Spa drainage grooves on the grid a concern for Vettel

Sebastian Vettel and his crew inspect the grid grooves at Spa

Sebastian Vettel and his crew inspect the grid grooves at Spa

Drivers and engineers were surprised on Thursday when they inspected the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, as they saw diagonal grooves have been cut into the asphalt covering the entire upper half of the starting grid, from first to twelfth places.

Auto Motor und Sport said that championship leader Sebastian Vettel is worried that the grooves might disadvantage those who qualify best for the Belgian Grand Prix.

“There is probably a disadvantage for the start, because you will have less tyre on the track,” said the German.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt asked Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting for an explanation.

“In this area we needed better drainage for when it rains,” he said.

“We have good experience with this method from Brazil,” added Whiting.

He said he is not concerned that the upper half of the grid will face grip problems on Sunday afternoon. (GMM.)

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    They haven’t even made it onto the track and vettel is finding excuses as to why he is going to have a rubbish start. Stop moaning and deal with it!

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    Is sad that there are no signs of improvement in your condition. Get well soon!

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