Lauda: Vettel will win 2013 title with races to spare

Sebastian Vettel with Niki Lauda

Sebastian Vettel with Niki Lauda

Mercedes chairman and RTL TV pundit Niki Lauda has tipped Sebastian Vettel to wrap up his fourth consecutive Formula 1 Drivers’ World Championship with two races still to run this season.

Although some think Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is perhaps Red Bull leader Vettel’s main challenger with eight races to go in 2013, triple world champion Lauda thinks the title race is now effectively decided.

“I would go so far as to say Vettel will be the world champion in Abu Dhabi, which is the third to last race,” the great Austrian told Bild newspaper.

“His points lead was already big when he dominated at Spa, even though the Red Bull is not really suited to this track.

“Ok, maybe for Monza he is not the favourite, but on every other circuit he has the best car. It is more than enough for him,” added Lauda.

The comments indicate that Mercedes, already strongly focused on the huge rules challenge of 2014, has now given up on pushing for this year’s title.

“We will not give up,” Lauda insisted to Osterreich newspaper.

“But I am also realistic. Vettel dominated at Spa, and I think he could have been three, four tenths per lap even faster.

“We have improved so much, but Red Bull is still better,” he admitted. (GMM.)

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  • =El Presidente=

    Olk next year is the real challenge..

    The last 3-4 years the cars have hardly changed.. so it is no wonder that RB came out on top every time, just as they will this year,

    And Vettel might be 40time WDC at the end of the year.. it does not mean that much since his car i sso much faster then the rest.

    It is like playing mariokart, with the A.I. on “very easy”

  • stings

    @=El Presidente=…..I bet you are pretty damn good at mariokart…’cos here…I wouldn’t say so!

  • =El Presidente=

    Acually i suck at Mariokart..

    My brain has some serious issues with shooting, and jumping.. it can not comprehend..

    then again im very good in Forza motorsport.. though there my settings are on very hard.. (lets say just below deity haha)

    but still, his car is so much better then any other car on the grid (yes Webbers car incluided) that not winning the WDC would be more of a epic fail, than that it is a great achievement to win it.

    Sure he still needs to drive to the finish and so on.. but hey lets be honest.. the car has no competition..

    But lets see next year, with some big rulechanges how they go then. (for sure they wont be laggards, but im looking forward to who will have the edge next year) Also RedBull being just as strong next year would kill the sport i think.. my season i almost over.. i will see Monza, Suzuka, and Brazil, the rest are just mickey mouse tracks, with no interest what so ever.

    anyhow.. i dont care who is driving, i dont want anyone to win more then 3 in a row

    they should expel drivers after three titles.. little bit like Gp2 ;)

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hey President, you sound like a whiny little baby. Seriously.

    Why do you even waste your time keeping up with the sport if all your going to do in the end is bitch and moan?

    I will be cheering the day when you do lose interest so I don’t have to come here and read your tedious, silly ass diatribes.

  • KC

    “Vettel might be 40time WDC at the end of the year.. it does not mean that much since his car i sso much faster then the rest.”

    F1 “fans” seem to know less about F1 than the fans of any other sport know about their sport. The reality is that F1 has never been closer or more competitive than it is in the current era, and this year in particular.

    Next year is likely to be much less competitive.

  • Boycottthebull

    Lauda, For goodness same will someone at Mercedes shut this old fool up. What kind of moral boosting message is that? Why dont we just call it a day for this season then because its already decided. I never seen team management shoot its mouth off like Lauda has lately. Oh well there is also that other old fool Marko. What is it with these old idiots cant you just keep your opinions to yourselves.

  • Hawk

    they are pals… have you forgotten?

  • Vettel’s fast car

    Just like 2011, the season is already reuined as predicted with the same cheat car. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out mr Lauda. Its enough your team cheated this year. Just shut up and do your work.

  • Wolf 9

    Lauda was so sure Alonso was going to pocket the title in 1202. He was close if it wasnt for the couple the DNFs. So I agree that the old dog should zip it for the moment.

  • Manas

    Its difficult to stop vettel/redbull.But i expect some resistance from Hamilton.He can turn things around