Confirmed: Raikkonen will not join Vettel at Red Bull in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen will not team up with mate Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen will not team up with mate Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen will not drive for Formula One champions Red Bull next season after talks broke down, his manager has said ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend when the world champions are expected to announce who will succeed Mark Webber in the team.

The Finn is out of contract at Lotus at the end of the season and was a leading contender to replace Mark Webber at Red Bull when the Australian moves over to endurance racing next year.

Fellow Australian Daniel Ricciardo, from Red Bull’s junior team Toro Rosso, now looks most likely to get the 2014 seat alongside world champion and current standings leader Sebastian Vettel.

“Kimi will not be driving for Red Bull in 2014. We held some talks but a deal will not be happening,” his manager Steve Robertson has confirmed to British media.

Kimi Raikkonen is out of contract with Lotus at the end of 2013

Kimi Raikkonen is out of contract with Lotus at the end of 2013

A Red Bull announcement could come at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix when the season resumes after a break.

Robertson said that staying at Lotus was just one possibility for 2007 world champion Raikkonen who spent two years in rallying after being forced out of Ferrari in 2009. He has shone on his return to F1 with a midfield team.

“We are pretty confident that Kimi will be in F1 next year,” he said. “There are options – and that is plural – out there and I will continue to talk to teams. I am hopeful we will sort something out in the not too distant future.”

The silly season has seen Kimi Raikkonen linked to his former team Ferrari

The silly season has seen Kimi Raikkonen potentially linked to his former team Ferrari

Raikkonen, second in the current standings and third last year, has even been linked in the media with a return to Ferrari to replace the underperforming Felipe Massa but the Italian team has played down the speculation.

The F1 rumour mill even suggested Ferrari’s number one driver Fernando Alonso could be heading to partner Vettel next season after his manager was seen entering the Red Bull motorhome at the Hungarian Grand Prix last month.

Notably, Ferrari issued a rare public rebuke to Alonso after he told reporters “The one the others have” when asked following the Hungarian GP what kind of car he wanted for his birthday. (Reuters)

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  • k-15-

    Mighty relieved.. Couldn’t have imagined the Kimster in that jester blue-red-yellow-pink (god knows how many colors they have) outfit.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Most serious minded people understood chances were slim Kimi would play second fiddle at Red Bull. Colour me not shocked.

    Looks like the silly season fever is starting to break, Which is a mighty relief, It’s time to get back to some real news and of course, The racing.

    Unfortunate for some here, The fever will be be replaced with despair, in the realization that the more things change, The more they stay the same.

  • Boycottthebull

    Im not relieved because I knew it wouldnt happen. No way Vettel would every let another competitive team mate in with him he doesnt want another Webber like team-mate and have to get mummy Marko to knobble his car. Not fussed where Kimi goes to be honest. The money is all he thinks about not the racing. He will bleed Lotus dry. Grosjean is much more fun to watch and costs a tenth as much. Kimi couldnt blame the car or team decisions for qualifying lower than Grosjean so he isnt the be all to end all of drivers. I would like to see Lotus pair Grosjean with the Hulk that would be a wild ride.

  • pfft

    I want to see kimi vs alonso. Kimi has never had a super team mate. Massa flogged him in 2008 2009. I want to see if kimi has the balls to challenge or if he will just give up.

  • Alonslow aloser

    No Massa didn’t flog him.
    Ferrari wanted Santander money and would have looked stupid ousting a 2 time WDC.
    Kimi was leading the first part of 2008 until the Nando-Santander deal was inked then the PR mind games of ‘no motivation’ began.
    Mysteriously he lost performance the same time as Ferrari changed his front suspension.

  • TylerC

    Tamburello, was that a deliberate quoting of Bon Jovi or merely coincidental?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Not too familiar with the band From New Jersey so total coincidence.

    I’m not even sure what / where ?


  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Must agree with Alonslow aloser.. plus, Ferrari has the strange ability to take a really fast driver and totally ruin him. I remember a lot of drivers throwing away their career after being at Ferrari in the last 30 years. Kimi seems able to “reborn”, and that’s no usual between Ferrari “wastes”.

  • Madnessisfame

    Kimi is the fastest man on the planet…but perhaps not the complet driver…he gets board quick for details & daydreams while racing & hates FIA politics. The iceman Kimi should by now start his own vodka production…I would be his first costumer…coolest guy.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    at least they will remain friends

    Alonso not even mentioned as a target… no serious team wants him

  • From above

    @Alonso is slow: It’s bad enough if any one takes you serious. A joker running out of jokes. Stop degrading your self. Perhaps you need your shrink to write for you.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Haha, looks like your sensitive spot was hit. Try some arguments to make yourself look serious.