Red Bull to confirm Ricciardo promotion at Spa

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo on verge of career defining move

It is virtually certain that Red Bull has signed Daniel Ricciardo to replace his departing countryman Mark Webber in 2014.

That is the claim of Sport Bild, whose correspondents Bianca Garloff and Ralf Bach said the news about Sebastian Vettel’s new teammate will be announced at the Belgian Grand Prix in a week’s time.

“Unfortunately, I cannot say any more than that we will make an announcement at Spa,” said the energy drink-owned outfit’s Helmut Marko.

23-year-old Ricciardo’s move to Red Bull ties in with reports that Kimi Raikkonen is returning to Ferrari.

Australian Ricciardo told Sport Bild just before the summer break that, if selected to race alongside Vettel in 2014, he expects to get along with the reigning world champion.

Daniel Ricciardo has been chosen in favour of Jean Eric Vergne and Kimi Raikkonen by Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo has been chosen in favour of Jean Eric Vergne and Kimi Raikkonen by Red Bull

“I know Seb quite well,” he said, “as I was the reserve driver in 2010. I was out for dinner with him a few times and we get on really well.”

Ricciardo admitted, however, that he is not immediately expecting equal status with his German stablemate.

“Of course not at the start of the season,” he said, “but I’m in Formula 1 to be the best.”

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz had indicated before the summer break that they would announce the decision shortly after the season resumed again in Belgium.

At the time Jean Eric Vergne and Kimi Raikkonen were also candidates for Webber’s coveted seat. However signals emerging from the fizzy drinks camp were that Vergne was not being considered, while the Raikkonen option was always tentative. (GMM-Apex)

  • hillside

    Daniel would be a nice butler for Seb

  • Boycottthebull

    Hmmm I will believe it when I hear it NOT from Sport Bild. the past few of their claims have proven to be BS. Furthermore in the article they call Vettel a four times world champion. if they cant even get the common knowledge stuff right I cant really believe their so call scoops! I wonder if Marko will look lovingly up at the podium at Ricciardo like he does Vettel. That creeps me out when he does that.

  • Tamburello_1994

    What will all the little Alonso fans do now?

  • Mopar21277

    I call b.s., Kimi will be at RB, with Hulk at Ferrari, Maldo at Lotus and Williams with a Russian driver with Bottas.

    Why in the world would Kimi want to back to Ferrari, after he left in somewhat disgust over the commitments and team atmosphere? He doesn’t need the $$$, he just wants the best car, which is NOT Ferrari for sure.

  • =El Presidente=

    @Mopar.. Kimi still has good relations with Ferrari as i understand it.
    It is mainly the media who made it look like Kimi had a grudge against them.
    Also , if take Kimi’s unbothered character in the equasion.. it might not be so unlikely.
    also for Ferrari it would be good to put a very strong (and very steady) measure against Alonso.

    Alsonso will not be amused if Kimi comes over i’d guess.

  • Henk


    I suppose the little Alonso fans will yawn, as this was predictable and boring. The big Alonso fans will yawn too; the F1 fans as well. The Justin Bieber supporters will drink their RedBull/KoolAid in relief, as their idol will now have a meek supporter on his side, rather than a tough competitor.

    @ El Presidente

    Alonso doesn’t care about the team mate, he cares about the car.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    If Alonso stay at Ferrari he has “right of veto” on his team-mate. Since Schumacher’s times Ferrari tends to build a “one-man-team” assembling all other components according to its 1st drive. That’s also the reason why Ferrari offers very-long-term contracts to its 1st driver when they think they found their new “hero”.
    Ferrari simply won’t put an uncomfortable team-mate beside Alonso.

  • Butterfly



  • GreenHell

    @henk: Your quote: “Alonso doesn’t care about the team mate, he cares about the car.”

    I would be very, very careful to bet this ;-)
    Do not underestimate a diva’s ego.

  • =El Presidente=

    I would actually not even be surprised to see Kimi in a 2nd role..
    The guy is just “botherless” ( i dont know hoe to say that in English) Maybe he thinks, “what the heck do i care? if they pay me, and foremost if they -leave me alone- and i can pick up some results and in a freak season maybe even a title..”

    I think the hunger for more is always stronger as you ‘eat’ more.
    But al those kids started their racing career with the goal “WDC of F1″ no one starts with the idea “im going to be quadruple WDC” So the incentive -especially after not having tasted WDC for 7 years- might not be so strong.

    I personally hope that Kimi stays at Lotus and that Lotus, has his books in order, and that he can really try to go for the title next year.
    On the other hand, media want us to believe that at he moment Merc has a 100BHP advantage over Ferrari and Renault. If this appears to be true the pecking will be very different next year.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Henk

    The day you Alonso fans stop with your silly litmus tests that are meaningless, – nobody but you Alonso fans care about, will be the day the rest of us take you seriously and not like the jealous spoiled sports you’re viewed as of today.

    We are at a tipping point where facts outweigh the spin, Bitter-boy.

  • Henk

    @ Tamburello_1994

    Why so upset? Did I touch a nerve? Try asking something more intelligent next time. You may get something more pleasant to your eyes than the truth.

  • Tamburello_1994

    My question was intelligent enough that you had to respond to it, Right? – with nearly a full paragraph – Am I correct? Kinda looks like you were the one offended, No? Better check yourself.

    . . . . . Oh and Henk, Please Keep your pleasantries or whatever to yourself. I’m fine thank you very much.

  • Henk

    @ Tamburello

    You ‘question’ was silly enough to mock it. And writing a full paragraph is no hassle for those who can.

  • Tamburello_1994


    When you start with “You question” You’re not impressing anybody here with your skills. . . at all.

    You’re gonna have to do lots better.

  • Tamburello_1994

    . . . . And when you start the mocking, Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    “Alonso doesn’t care about the team mate, he cares about the car.”


    Alonso very much cares about the teammate. He only stays at a team where there is an injured / ageing / untalented teammate. He learnt from being at Mclaren that against a decent driver he is only a Nr.2.

    You can thank only Alonso that Massa was able to stay at Ferrari for an unnaturally long time. He was the one constantly asking to keep him, executing the above strategy. The day he gets Vettel or Rosberg in the same car, he will change teams and escape instantly.

    Alonso is a timide and untalented driver, cannot stand competition, has never beaten a good teammate.

    He will therefore never be matched with a good driver, but he will be constantly talking about his greatness for his fools fans.

  • Sunshine117

    Vettel practically is 4 time world champion. I know where only half way and anything happens in F1. But, do you honestly see hIm getting beaten from here? Unless his car suddenly turns into a marussa…I don’t think so. Im no Sebastian supporter either