Raikkonen managament not ruling out Ferrari return

Steve Robertson

Steve Robertson

Kimi Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson is not ruling out a return to Ferrari for the 2007 world champion.

On Monday, Robertson admitted that talks with Red Bull about Raikkonen replacing Le Mans-bound Mark Webber had been “unsuccessful”.

But the 33-year-old Finn, who currently drives for Lotus, has also been linked with a return to Ferrari, despite the Italian team having replaced him with Fernando Alonso with a year to run on his contract, at the end of 2009.

Asked if Ferrari is an option, manager Robertson told the BBC: “Until they confirm their seats, my job is to speak to all the teams and see what’s available.”

Robertson also told Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper on Monday that Raikkonen has more than one alternative to Lotus for 2014.

“I’m not worried,” he said, “because we have other options – plural.”

Brazilian correspondent Livio Oricchio said that Red Bull’s Christian Horner pushed hard to sign Raikkonen, but Helmut Marko ultimately got his way.

Marko reportedly convinced team owner Dietrich Mateschitz that Red Bull should take young Australian Daniel Ricciardo, because it better balances the lineup alongside reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Ricciardo’s signing also proves the worth of the Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso, and gives the next rising youngster, Antonio Felix da Costa, his 2014 debut.

Meanwhile, a post on Twitter by Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso might be seen as a return of fire, after Luca di Montezemolo recently publicly criticised the Spaniard’s outbursts in the wake of the recent Hungarian Grand Prix.

Reverting to the wisdom of the Samurai, Alonso said: “The warrior that uses the sword when insulted cannot be considered brave. Brave man does not flinch, because he has higher goals.” (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    I think, despite im convinced of Alonso’s capabilities, that a Raikkonen return to the prancing horse would spell disaster for Freddy (alonso) He has shown i the past is not capable of handling an equal (or better) driver next to him.

    On the other hand he is older now, and might think different on certain subjects. for ferrari it would the one move that launches them back to serious title contenders, due to the incredible consistency Kimi displays.

  • Hawk

    “but Helmut Marko ultimately got his way”
    READ: “but Sebastian Vettel ultimately got his way”

    HM and SV are thinking of SV’s interests alone and the WDC, whereas CH as the team principal was thinking of the team, WCC, and RB’s CV would be boosted if it had signed Kimi.

    @El Presidente
    I wish we can bet.. Kimi is no match for Alonso.

  • Barlow

    Helmut Marko doesn’t care who wins the WDC, as long as it is Sebastian Vettel. Competition only goes one way, at Red Bull!!

  • Alonslow aloser

    Oh please. I bet you were saying that about Hamilton too, in his rookie year no less! What an embarrassment for Alonslow!
    He only got his championships because he’s a cheat and was using those illegal exotic mass dampers.
    He should be called Champion Mass Damper or just Cheat for short.
    It is because of this that he never really beat the Greatest Ever.

  • bullshit

    Djeezes, Alonso. He actually thinks he’s a samurai or what? I have a huge collection of samurai and ceremonial swords, I practice martial arts for years now, I don’t consider myself a samurai nor a ninja. His twitter “statements” seems to prove that he is more than delusional, same category as Hitler I guess. The French have a nice word for this, “folie des grandeurs” (as in the movie with Louis de Funès). I’m a lifelong Tifosi and can’t wait untill he goes or gets shown the door, in his “statement” he does admit he feels insulted, he should have driven better that’s all. People who can’t see their own flaws like him are a waste of time. If Red Bull doesn’t anounce at Spa it’s because he’s afraid to have to drive against Kimi in an inferior Ferrari. He’s trying to budge his way into Red Bull (read: “with Santander money”) because there he could blame it on the team or bosses again, like he did at Mclaren!

  • bullshit

    either way Kimi or Vettel will show him their behind, even Jules could be a treath to Ferry.

  • Stoner

    in 2005 -06 alonslow had to really pray hard that Kimi’s McLaren broke down every race for him to win the championship and god answered or rather say Newey pushed the McLaren too much and ruined Kimi’s championship’s.
    and for the ‘who is faster’ part, Kimi is the only driver to beat the lap record of circuit after the v8 engine regulation came in. Still there is no other driver currently in f1 that has broken the lap record of circuit that was set on a V10 f1 car.
    and also to start from 17th on the grid to go on to win the race.
    I should say Hawk you really haven’t seen enough of Formula 1 to judge Kimi’s speed.

  • Rich

    “Raikkonen managament not ruling out Ferrari return”



    Remember when Kimi was in Ferarri and he was so quick that the mechanics had to “re-calibrate” how fast the car could go round the track?

  • thefan

    people exaggerates the way alonso ended in 3rd place after kimi and lewis like he lost by a mile… alonso and lewis ended the season with 4 wins each and the same amount of points. the difference came from lewis’ better podium positions. the fallout came after ron dennis didnt provided support to alonso and despite that he came in 3rd place and provided the last challenge to kimi. while lewis blew his chances when it mattered most, not once but twice(china and brazil).

  • Hawk

    I agree. Kimi was once very fast.