Alonso would spell trouble for Red Bull claims Lauda

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vette

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel

Niki Lauda has dismissed reports suggesting that Fernando Alonso is a real candidate to team-up alongside Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next year.

“[Alonso] would only bring trouble to the team,” Lauda, the Mercedes F1 team chairman and the outspoken former triple world champion, told Auto Motor und Sport.

He tipped the reigning title holders to choose between two more realistic candidates to succeed the Le Mans-bound Mark Webber.

“With probably four world championships in Vettel, Red Bull has the luxury to weigh in peace the benefits of Raikkonen or Ricciardo,” Lauda told the German magazine.

“One is the better solution in the short term, the other in the long term. In the end they can take a risk. But not Ferrari.”

Indeed, Lauda apparently sees sense in the latest rumours linking 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen with a Ferrari return.

“If Raikkonen doesn’t go to Red Bull, then Ferrari should try to get him on board,” he said. “For a counterweight to Alonso.

“After six years without a title, Ferrari is under great pressure,” added Lauda. (GMM)

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  • k-15-

    At last that old timer got something right.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Spot on, Lauda. Spot on.

    Red Bull doesn’t need Alonso. (more like the other way around)

  • Hawk

    This guy must have something against Alonso.

  • jl

    Alonso getting older, not yet claim 3rd championsip. In hurry before retired eh,… ups I mean before another fresh star replace him.

    Well,.. Alonso is trouble maker, not a good team builder as Schumi. He need a mature team, while RB already have great champion personality in Vettel, Alonso need RB more than RB need Alonso.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso has a long history of backstabbing his own team, he has spoken against Renault under Briatore, witnessed against Mclaren in the 2007 scandal, and is now destroying Ferrari quality image for personal marketing purposes.

    Any manufacturer/team who would like to gain from sport should avoid Alonso by far.

    At the same time he simply cannot handle teammate competition, and when under pressure, he immediately starts unsportive ways and cheating against his teammate, even to throw away team results if necessary.

    Therefore a team can never maximize points taken with Alonso.

    summary: for any team who has a decent management, Alonso is seen as a pure waste of money.