Michelin ready and willing to take on Pirelli in 2014 Formula 1 tyre war

Michelin could be heading back to Formula 1

Michelin could be heading back to Formula 1

Michelin is seriously considering a return to Formula 1 and is not ruling out taking on Pirelli in an all out tyre war next year.

With the sport’s existing sole supplier Pirelli having already inked 2014 contracts with Bernie Ecclestone and the bulk of the teams, the fact that Michelin has now entered the race is fascinating.

Michelin competition boss Pascal Couasnon said on Monday that the French marque has dropped its earlier condition that it will only return to Formula 1 if it can do so in competition with a rival.

“We have changed one of our conditions,” he told Le Figaro newspaper. “Now, we don’t mind becoming the exclusive supplier. We are ready for it, as there is quite an interesting technical challenge.”

Pascal Couasnon is open to a tyre war in F1

Pascal Couasnon is open to a tyre war in F1

But Couasnon said that Michelin is also still open to a tyre war, “We have always said that we are interested in competition.”

He said that talks with the governing FIA, led by Frenchman Jean Todt, have already begun.

“We have sent them the same information as we have to the general public, so our position is known to all,” said Couasnon.

He denied, however, that talks with Formula 1 chief executive Ecclestone are already underway.

“I was surprised by these reports, but I’m starting to get used to it,” Couasnon smiled.

Fernando Alonso won his 2006 title with Michelin tyres bolted onto his Renault

Fernando Alonso won his 2006 title with Michelin tyres bolted onto his Renault

“Two weeks ago, I read that Michelin planned to hold a press conference, but nothing happened. In Formula 1, there are always a lot of rumours.”

“I can confirm that I have not scheduled any meetings with Bernie Ecclestone. If negotiations were to begin, we would hold them with the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone and the teams.”

Michelin entered F1 as a tyre supplier to Renault’s turbo project in 1977 and remained until 1984. They won their first grand prix in Brazil in 1978.

They returned in 2001, until 2006, and in total competed in 215 races, winning 102 and claimed six drivers titles and four constructors titles in the process. Their final win in F1 was at the 2006 Japanese GP. (GMM)

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  • Fellow Being

    I would love to see them back in F1!

  • Mopar212222

    This would be a disaster for Pirelli, as their control tires are piss slow, 3-4+ seconds slower at Spa this year than with the control Bridgestones in ’09. This is with 4-years of aero development and blown exhausts etc!

    The Tire War compounds would undoubtedly be 1-2 seconds faster than control tires, so Pirelli would have to find massive speed.

  • March_of_the_Frogs

    Vive Le Francais!

  • JR

    And what happens when Michelin suffer a tyre failure?

    The usual nutters will be calling for Goodyear to return :D

  • Forza Ferrari

    A new tyre war would be very exciting to watch and it would definitely be good for F1. So come on Michelin jump in!

  • Loln

    I piss on Pirelli and even Michelin – who’ve done more damage to F1 than Pirelli ever could – would be a huge improvement!!!

    Not to mention the tyre war is what everyone wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boycottthebull

    Im stunned by the lack of knowledge some of the posters on these sites have, Pirelli are maker the tyre they were ORDERED to make. you cannot compare with previous years for have a tyre war under those circumstances. The FIA had made Pirelli make a high degrading tyre to enhance the racing. If there is a second tyre manufacturer competing all they have to do is make a harder tyre which is totally why the FIA only has one supplier to force the use of a high degrading tyre. Michelin has already stated openly that they would only return IF the high degrading tyre policy was abolished. So they can come in and make fake claims their tyres wear better. Pirelli would have loved that policy abolished too and then they wouldnt have come in for the totally unfounded criticism. If the FIA do allow Michelin in to do as they want then F! will truly be a French farce. Its already has the shadow of bribery and corruption hanging over it.

  • hhdkfh

    Bridgestone was the best for F1, before that we had Goodyear and restone. But Michelin, Indianapolis 2005 farce, anyone? On my Alfa I have Pirelli, they have better grip and last twice as long as the Bridgestones I had. The only up was that Bridges were better in heavy rain. Also Vredestein, Yokohame, Kumho and Hankook are not that bad.

  • hhdkfh

    oops Firestone

  • hhdkfh

    Boycotthebull, that’s right, they were asked to create these “lifetreatening” tyres. Also Jean Todt should never been head of the FIA, Ari Vatanen would have been way better for the sport. But “politics” Always “wins”. They are discrediting F1 for 5 years now and I guess it is to promote their electrical “F1″ championship. But kicking a Greenpeace girl in the face is allowed by dictatorial FIA (do they follow the UK/US model of “democracy” or what? f-ing Russia and China are more democratic at the moment, proof a “new war” started today)