Teenager Sirotkin has seat fitting during visit to Sauber headquarters

Sergey Sirotkin during his visit to Sauber HQ in Hinwill

Sergey Sirotkin during his visit to Sauber HQ in Hinwill

Russian teenager Sergey Sirotkin was able to get a first glimpse of the world of Formula 1 during his visit to the Sauber F1 Team headquarters in Hinwil this week, where he also underwent a seat fitting.

The 17-year-old had a busy schedule during his two days at the factory. He met the Sauber F1 Team engineers and was able to have a closer look at and gain more understanding of the technology specific to Formula one, which included a lesson on how an F1 steering wheel works. He also had a seat fitting.

After getting to know the factory, Sergey joined Team Principal, Monisha Kaltenborn, for the announcement of the Sauber F1 Team’s demonstration run on 27th September in Sochi as part of the 12th International Investment Forum.

Sergey Sirotkin during his Sauber seat fitting

Sergey Sirotkin during his Sauber seat fitting

Sirotkin said, “My visit to the Sauber F1 Team headquarters was busy. I learned a lot about the team and many other things. I had a seat fitting, met the engineers and learned about the car and what happens over a race weekend.  I also had a lesson with the steering wheel. I am happy because, if you had told me six months ago that one day I would visit this workshop and meet this team, I would have never believed you. It’s great. The dream is so close to becoming reality now.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal said, “We are proud to be doing the demo run next month. It will be a historical moment when a Russian driver drives a Formula One car for the first time at the track in Sochi.” (Sauber)

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  • bullshit

    What a joke, frijns, vandoorne, magnussen, da Costa, sainz jr and nasr do actually score results in their proper categories, Sirotkin hasn’t shown even 1 flinch of talent. I follow all the lower classes from euroseries to GP2, from f3 to WSR (even renault 2.0 and formula bmw). He can drive but did nothing exceptional yet to be remembered by. But if you get the chance you would be a turd to say “no thanx”, after all he doesn’t need to worry, it’s not his money :D

  • Rob Ducker

    this is all wrong wrong wrong. He won’t, I suspect, get a super license so he wont be driving at Sochi.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I had a bit of a laugh about the steering wheel lesson. Kid is gonna get eaten alive.

    Spend the money wisely, Sauber.

  • Butterfly

    Why is sauber in such deep doo-doo? It was rumored they need about 120M EURO just to pay the bills.

    How do you spend that much money without having it?

    I’m starting to think Bernie was right about these fools always spending more than they have.

  • PB

    I hope they have plenty of insurance cover before the joy ride in Sochi. Too young, too inexperienced and no talent that one would rave about.

  • Boycottthebull

    He has a seat fitted? Child safety seat?! LOL He got a lesson on what the steering wheel does? LOL And this big black round things at the corner of the broom broom are …………. Goodness me!

  • Little Boi

    Why bother with a seat fitting. The boy is probably still on a growth spurt. By next year, they’ll need new (baby) seats again.