Schumacher not applying for 2014 Red Bull race seat

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel will not be Red Bull teammates in 2014

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel will not be Red Bull teammates in 2014

Just in time to stop the ‘silly season’ from becoming the ‘crazy season’, Michael Schumacher has ruled out returning to Formula 1 in 2014.

As the candidates line up to replace Red Bull’s departing Mark Webber, some have dared mention the seven time world champion as the perfect teammate for his protege, countryman and friend Sebastian Vettel.

The 44-year-old German, however, hung up his helmet for the second time only at the end of last season, and Schumacher’s spokeswoman insisted on Saturday he “has moved away from Formula 1 now”.

“He has not been among those who have been in touch with Red Bull,” she told the Mirror.

“He has achieved a great deal in F1 and [is] happy with what he has done.

“It’s not that he’s not physically capable because he has kept himself in good shape but it would take a lot of commitment and he doesn’t feel the need to make it.

“Michael is enjoying his life,” she added. (GMM)

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  • jeff

    Who in the heck comes up with these preposterious stories?

  • Sean

    Jeff, it’s clearly tongue-in-cheek … Jez, lighten up man … it is silly season after all … you been watching F1 long? I guess not …

    PS … Drop the “i” … it’s “preposterous” … kinda like your reply … but full marks for trying.


  • f1 fan

    @ jeff when i saw this article i was going to say the same thing you just said.
    He has already achieved a lot , 7titles… making a third comeback. How can someone even think so..

  • M451

    Why would he want to come back? More titles than anyone in the sport, he’s proved himself more than enough, now let him enjoy his life.

  • Jack

    I wanted to see him crack triple figures in wins!

  • jeff

    Jack, Love the way you think. If he was in the current Mercedes. Who knows? After all HE IS MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. PERIOD

  • Tamburello_1994

    Your time is up.

  • Sean

    @F1 Fan …


  • Nathan

    @f1fan Are you really jeff? How anyone could take that serious is beyond me. Maybe think before you post and you won’t be embarrassed and have to post under an alias to agree with yourself. That’s pretty embarrassing for you but funny for all of us especially as you now have called yourself F1 Fan


  • Sean

    @Jeff (aka F1 Fan) …

    Great come back to Nathan … err… NOT!


    Jeff & F1 Fan are the same person …

    Preposter(i)ous but true lol

  • jeff

    Sean & Nathan dont confuse me with F1 fan. We are not one and the same.

  • Ju

    Isn’t Valentino Rossi also in the running?

  • TylerC

    I’ve heard they’re also considering Andrea de Cesaris, Michele Alboreto, oh and Dale Earnhardt Sr.