Alonso: It seems we have the pace to challenge for some good positions

Fernando Alonso will start the Belgian GP from ninth on the grid

Fernando Alonso will start the Belgian GP from ninth on the grid

Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso saw a silver lining in the rainclouds over the Belgian Grand Prix on Saturday despite qualifying only ninth.

The Spaniard was fastest in the first phase of a rain-hit qualifying and second in the next but suffered when it mattered most after being caught out when the track dried towards the end of the final session.

“The timing was not right, that was very obvious,” the double world champion said. “You need to be lucky.”

“I think we felt a little bit more competitive today compared to the last qualifyings in July,” Alonso, who was critical of his car’s performance after the race in Hungary in July, told reporters.

“Here, Monza and Singapore will tell us how much progress we [made] but it is very positive and a good sign that in the first of these important three races we saw Ferrari fighting for the top positions in Q1 and Q2.

“I’m sure that tomorrow, after what we saw today, in whatever conditions we have, if we can pass the people in front it seems that we have the pace to challenge for some good positions.”

Fernando Alonso during qualifying at Spa

Fernando Alonso during qualifying at Spa

Alonso failed to score in Belgium last year after being shunted out by Romain Grosjean’s Lotus at the first corner in what turned out to be a hammer blow to his championship challenge.

He had been 40 points clear in the standings and on course to chalk up his 24th successive scoring finish. Alonso ended up second at the end of the season, three points behind Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel.

This time, the Ferrari driver is 39 points adrift of Vettel with nine races to go.

However, Alonso said that the lower grid position could turn out to be a blessing in disguise if anything similar happened again.

“It will be more of a problem for those who start fourth, third, second,” he said. “I start ninth so maybe I can take it a little bit more easy and gain the positions that the people gained last year with our accident.

“Hopefully there is no accident tomorrow and we have a clean race and we can use our potential. The first corner here is extremely tight, there is always some contact and some front nose that is flying away.

“We need to pass the first lap clean and then use the car.” (Reuters)

Subbed by AJN.

  • fools


  • Wolf 9

    Fools, I would love to agree with you, but the cheat car of Newey driven by the golden finger boy is a miracle.This same car has already crossed more than 2000 leading laps.
    But nothing is impossible. Alonso has done great job in the race today and thats a good sign. Enjoy.

  • jl

    top genius designer only want top driver, not top cheater
    top dg: newey
    top drv: vettel
    top cht: alonslow

  • Butterfly

    jl, you speak ancient Klingon now? Or is that suppose to be English?

  • Wolf 9

    It is a cheat car. Its so fast, they didn’t even had to push hard enough to stay a head and disappear away. This car can beat any other car in any circumstance. RBR are very will connected politically within The FIA & therefore untouchable. What we hear & what we see, we believe. Ferrari had that luxury during Shumi era. This season is another boring season as we can already predict the final outcome.

  • Butterfly

    Wolf 9:

    The RB9 is the result of a big budget and proper engineering. It gets tested like any other car during the grand prix week-end, it passes the inspection. I don’t think there’s anything illegal on it, to be honest.

    But it is an amazing piece of kit. I mean, at Spa they trimmed the wings and got all the downforce from the floor & diffuser – which don’t produce drag like wings do – but that was so much downforce that it probably had 2 seconds advantage if it really stretched its legs.

    But, what’s stopping Ferrari & McLaren from doing the same?

  • stings

    @wolf 9
    Boring season because you can predict the final outcome? Really?
    It is not boring at all from where I am looking.
    It is entertaining!!!
    Just as much as the last 3 seasons were.
    Get used to this kind of racing in F1 …for a while…at least.
    About the rest of your post….please find some professional help. Hearing and seeing things are not unusual for those in your condition, but believing in them….

  • fools

    But, what’s stopping Ferrari & McLaren from doing the same?

    @BUtterfly….I been pondering the same thing for 2 years.

    Its not Alonso that is the problem.. but simply the engineering.
    Alonso is extracting everything from the car so he can to win. Ferrari are not delivering. With Massa also on board he is not helping with points nor development anymore. He is a test mule if even that…

  • Butterfly


    It’s not Felipe’s fault the car is difficult to drive. He is the kind of driver that needs fast machinery to deliver the results, and the current Ferrari is anything but.

    If Ferrari think their problem is Felipe, then they really are a bunch of fools who learned nothing about F1 over the years.

    The only driver on the grid who could stay close to Fernando in the F138 is Lewis Hamilton, and he’s Mercedes-bound.

    But, I guess it’s that Italian passion that’s screwing up their perception of things. And destroying Felipe’s career in the process.


  • Wolf 9

    Butterfly, sure the RB9 is the result of a big budget and proper engineering, and well inspected, but not enough to understand the loopholes managed by the RB/Newey. They are not blatantly cheating, they manipulate the engine mapping in way its beyond the comprehension of the FIA inspectors to disquali. Smart lawyers & engineers push the loopholes just as far it can go. By the time someone sound the alarm, it takes time to tackle it down. By then, the finger boy has already stuck his finger in everyones ass…just saying.
    Every one cheats on the track, but the RB are the masters. Regardless, it does spice up the sport. Maybe, just maybe one day soon the RB will push it way beyond the limits & gets disquali…LOL

    Stings: you stink