Hamilton: I feel just so invigorated and it’s so refreshing to be somewhere new

Lewis Hamilton scored his first grand prix win as a Mercedes driver in Hungary

Lewis Hamilton scored his first grand prix win as a Mercedes driver, at the Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he is highly motivated and invigorated since his move to Mercedes after a career spent as part of the McLaren organisation, and that breaking away from being managed by father Anthony was part of his desire to return to a normal father-son relationship

Speaking to Sir David Frost on Al Jazeera, Hamilton said, “I can honestly say I feel just so invigorated. It’s so refreshing to be somewhere new.”

Hamilton re-ignited his world championship bid with a dominant showing at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and according to Auto Motor und Sport he is the outright fastest driver on the grid this year.

“I hope there’s a world championship somewhere ahead. That’s what I’m working for every year, that’s why I keep that discipline, that’s why I train so much over the winter, that’s why I wake up every day and train,” revealed the 2008 F1 World Champion.

Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes pit garage

Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes pit garage

“That’s why I put so much effort into travelling and that’s why you sacrifice so many small things, certain things in your life, and so you know I hope [that] at some stage I get that second world championship.”

Much was made at the time when Hamilton decided to part company from his father Anthony (from a management perspective) and join Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment

Hamilton explains, “I wouldn’t be here without my dad, you know. He’s been the driving force in my whole career. I think it was just [that] I wanted to go back to the time where we just father and son go karting you know. Having fun. Enjoying, enjoying ourselves…we’re now starting to have that father-son relationship where, you know, we go bowling together. We go on holiday together and we have more to talk about and none of it’s business.”

 Lewis Hamilton during his rookie season in 2007 with his father Anthony

Lewis Hamilton during his rookie season in 2007 with his father Anthony

Hamilton explained his relationship with McLaren, “I’ve been a part of that family for such a long period of time. Since I was 13. And to think about leaving there it’s like leaving home, so it’s not easy to leave home. Home cooking and people that you know. People you’re comfortable with. So making that choice was pretty tough.”

“I just think there’s still plenty for me to learn. I’m glad there is still plenty for me to learn but there is still better ways that I can communicate with people. There are still better ways that I can manage relationships. There are still better ways that I can behave,” mused the 28 year old from Stevenage. (GP247)

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    If anybody is gonna prevent Sebastian Vettel from winning his forth consecutive title it’s this guy right here, End of.

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    Just Win 2 In A Row At SPA And Everything Will Fall Into Place.

    Go, HAMILTON !

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    F1 needs to see a Hamilton charge as he is getting more accustom to the W04 we just need that car to be consistent in race mode and then we might see a great end to this season.

    Come on Hammi

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    I am sorry but without a DNF for RB, 48 pts is much. RB is so damn consistent! FA almost pulled off a WDC upset last year bse there was McLaren and Lewis to help him. Today even if Lewis wins, Seb will just hang around the podium. Then it will be Nico’s turn to win, etc

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    I’m afraid you’re right Hawk: Mercedes, Genii/Renault and Alonso will have to share points that RedBull won’t earn, so this season seems to have taken its direction…

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