Perez: I am motivated to attack in the next nine races, but it will be very difficult

Sergio Perez has had a tough time in his first year as a McLaren driver

Sergio Perez having a tough time in his first year as a McLaren driver

McLaren’s 2013 car is “much better” now than it was at the very start of the season, team newcomer Sergio Perez has revealed but added that he was expecting a lot more from the year in which he became part of one of the most successful outfits in Formula history.

“Driving this car was a real challenge, but it’s not the same now as it was in Jerez (for winter testing),” he told the Diario de Mexico newspaper. “It is much better now than it was.”

Perez, 23, was speaking during Formula 1’s summer break at the former Mexican Grand Prix venue in Mexico City, where elder brother Antonio was racing in Mexico’s NASCAR series.

Despite his comments that the troubled MP4-28 is performing better now, however, Perez is not expecting an easy second half of the season.

“I am motivated to attack in the next nine races,” he said, “but it will be very difficult, because we know that we still do not have a competitive car.”

Sergio Perez leads Jenson Button during the British GP

Sergio Perez leads Jenson Button during the British GP

Perez’s target, therefore, is simply to attack his benchmark teammate, the highly experienced world champion of 2009, Jenson Button.

“The goal is to beat Jenson, as I have the good luck that [Button’s performance] is a guarantee; a world champion’s,” he said.

“That will be the goal in the remaining races, as I know the potential of the car is difficult.”

Perez acknowledged, however, that he is unlikely to be able to challenge Button’s actual position in the drivers’ championship, as he trails the Briton by 3 places and 21 points.

“I’m about 20 points away,” he said, “which is hard with this car. It has been a very difficult year, but this is F1, where my teammate won [in 2009] with the fastest car.”

“This is a difficult and inconsistent car, it has not been the year I expected and I do not expect miracles now,” he added. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    So Checo is saying he wants to beat his team mate in a car that is an inconsistent bag to drive. Well the car matches Checo’s drives inconsistent it’s a shame because in the beginning before he signed for McLaren Checo was a star.

  • Butterfly


    You meant to say “…in the beginning before he signed for McLaren, the 2012 Sauber was a star.”.

    There, I solved it for you.

  • Jack

    Even so, somehow Perez was somehow able to pull off stopping once less than everyone else a few occasions last season, as much as I like KK, he couldn’t do that!

  • Ride me sideways

    Perez got shocking lucky last year,and only he has slim backing he would not be where he is today,kk deserved that drive more

  • McLarenfan

    @Butterfly: about right the way he is I want Kimi Back at McLaren or Mika to come out of retirement he did it in Tooned.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Checo had incredibly huge bad luck switching to McLaren right in the worst season for the team from decades. He is fast and skilled and with last year’s McLaren he would have already won races.
    I repeat, F1 is all about cars (and politics) and some of the fastest drivers of all time never won due to being in the wrong car (or in the wrong seat).

  • lawl


    since when girls know sht about f1?

    Checo beat KK all season. Now he is winning team duel against Jenson.

    Go for it Sergio!

  • Ride me sideways

    Lawl,what f1 were you watching last year,he scored one point from monza on,WHERE mark webber got a penalty for Perez to get 10th place in Singapore,kk was much better driver and very unlucky at times last year,button is simply a better driver that him too

  • Hawk

    @..lotus… Please drop that argument of some of the best drivers having not won, it is simply not scientific.

    To continue with non-scientific arguments.. @ride.. what crap is that about KK being better than Sergio? With all his xp, Sergio wiped the floor with him in 2012. That guy is such a huge disappointment. Forget him. Sauber tried to hang on to him like Ferrari does Massa but he let them down. To put it in context just imagine if it was say Hulk in his seat last year..

    and some other guy saying that Sergio is winning team duel against JB? Mr, you are wearing your spects upside down. Please come watch the F1 we are watching. We are in a break now, next watching Spa, last one Hungary.

  • McLarenfan

    @lawl: First I have respect for Butterfly due to some very informative comments made back over roughly 2 or more years, some times we have a difference of opinion but Butterfly has more knowledge than a lot of part time glory fans and some fans who have been watching the sport before Graham Hill got in a car.
    So don’t dis the Butterfly! And get your facts right about Checo he was useless and reckless from the moment he put pen to paper for McLaren, and since he has been the same!

  • Lol.

    I love how the people who praise perez as a great driver are the same people who bash grosjean and maldonado.

    Irony, such a wonderful thing.

  • Butterfly


    Well, remember that Kobayashi used to qualify much better, so the team had to put Perez on a contrary strategy, which, thanks to the car’s excellent tire management, meant he ended up near the front.

    Those were nice results for Sauber in 2012, but that car could have won many races in the hands of a top driver.

  • Stoner

    ‘Perez made a bad decision to be a Mclaren driver’
    LOL that
    actually he made a bad decision in life “To be an F1 driver”

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    @ Lol: that’s uncorrect. I like Perez but i like Grosjean and Maldonado too. I think they’re all underextimated at the moment. Grosjean did better then his former WDC teammate in the last 2 races, and he would be the only one able to challenge Hamilton for win in Budapest, without that unfair sanction.

  • lawl


    “car’s excelent tire management”

    So checo is an a**, the car was driving itself. Duh… and some people claim you give very informative comments. What about making me a sandwich instead, girl?

  • Butterfly


    Go f{uc}k yourself, okay pumpkin?

  • McLarenfan

    @lawl: your a joke McLaren made the biggest mistake giving Checo a chance to drive their cars, KK was the better driver of the two, but there are still better drivers available to McLaren for next season.

  • lawl


    Yawn? yeah, its boring to read “i love alonso” 100x times. Wheres my sandwich?