Alonso: We need to win three or four races and have someone run over him at the start

Race winner Sebastian Vettel with second placed Fernando Alonso after the Belgian GP

Race winner Sebastian Vettel with second placed Fernando Alonso after the Belgian GP

Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso has admitted his world championship hopes would get a major boost if Sebastian Vettel crashes at the start of a grand prix, particularly if the world champion suffered a fate similar to the incident that the Spaniard endured last year at Spa.

Many see Vettel’s dominance in Belgium as a sure sign the Red Bull driver will now canter to his fourth consecutive drivers’ title.

“Vettel has the world title in the bag,” said Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport after the race at Spa-Francorchamps.

Corriere dello Sport agreed: “Vettel remains out of reach; invincible in his Red Bull with which no one can find fault. He is on track to break all of Michael Schumacher’s records.”

Ferrari, however, showed signs of recovery at Spa after a miserable July, but Alonso acknowledged that he needs to see Vettel to run into trouble.

Fernando Alonso victim of Romain Grosjean's flying Lotus at Spa last year

Fernando Alonso victim of Romain Grosjean’s flying Lotus at Spa last year

“I left Monza last year with 41 points more than Vettel,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “It shows how quickly things can change.

“But for this, we need to win three or four races in a row and have someone run over him at the start, as happened to me, or [for him to have] technical problems.”

Alonso is undoubtedly referring to his Belgian Grand Prix of a year ago, when Romain Grosjean’s flying Lotus ended his race in a shower of carbon fibre debris.

“It happened to me last year and it could happen again,” added Alonso. But with just eight races left in 2013, some of Vettel’s rivals are beginning to be written off.

Kimi Raikkonen, for example, lost his runner-up place in the drivers’ standings at Spa, when he retired with brake failure.

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel speak on the podium after the Belgian GP

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel speak on the podium after the Belgian GP

“You would probably have to say that the three (Vettel, Alonso, Lewis Hamilton) who finished on the podium in Belgium are likely to be the major rivals to the end of the year,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

Marc Surer, a former driver turned pundit, sees another problem for Raikkonen’s Lotus.

“If you lack the money to try everything you can think of,” he told Der Spiegel, “you have no chance.”

Questions about Mercedes are also being asked.

“Do they still have reserves in their development to catch Red Bull in this season?” former driver Patrick Tambay told France’s RMC Sport.

“In Belgium they were clearly beaten.”

So perhaps the final question is to wonder if anyone can beat Vettel now. “Probably, only himself,” acknowledged Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn.  (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Nice spin but it’s Vettel’s to lose at this point.

  • stings

    How disgusting is this alonso….dirty mind-games …Again!
    They’ve never worked before….but this frustrated overpaid POS has to express his “best”

  • hhdkfh

    Fernando, you did not lose last year because of Romain, if you hadn’t driven into Kimi in Suzuka (which was your own fault) you would have won it with almost 20pts difference. Bad luck as happened in Spa or reliability issues should be calculated in the risk. BUT YOU YOURSELF LOST THE TITLE DUE TO RUNNING IN KIMI IN SUZUKA. I’m a Ferrari fan and I’ve quite had it with this delusional poser and forntunate whiner. Please Kimi come back, you would never have let it slip away like that. Luca who has taken the last title with the Scuderia? right KIMI in his 1st season!
    Which team gave you the last constructors title?, right Kimi & Felipe.

  • stings


    I was a huge Ferrari fan right until that point. Not the point when Kimi left, but when Alonso came to the scuderia.
    Unhappy day!

  • Fellow Being

    Alonso is just a spoiled lad, and the one to spoil him was Flavio Briatore! Now he is jealoused because Vettel is treated the same as Alonso was in 05 & 06!

  • the fan

    this is pure desperation from Fernando… and I wont blame him, ferrari gave him an ice cream van, a crappy strategy,bad management and bad luck… frustration with ferrari is inevitable

  • stings

    the fan
    This is not only someone’s desperation. This is a disgusting, crappy and unsportsmanlike attitude.
    Tgis is, in one word : Alonso

  • the fan

    well i wouldnt mind what he says or what others may think of him. afterall there are a lot of drivers out there who have a lot worst attitudes than Fernando. Fernando is fernando, i dont think comments about him would change what he thinks or what he says. hell, MSC screw up damon hill’s race in 96(?), won it on the last corner against rubens and yet his legacy is still bigger… things like this will come and go. only those who wants to make a fuss about it will not be able to sleep with these kind of comments :D

  • Tinto

    Oh boy, that is one of a kind statement to wish somebody to be run over, as the only way to win a championship.

    Is gentleman a Spanish word ‘Senor’ Alonso?

  • hhdkfh

    stings :D we would get along verry well. Btw Alonso ruined his own chances this year by 2 things. overeagerly breaking his front wing on Vettel and not coming in the pits (beginning of season, just like suzuka last year), the second one is when that DRS failed, he should have known it could fail again but he used immediately and it failed again, result 2 stops for nothing. You can say about Schumi all you want but he would not have done it this way (he was 90% on racing and 10% of his brain was on strategy, tactics and variables, there will never be 2 like him)

    Also Vettel would have won the title in 2010 and last year if he was in the same Ferrari, it’s not only the car and Alonso won’t admit it. Lewis once admitted he was most afraid of Robert Kubica to join Mclaren. I liked that comment verry much.

  • LotusFan

    Given his track record, for Alonso to speak like this is stupid first. Does not sound sportsman-like either.
    If Alonso thinks he is so good, take a salary cut and use his friend Webber’s influence with the RBR boss and get the RedBull seat. Fight it out with Vettel in equal equipment and win a WDC, then talk

  • lawl

    And people claim he’s the best. How pathetic is that?

  • Ukwhite

    Difficult to digest another Alonso’s faux pas. A brilliant driver behaves as a middle ages man. You cannot stop feeling sorry for his desperation, but hey, that is life, any races is a reality check against Seb’s huge tallent and his wonder machine.

  • Forza Ferrari

    It’s not over till it’s over! The fight continues.

    Forza Ferrari!!!

  • Ukwhite

    @Forza Ferrari: If I were Ferrari, I will put all the money on Seb and he is going to be much cheaper than Alonso, it looks Germans and Italians are quite close to each other. And both Seb and Ferrari nicely and carefully talk about each other. That is a sign…

    Think about that, red colour should suit his new blonde hair quite nicely :) I was Michael/Ferrari fan for years, but since first Seb’s appearance on Monza podium in Torro Rosso’s livery, with an articulate discourse and boyish exuberance and no Michael around, I realized his podium was a harbinger of the times to come and that proved right. Is the car? Of course the car matters, you cannot win a championship without a very good car, but first of all you should do the work to cross the line with flying colours ahead of everybody. Two Marks in the same car would have brought no titles to the Bulls.

    In short, as long as Vettel/Adrian/Christian are teaming together, there is a slim chance for any teams. 2014 may debut differently, but it will be a matter of time till Red Bull and Seb are catching up.

    Forza …Seb :)

  • fools

    oh goodness more trolls. clearly the editor loves Alonso drama.

    Alonso is just making his point because we all know Alonso lost the WDC because of Kimi and Grosjean last year or we wouldnt even be talking about Vettel’s 4th possible WDC.

    It would be tied right now if last year’s bulls*** didnt happen at Spa and Suzuka.

  • Network

    I LOVE how Alonso’s hateboys/hategirls get so Exited, Agitated and able to Maximize False Negativity when it comes to Alonso in the F1 world.

    Exceptional personalities get THE Attention.

    Once I remember chatting with Rosberg after racing, and then he added, we all love to slash Alonso on the track because he is the most feared driver when it comes to racing…an extraordinary driver.

  • fools

    @the fan


  • Wolf 9

    Come on guys, this article is a joke. Where is your sense of humor. Rest assure Alonso knows Vettel will always quali in front & storm away to grab the next title. No one can catch him but Webber.

  • the fan

    those who have raced against alonso will easily understand why he is rated him so highly & why they fear him even in an uncompetitive machine. of course, those who are just there to watch and talk a lot are the ones who will complain and criticize.

  • stings

    Fernando, are Flavio and Nelson jr missing?
    Who will help you make that 2008 Singapore move?
    Big question?

  • the fan

    stings… as far as I know there was no proof that Fernando knew about that, otherwise he would be banned in F1 right now.

  • Hawk

    I think you guys are blowing everything out of proportion. If you think critically about what Alonso has said, its no big deal. he is just talking straight and being factual. last year’s accidents gifted Vettel the WDC, save the same this year, he is already WDC.

  • stings

    the fan…would he?
    Anyways…that move took away the WDC from Felipe….he was at Ferrari…was he?

  • the fan

    Stings….alonso haters would always think that he knew about it however there are certain details that are needed to prove and implicate him, are there any? as far as I remember even during the investigation there has never been any mention of alonso knowing or planned it, thats why he was never banned in F1. sometimes when you hate a certain person you always think of him as the bad guy. take this forum for example.

    felipe was in strong position to win the WDC that year, he lost to hamilton by a slight margin in the last race(thanks to timo glock).

  • stings

    the fan….just as the Alonso fans keep on dreaming and lying to themselves?
    Please do not remind me the 2008 season…I saw it.
    I saw how Alonso/or his team (whatever) used (very) dirty tricks to win a title…not his talent.
    Yes he has a lot of talent…I agree. But not enough to win fairly…and he admits it in the statement above : “my talent is not enough…Help !!Someone run over him at he start”!!

  • the fan

    and you’re in the right mind to believe what’s written above? if that’s what he intended to say then its probably written all over the newspapers and sports sites but its not and most likely its purely exagerated by the press for people like you who blows up just because of small articles like this.

    and for the record, I aint no Alonso fan. but I do recognize what he has achieved, same as what vettel has done.

  • stings

    The fan…yes it is a small article and yes I do not want to believe it…but there are facts in the recent history (2008) that are making me thinking about…

  • the fan

    stings… you have actually believed it already based on your statements. no worries, i wont care what you believed in, besides in wont change how stories are manipulated by the media or how these drivers do their jobs. im just merely pointing out that what is stated above may not be true at all and people should not overeact by these articles

  • stings

    the fan…I guess you are right. This time.

  • tod

    How about someone runs over your Big Head Alonso!!!!

  • KC

    Unlike Alonso, Vettel very rarely starts in the middle of the pack. And it’s starting there which gets you caught up in accidents. As long as Seb keeps starting on the front row he’s safe.

    But yes, Alonso needs to win three of four races in a row. That’s unlikely to happen though, as the other members of the pack are all strong on different circuits. The Ferrari will probably be weak in Singapore and the Mercedes very strong, as was the case in Monaco and Hungary.

  • fools

    @stings is the biggest F1

  • fools


  • stings

    fools…did you sign for your entire group as their leader?