Teams should stay out of 2014 F1 tyre decisions says Lauda

Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres

Formula 1 teams should accept, and not get involved, in the chosen specification of next year’s Pirelli tyres.

That is the claim of Niki Lauda, who was speaking to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport amid reports that the 2014 tyres might be slightly bigger and wider next year to suit the higher torque output of the new V6 engines.

It had emerged that while Renault and Ferrari want the 2014 specification to remain the same as in 2013, Formula 1’s other engine supplier Mercedes – rumoured to have a power advantage next year – wants the bigger tyres, no doubt with their own team’s WO-car’s performance very much a consideration .

“It’s a very important question,” Mercedes chairman Lauda said.

The very latest reports suggest that the FIA has actually decided to keep next year’s tyre specification largely the same as in 2013.

But Lauda had added: “Charlie Whiting wrote to all the teams that Pirelli wants a larger diameter and wider tyres.

“The way I understand it, it is now decided by the FIA alone.”

He said the teams and suppliers’ only role should be to give Pirelli all the data the official tyre supplier requests.

“If not, we should not be surprised if we stand in Melbourne next year (the season opener) complaining again about the tyres.

“Pirelli should determine what next year’s tyres look like without the influence of the teams. With the new cars and engines, it is important that we have stable tyres.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Niki Lauda is making sense again Pirelli should be the ones to make the decision down to the information given It should based on data not on bitching.

  • Boycottthebull

    the people who blame Pirelli for everything are idiots. Pirelli supplied a high wearing tyre just as they were demanded too by Bernie and the FIA. Now there are rumours that Michelin will come back in all are saying how wonderful that would be BUT Michelin said they will only come back in if the FIA change the rules of the high wear tyre specs, effectively getting rid of the one rule that has been causing Pirelli to look bad. What a con by Michelin and then they go out to the Motoring public and proclaim how their tyres dont wear out like Pirellis do. If the the FIA do that then they are even lower than I though them possible. They certainly bend the rules for Mercedes and red Bull when it suits them so I wouldnt put it past them.