Sutil still bitter over snub and says Hamilton must grow up

Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton were once good mates

Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton were once good mates

Adrian Sutil has stepped up his rhetoric against former good mate Lewis Hamilton, revealing the 2008 F1 World Champion is yet to come forward to make amends.

Amid Sutil’s legal troubles of 2011, he branded Briton Hamilton a coward for refusing to step up as a witness in his assault trial.

The German duly sat out 2012 but returned to Formula 1 with Force India this year, and Hamilton promptly vowed to put their broken friendship back on track.

But, months later, Sutil said the Mercedes driver has done nothing.

“He is not able to speak – maybe he is scared of me, I don’t know,” he told The National newspaper on Thursday at Spa.

“There is a time when people have to grow up and he hasn’t …” added Sutil.

He speculated that Hamilton’s personality might be the victim of his success, having grown up in a council flat but then, while still a boy, signed by McLaren mentor Ron Dennis.

“Maybe,” said Sutil. “You suddenly go from being not interesting to being at the top and everyone loves you. You get the best from everywhere, you have a lot of money suddenly and this all affects your life.

“Hopefully, you wake up early and then you can sort out your life to be successful. Some people don’t get that.

“If you have only a lot of possessions and no friends, you will be a lonely and sad man,” Sutil concluded. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Hey Adrian, Lewis is just not into you anymore, And Yea, I would be scared of you too.

    Sounds like Sutil needs a woman, Or at least a dog to pal around with, ffs.

  • bullshit

    Tambu, Adrian actually has a nice girlfriend who’s no that mediahorny as Nicole, that’s all. I met him at Spa 3 years ago, he is a verry down to earth and nice chap. The real f*cker in this whole story was Eric Lux, who surely insulted Adrian with something personal that hurt him in a certain way. Hamilton knew that and saw it as a witness but chickened out because of team or management not because he is a coward. But I do not agree with Lewis’ attitude so far. But hey they are both in F1, where is Eric Lux now? (I don’t see him at Lotus/Renault anymore). I think internally in the paddock the truth on Lux came out and no-one wants him anymore. Sutil got a second chance and as far as I’m concerned I would welcome him at Ferrari, he is good. He and Hulk are both verry good drivers but they don’t seem to have much luck. Although on Hamilton’s behaviour, I understand Adrian (in the mob you get whacked for treason of your friends/family)

  • Hell has no fury like Adrianna Subtle scourned

    Sutil in my opinion is better than Di Resta and more experienced. Not doing too bad at all after missing a season, but when it comes to a whining competition, Adrian is closing the gap to Di Resta now in that points table. Use to really support this guy, but wasting media airtime on this instead of trying to throw his name in the Red hat as well is just stupid. Grow up Sutil He doesn’t want to be your friend any more than you want him as a friend. He can’t say that to the media now can he? Hell has no fury like Adrianna Subtle scorned.

  • grat

    While I’m sure it’s the media asking the questions, I’m getting tired of hearing Sutil whine about Hamilton.

    Repeatedly insulting someone doesn’t really indicate an interest in healing old wounds, and it’s could be said that going out drinking with Sutil carries a certain amount of risk.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Bullshit

    O.k. thanks for the clarification on the girlfriend. I did do a quick search on Sutil’s personal life before I posted, Obviously not exhaustive enough.

    That said, I have to agree with contributor “grat” and his / her sentiments. I think Lewis has made it quite clear that at least in this moment, Adrian is not really on the priority list, And for Sutil to be in the press about it isn’t really gonna help the situation.

    So, Since he has a girlfriend, Maybe he should concentrate more on that than and keep the Lewis comments to a minimum when asked by the media.

  • thefan

    obviously someone is jealous with a Dog… what in the world sutil wants with hamilton? did he came back to f1 for this?

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Anybody here has been “betrayed” by a friend in his life? Well, it’s a kind of grudge that lasts for years, especially if you have to see him around…