Mercedes F1 turbo engine to have 100 BHP advantage in 2014?

Mercedes 2013 turbo engine

Mercedes 2013 turbo engine

Mercedes is reportedly set to be the power to have in Formula 1’s new V6 turbo engine era with the Brixworth built unit set to have a huge advantage over those from rival engine builders.

With the development-frozen V8 engines to be replaced by radically-different turbo units in 2014, a new era where power is more important than aerodynamics looks likely.

Mercedes, already a leader at the tail end of the long V8-power era, could be in pole position to usurp Red Bull‘s position at the very top of the tree.

Hungary winner Lewis Hamilton is now an outside chance for this year’s title, but the Briton was actually lured to Mercedes “on the promise that he will be able to take on (Sebastian) Vettel in 2014,” wrote Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Tobias Gruner.

So far, Formula 1’s three V6 engine makers – Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari – have kept their cards close to their respective chests.

“There are signs that Mercedes is one step ahead”, Gruner reported.

“In the paddock, it is said behind closed doors that the silver engine has 100 horse power more on average than the Renault or Ferrari.

“Mercedes is not confirming that, obviously. But those in charge are giving an unusually confident impression,” he added.

One sign that Mercedes is indeed speeding ahead is an argument about the specification of next year’s Pirelli tyres.

Mercedes has been pushing hard for a wider rear tyre, which would better transfer the power and torque of a superior engine to the track.

Ferrari and Renault, on the other hand, are reportedly happy with the narrower status-quo. (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    i hope Mercedes will crush those stinking baquette-engines!

  • McLarenfan

    The torque produced by the new power I think would destroy these tyres. even with the powerless Renault, they are not thinking right and their engine maps will not help the lack of power to be put through the rear tyres as they need maximum power to track transfer to race through corners.

  • Coll

    These are all just speculations. Of course that Mercedes is asking for wider rear tires. Everyone want’s wider rears as turbo engines have more torque especially when they are combined with double the power of this years KERS/ERS.

  • GoldLeaf

    If nothing else, it’s a great looking little bit of machinery!

  • delfino

    Nothing more than just pure PR hype from merc to increase car sales! It would be so funny if after all the hype Merc’s engine turned out to be a complete sh*t, I would laugh so hard. Usually those who brag a lot don’t have anything.

  • quattro

    Hmm interesting. So Mercedes will for the first time in many years have a great advantage, WITHOUT have breached the sporting regulations in order to achieve it? Seems unlikely given history, so interesting indeed.

  • wardski

    Having 100 extra HP isnt going to matter a damn when the FIA will continue to control the engine power delivery maps….

    Tick Tock…

  • Jeff

    Don’t forget that the engines will be fuel limited.
    Outright peak horsepower won’t matter much if they are burning more fuel per mile for a specific amount of output power than the opposition.

  • McLarenfan

    The FIA are killing the sport power restrictions, rev restrictions, fuel restrictions, BRAIN RESTRICTIONS & tyres that cant make a lap.

  • KevinW

    The speculation is crap. The cars are required to run on a fixed amount of fuel for the race distance, which has been cut for 2014. Power is made by consuming more fuel effectively. Unless Merc has discovered some magic formula to increased efficiency, they will be hobbled like the other two by fuel consumption limits and not be making appreciably more power. While Merc may have a package that has the potential to make more peak power, in race trim the advantage will be negated by fuel restrictions and grip limitations (more tire = more fuel consumption, so that’s not a solution) that will negate that advantage on race day. Nice PR frap, nothing more.

  • Eternal Downfall

    Kevin W.
    That may be, but Red Bull could be starting 9th or 10th if Williams get their act together, and it will be hard for them to win the race by then.

  • Craig

    Fk the FIA!!! restrict fkn everything! There direction is shthse, following the road car industry who the fk cares, y bt race fkn go carts n call it f1? Oh but the FIA wil limit power on those too. All they need is a capped budget. V10s, 1000bhp traction control, refuelling, 2004 tyres, active suspension. 2004 set the standard of hw f1 cars shud be. So fk u Max Mosley & Jean Stodt

  • Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

    They’ve got a multilevel marketing program set up and still have sometimes attempted to market them door-to-door to obtain their label outside as Ecoquest, along with yet again distancing by themselves on the All downhill Field label.

  • eckle stoned

    Even with 100 less horsepower, Seb will be still standing atop the podium waiting for the Benz’s to finish.

  • An Engineer.

    I don’t know what Ferrari or Renault will be doing to get their engine to a competitive state for the 2014 F1 season. I do know that Mercedes are having a lot of problems at Brixworth with the development of their engine so far this year. It did run for 450km before running into problems with the clutch in Cologne in the last month. The problem always seems to be the management at Mercedes not talking to the people they should be listening to and going on a 90° tangent to what the engineers say to them always. I will be very surprised if anything comes of this engine in 2014. The UK based Mercedes management team need to start opening their ears. Why can’t Mercedes Germany take over and sort this out, they would have a much better clue than those suits at Brixworth?

  • Andrew Vader

    That’s true but an extra 100 ponies will help for qually

  • Andrew Vader

    That’s a funny response :)

  • Andrew Vader

    That’s interesting good call !