specially when you look at Mansell holding two titles at one time at the age of forty.

    As for the Hamilton inconsistency comment I have only seen that in 2011 and part of 2010 try looking at McLaren dodgy shouts and poor pit stops for Lewis’s inconsistency.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Vettel has the same killer mix as Schumacher had, good designer (Newey vs Byrne-Brawn), a good leader (Horner vs Todt), the same abilitiy to fire up and motivate the team, extreme raw speed and driving skill, and finally a consintent hard working morale, never giving up.

    none of the opponents has this. No matter how much the regulations change, Vettel will come out on top.

  • KC

    “Schumi was driving in F1 over 40.”

    And doing pretty badly. He should have stayed retired.

  • jl

    Agree, “Alonso will be on the tail end of his career.”

    Schumi is different, he was known as the fittest driver in F1 history.
    So,… of course he still can drive on top level when 43.
    Alonso will be finish when he is 35, that’s 3 years from now.
    while Vettel is in his prime.

  • Ukwhite

    Great drivers, the mentor and his disciple, still far away from rally king’s nine records Sebastian Loeb. Kimi did nothing in his three years of rallying, seems a sport for big balls guys. Just teasing Vettel ;) and his fans fed up of his perpetual winnings. Exciting to see what is next on Vettel agenda as a sportman.Rally?

  • batloun_76

    Just don’t discount Red Bull from 2014 campaign, they still have Newey and Vettel, and they are the winner of the last 4 champions (including this year so far) so why don’t they still contenders in 2014!!!! remember in 2003 they changed the rules cos of Ferrari and Schumacher dominance in 2002, but that didn’t stop them, until Michelin came in and changed the order (2005), I think it’s the same, wait till another tyre manufacturing enter the sports and it can change the order radically if the top teams didn’t go with the best tyre choice.

  • Vettel’s Fast Car

    @KC …”Actually, Red Bull don’t have a car advantage at present. They have a driver advantage. And they will have it until Vetel leaves to join Ferrari.”

    KC, you are a bad clown as some others around here….unless you are talking about another Vettel of another team on a different planet….LOL

  • the fan

    highly unlikely but not impossible….

    whoever said that RB has a driver advantage instead of car advantage is the most idiotic statement at the moment… havent you watched F1 the past 4 years? do you actually believe Vettel can win championships if he’s not in that RB?