F1 organisers tried to injure me claims Greenpeace protestor

Greenpeace activist on the podium at Spa

Greenpeace activist on the podium at Spa

The Greenpeace activist who disrupted the podium ceremony at Spa on Sunday has accused race officials of trying to hurt her, before kicking her in the face.

Identified only as 23-year-old ‘Julia F’ by the German newspaper Bild, the activist was abseiling onto the podium after the Belgian Grand Prix while David Coulthard was interviewing winner Sebastian Vettel.

“We are a bit confused down here because the crowd is booing and cheering and booing and we don’t understand why,” Vettel told Coulthard.

Coulthard responded: “We’re not going to highlight why that is at the moment.”

Some had expected the FIA to launch an investigation or possibly penalise the race organiser, but so far the Jean Todt-led governing body has been silent.

‘Julia’, however, has accused race organisers of heavy-handed tactics.

“They tried to cut my rope,” Bild, revealing that Julia is from Switzerland, quoted her as saying.

“I would have fallen five metres. And in my arrest, they put a boot to my face,” she added. (GMM.)

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Read more about the aims and reasons of the Spa protest from Greenpeace perspective>>>

  • =El Presidente=

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    It is about time the media just kills them with silence, what ever they do, just never mention it! that way it because as useless to them as it actually is!

  • nakagoli

    Oh my goodness. Did the poor girl not realise that she could be at risk. should have stayed at home!

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    That’s your problem… You can’t blame the organizers… You want to protest and cost chaos, so you are to blame, not the organizers, not the FIA, not anyone but you protesters..

  • Torque

    F1 got lucky that it was Greenpeace protesting and not Al’Qaeda. Greenpeace did F1 a favor by exposing their poor security but F1 won’t see it, they’ll just hide that most embarrasing moment as best they can. Nice one GP!

  • Loln

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  • Burp

    She’s lucky I wasn’t there… she wouldn’t be able to talk. ;)

    Keep “Eco/Green whingers out of RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    It’s bad enough we’re forced to see hybrids in F1.

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  • ovphoto

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  • ovphoto

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  • eity933

    Wow, there sure are a lot of weird & aggressive comments here.

  • Spartacus

    Motorsports is about getting the most out of fuels possible. The most power, and the most distance. There’s an efficiency in that which Greenpeace obviously have missed.

    Since the EU started forcing oil companies to use 5% biofuels in petrol my car has been 10% less efficient; that’s 10% less distance per tank. There’s nothing “green” about adding this biofuel.

    It’s all greenwashing to keep these activists happy. They’d be better spending their energies on dispelling some of the green myths and promoting any genuine green initiatives.

  • Faceman

    Remember when F1 was about racing?

  • Faceman

    Also, die hippie scum!