Sirotkin set to begin Sauber programme next week

Sergey Sirotkin

Sergey Sirotkin

Russian teenager Sergey Sirotkin’s preparation for his 2014 Formula 1 debut remains on track.

That is the message not only from the struggling Swiss team, but also the Sirotkin camp, following reports that Sauber’s Russian rescue deal could collapse.

Sauber responded angrily to media reports earlier this week, insisting the collaboration with Russian partners is in fact “progressing well”.

“The contract with Sergey Sirotkin is in place,” the Hinwil based team said.

Now, Russian media reports quote the 17-year-old driver’s press service as saying that Sirotkin will travel to Switzerland next week to “begin the training programme for him to be the (Sauber) team driver in 2014″.

“During the visit,” Sirotkin’s management added, “scheduled for 20-22 August, Sergey will become acquainted with team staff, technical equipment and the Sauber F1 car.”

Sauber confirmed that Sirotkin’s preparatory programme will indeed begin “next week following the end of the customary holiday period”. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • =El Presidente=

    byebye Sauber!

    Next year you’ll fighting MArussia and CTH..

    I guess they are very proud in Hinwill that they managed to have the far most incompetent driverline up of all times!

  • Boycottthebull

    Its a sad state of F1 when spoilt children get the F1 seats because they have the money. Bernie and F1 management have certainly plundered the sport for its last dollar and this is the result. Fortunately he will never win a race as he isnt old enough to drink the victory champagne!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Watching the end of Sauber as we know it.

    I hope Williams is watching.