Brawn: Everyone recognises now that Nico was better than everyone thought

Nico Rosberg during the German GP weekend

Nico Rosberg during the German GP weekend

Nico Rosberg is very happy to be compared and tested alongside the proven talents of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, team boss Ross Brawn insists.

Paired with seven time world champion Michael Schumacher between 2010 and 2012, German Rosberg emerged as the more successful of the two Germans pedalling the Mercedes racers.

Team boss Brawn admitted that Rosberg is arguably happier now, alongside Hamilton – widely regarded as among the very best on the grid.

“Lewis is a great reference for the team,” Brawn is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

Nico Rosberg with Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg with Lewis Hamilton

“I think sometimes [Rosberg] was a little unhappy with Michael, because it wasn’t the same reference. Michael often had difficult moments with Nico.

“Was it because Michael was not as good as he once was? Or was Nico better than some people gave him credit?

“I think everyone recognises now that Nico was better than everyone thought,” he added.

Brawn said that the results of the 2013 season, with Rosberg winning twice and Hamilton opening his victory account recently in Hungary, have proved that the current driver pairing is right.

“I feel vindicated now that Lewis is on the team, because people are [now] saying how good Nico is, and I’ve always said so,” he insisted. (GMM)

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  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    No need to see a driver win for saying he’s strong. Even with slower cars it was clear Nico had great talent and a good professionalism. Great drivers with slow cars can’t win, but who has eyes to see and motor-racing expertise can definitely recognize their skills. F1 is not a one-brand trophy (“monomarca”) like Maserati Challenge or Carrera Cup.

  • hillside

    Brawnwagon was leaning on LH during the start of the year. he wont even let Nico pass LH in Sepang now all of sudden Nico is better?

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I don’t think Brawn said Nico is “better”, reading the post, but only he is good

  • JuniorJohnson

    Hahah I told you all how good and fast Rozburger is and nobody would belief me.I just remember that race in China and how he won and I remember thinking wow what if this guy was in a
    red bull!

  • Hawk

    Brawn cannot say Nico is better. He is simply not stupid to say that.

  • pfft

    Rosberg is fast. Schuey whomped him for most of 2012 when his car held together. Kinda makes Schumacher look a lot better, now.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    You can’t say a person is stupid if he think Nico is better than Lewis. I’m not saying Nico is better, i actually don’t think that, but i’d not be surprised to know that someone prefer him to Lewis. I mean, Lewis showed incredible talent in his first season and, sincerely, i would have expected a better career’s evolution during these years. Anyway, probably Nico/Lewis is the better line-up now and, if Brawn will treat them same way, it will be very interesting to see how they both will perform in the future.

  • realf1fan

    Nico proved himself as a top driver before Lewis came to the Silver Arrows team with his performances against a tenacious and still talented Schumacher. A focused Lewis is a hard to beat Lewis and he still is not at one with his car, Jesus.

  • Anakin

    It says “Nico was better than everyone thought”, it means he wasn’t a bad driver. But still NOT better than Lewis, still not in the same league with Seb, Kimi, Jenson, Fernando, & Lewis.

  • Hawk

    did you put Jenson in that league? and btw I do not see Kimi beating any of these 3 guys. I would rank him a rung below currently.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    @ Anakin: let me say i disagree with you. I think Nico is better then more than one of those you mentioned

  • Joe Kinnear

    Everyone recognizes now, Brawn? Everyone recognized it in the beginning that Nico was very good. Why do you need to see him win only to realize that?

  • Psych4191

    @ Anakin
    “But still NOT better than Lewis, still not in the same league with Seb, Kimi, Jenson, Fernando, & Lewis.”

    Putting Jenson in that category is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Nico is most certainly faster than Jenson. He’s up there with every one of those guys you mentioned. He’s shown it time and time again.

  • GML

    @Anakin Its pretty clear to me that you are a Jenson Button fan. There is no way to put Jenson Button in the same league as Seb, Lewis and Nando. Rosberg has done in less time against Lewis what Jenson Button never achieved in three full season as team mate.

    Rosberg has proved that he is a TOP-5 just below Seb, Lewis and Nando and infront of Raikkonen.

  • KC

    “Lewis is a great reference for the team,” Brawn is quoted

    It would be nice to see Brawn pry his lips of Hamlton’s butt. And if he thinks Rosberg is so good, why not let him race with Hamilton instead of ordering him to move over or stay behind?

  • Hawk

    Class A: Seb, Lewis, Fernando. not necessarily in that order.
    Class B: Kimi
    Class C: Nico R, JB, Webber. Unfortunately Massa no longer makes this class.
    Class D: Massa, Nico H, Pastor, Sergio, Grosjean, Sutil, Di Resta, Bianchi
    Class E: Bottas, Pic, first then others.

  • Psych4191

    @Hawk Disagree with a lot of what you have.

    R for rising, F for Falling, and nothing for staying where they’re at.

    A: Alonso, Lewis, Seb
    B: Kimi, Rosberg, Hulkenburg
    C: Jenson(F), Webber(F), Maldonado(R), Grosjean(R)
    D: Bianchi(R), Bottas(R), Vergne, Ricciardo(R)
    E: Perez(F), Di Resta(F), Sutil, Massa(F)
    F: Pic(F), VDG,
    Shouldn’t even be there: Gutierrez, Chilton

  • Tamburello_1994

    Good lists from both contributors. . .Difficult to decide which one I agree with most. The interesting takeaway is that Kimi doesn’t make the “A” category on either.

  • realf1fan

    Massa not making it to class C on one of those lists. Sad but I just don’t know if Massa’s massive dip in form has been down to Smedley’s radio call ” FA is faster than you” or he just has never recovered from being hit on the head by a torsion spring from the Honda car driven by Rubens in 2009. Massa is just not the same driver who contested for the 2008 WDC.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Totally disagree with those lists: Perez and Sutil are surely between best drivers actually in F1