Silly season latest: Raikkonen ditches Lotus for Ferrari, Alonso to Red Bull

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi to Fernando: Dude where do these media guys get this stuff?

Perhaps the Formula 1 news vacuum during the summer break is prompting some creative journalism, or alternatively allowing journos extra time to really dig for the truth and coming up with sensational scoops…

Whatever the case, latest silly season reports are claiming that Kimi Raikkonen has already decided to return to Ferrari next year, according to major Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.

Raikkonen, whose two-year rallying sabbatical began after Ferrari ended his contract and signed Fernando Alonso for 2010, has been more strongly linked with a move from Lotus to Red Bull.

Ilta-Sanomat said that its report was based on information of its “sources”.

Kimi Raikkonen might be back in a Ferrari race suit next year

Kimi Raikkonen might be back in a Ferrari race suit next year

The newspaper added that Red Bull team owner Dietrich Mateschitz is keen to sign Ferrari’s current number 1 Fernando Alonso for 2014, despite the Spaniard’s long contract.

Many in the paddock, however, see the prospect of Alonso’s pairing with reigning multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull as highly unlikely.

“I was surprised by these [media] reports,” admitted Daniel Juncadella, a young Spanish driver who is being linked with a future at Williams.

“It’s quite hard to believe,” he told Russia’s Championat. “Of course he would have a very good chance to become world champion again if he was at Red Bull – but we’ll see.”

Raikkonen won the 2007 Formula 1 world championship as a Ferrari driver.(GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Achtung! Click-bait alert !!

    The main question I have that has never been answered is why Alonso, All the sudden, would exchange being the face of Ferrari for the number two car at Red Bull?

    Alonso will never sit second fiddle to anyone – Especially to Vettel. Someone is gonna have to square that circle for me because I just don’t see it.

    And if it by a snowball’s chance in hell it does . . . I’ll take my crow well done!

  • Pauli H

    The Finnish website,, reported on August 1st that Kimi has signed the contract with Ferrari and their information is coming from the Italian sources.
    The German magazine Sport Bild reported at the same time that Ferrari had made an offer to Kimi and their information is coming from the sources close to Kimi. Sport Bild was the first one to publish that Kimi had signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari in the summer of 2005.

  • James

    No driver, with his dignity intact, will ever return to the team that axed him in the first place. Full stop.

  • Hawk

    These are professional sportsmen NOT “you”. They move on. Nothing personal. Every decision is made for primarily sporting reasons.

  • Hawk

    We wait and see. Seems almost certain that Kimi is out of Lotus. 50:50 he is red. Most likely to see another WDC pairing on the grid next year. RB would hate to see such a pairing in red, so that must have coaxed them to tap Alonso after Kimi had agreed to Ferrari. But then what would make Kimi go to Ferrari other than RB? Makes no sense. Maybe if he knew that Fernando was leaving. Then it all becomes chicken and egg.

  • Junkyman

    Gotta get me some of that stuff these journo’s are taking. Must be a groovy buzz!

  • Ok

    This just in, Schumacher will team up with Vettel at RBR and Alonso will drive for Lotus with Elvis as teammate.

  • fools

    nothing but entertainment and lacking sources to be anywhere near true. 1 more week and will no more of whats going on in the garages.

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • fools


  • Loln

    This isn’t even news. Poor journalism again makes me wonder why I even check this site.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Sadly, I’m starting to agree with “Loln”

    This one and the daily stories about Sauber’s woes are starting to really get on ones nerves.

    I would rather the site post nothing at all for two weeks instead of the rehash of the same stories over and over.

    Spa cannot get here fast enough.

  • Psych4191


    You realize Kimi’s split from Ferrari was mutual, right? Kimi was tired of F1 and it’s bullcrap, and Ferrari wanted Alonso. Kimi didn’t get “axed”.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Knowing Kimi as a fan, he is strictly professional. You meet his demands and he will drive to win for you regardless what happens previously.

  • PB

    Great speculation from the newspaper and its sources. Got to keep selling the newsprint somehow.

  • Torque

    Most of these scenario’s are bad for Alonso (imo).
    If he stays at Ferrari he’ll continue to fail at winning championships.
    If he is joined by Kimi, he’ll have a better teammate than himself to contend with.
    If he goes to Red Bull he’ll be admitting his failure to follow where the master led before him, and he’ll be teamed up with a younger, faster and more talented driver.
    Your stock is falling Fern.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Kimi going back to Ferrari is believable, but not Fernando going to RBR! Some journalists are just trying to poke some fun… :-)

  • Phil

    Ok guyz, Massa doesnt have a contract for Next year. What if Kimi is replacing Massa ?

  • pfft

    So what’s the big deal. Kimi will inevitably lose interest if he can’t beat alonso. He was consistently spanked by massa in his final two years at scuderia Ferrari He is fast when his car is perfect. Loses interest when it’s not. However, he rarely wastes points. He consistently finishes. Hes certainly not slow. Hed be great in the second Ferrari.

    Alternatively, red bull and alonso. …. seb is faster (clean air or qualy), but Fernando a better racer. Could be a lot of fun to watch! Massive red Bull implosion?

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I agree with Dr. Azlan, Kimi wants to win (races, at least) and he will make his choice according to this. I think it will be difficult to win for any driver who will do the 2nd drive beside Vettel or Alonso, so the better choice could be to stay at Genii/Renault, also considering that nobody knows wich team will be competitive with new 2014 rules.

  • madnessisfame

    This is all rubbish info…the summer break creates a vacuum for nonsense news…

    Beside, from 2009 till this moment, Ferrari has constantly failed to build a fast car like they did during Schumi. No great driver will want to join Ferrari at the moment.

    And no driver has any clue yet how the 2014 cars will perform…its a shot in the dark…But knowing Newey, perhaps he has the better picture…

  • GreenHell

    @madnessisfame: I disagree, the Ferrari is not as bad as you describe. At least in race trim, it was one of the fastest cars in most of the early races this year. There might be some weaknesses in qualifying, but please also remember that neither Alonso or Massa have never been the fastest qualifyers ever. And if you mention 2014: from Kimi’s perspective, both Ferrari or Red Bull might be a better choice than Lotus having lost Allison recently and being subject to rumors about severe liquidity issues…

    The constellation Fernando-Kimi at Ferrari is not that unlikely. Massa’s time is over, that is a proven fact, and Ferrari is in need of two top drivers to increase chances to win the manufacturers’ championship. Alonso surely will not be so glad about his new team-mate, but Montezemolo already reminded him of his duties as a part of the Ferrari team (“Birthday Greetings”).

    And I am sure, Alonso had actually tried to step in at Red Bull when her heard about Ferrari’s interest in Kimi – whether concretely or primarily for political reasons…

  • Butterfly


    “Massa’s time is over, that is a proven fact” : Massa is made to look bad due to the bad cars that have been coming out of Maranello since 2009, not due to his ability.

    Felipe is as good as Vettel, but these guys don’t drive like Alonso and Hamilton. They need good cars to show their talents.

    “Alonso had actually tried to step in at Red Bull when her heard about Ferrari’s interest in Kimi…” Seriously, you can’t be that stupid.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    “Felipe is as good as Vettel, but these guys don’t drive like Alonso and Hamilton. They need good cars to show their talents.”

    Look like Alonso also needs a good car to show his talent, as he cannot win a championship without the best car. More than that, he also needs a bad teammate otherwise he gets beaten by his own teammate.

  • Butterfly


    Well, I don’t remember Felipe fighting for the world title in these past few years, mate, and he’s been driving the same Ferrari as his teammate.

    My point is, the F1 elite – Alonso and Hamilton – can compensate for some of the car’s shortcomings. They can “drive like they stole it” as Tamburello said.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with the Vettels & Massas of F1, these are bloody fast drivers, but they require more than Alonso & Hamilton to get the job done.

    And Ferrari has been lacking in performance for too long now. I hope he goes to Red Bull for next year, even if aero becomes restricted. Newey and his technicians have proved time and again they can innovate/copy fast.

    Here’s something to piss you off: I really believe that Vettel is holding Red Bull back.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  • Wolf 9

    GreenHell…You are saying Ferrari is fast but/and neither Massa or Alonso are a fast qualifiers. I dont agree. Ferrari relatively had a good pace at the start of the season, but couldnt manage to set it up well for qualifications. But later on they couldnt either keep the car up at a competitive pace during the race….I am sure the change of the tiers compound had some negative effect on the car, but not to that existing terrible level.
    Rosberg suddenly is a great qualifier out of the blue? No, its the car.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Rosberg has always been one of the fastest drivers but only now he has a decent car to prove it.

  • Tamburello_1994

    It gets a bit confusing sometimes, The contradictory positions people take.

    1) Mercedes has the best car, But it’s Vettel leading the championship. If Seb needs the best car to win all the time, Why is he leading the championship now?

    2) The same folks that are critical of Vettel’s skill because of the car / designer, what have you, Want Fernando Alonso to drive a Red Bull now too. The rational? Ferrari is a dog and he needs a faster car to be successful. All the while, maintaining the position

    “…..they (Vettel and Massa) require more than Alonso & Hamilton to get the job done…”

    Seems to me you’re now putting Alonso in that “needy category” now too. Can’t have it both ways.

    3) Comparing Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel is outrageous at best. Let’s all try and be intellectually honest about it. I think the same point could have been made without the complete disrespect for the 3-times world champion.

    As someone else correctly stated: “No driver has any clue yet how the 2014 cars will perform”. Going to Red Bull next year guarantees you nothing. We can all speculate on how Newey will once again unlock the magic in the 2014 specification but as this year is proving you don’t need Adrian Newey to produce a really fast car.

  • Tamburello_1994

    4) It’s telling when there’s any talk of Hamilton and his skills – Alonso fans will immediately glom on and tie in Fernando.

    Don’t think that doesn’t go un-noticed.

    Lewis is getting it done, In his first year on the squad, And not complaining about who the other guy’s car designer is. That’s true hustle, Mad skillz.

  • Butterfly

    It seems the majority of people watching F1 are ignoring the technical details just to make some drivers look better or some drivers look worse.

    You guys can talk all you want about Vettel being great or Lewis getting it done – whatever that means – but at the end of the day, Fernando is still the best F1 driver in history, and I’m saying that knowing about Schumacher, Senna, Prost, etc.

    He’s got the speed to match anybody, he’s got the precision, he’s got the consistency, and the mental attitude to deal with anything. Schumacher feared Alonso, Vettel fears Alonso, Massa does, etc.

    They all fear Alonso, and it’s for a reason.

    Judging by how much you guys are trying to put Alonso down or find flaws in his character/skill, I would say you guys fear him as well. That’s messed up, since you’re not competing against the guy.

    Felipe is on the same level as Vettel, and if the German can lead the WDC standings by so many points it means it’s easy, considering he’s got Alonso & Raikkonen chasing, then logic dictates it’s the equipment giving Vettel the edge.

    Regarding the Mercedes vs Red Bull comparison, The Ignorants(TM) choose to ignore the fact that while Red Bull were building a points lead early in the season, Mercedes were taking poles and going backwards in the race. The Merc W04 had huge problems with tire degradation.

    In fact, it wasn’t until after the Pirelli test that they sorted their problems out.

    I guess The Ignorants(TM) want to put that in the “Vettel’s Skill” basket rather than “Newey’s R&D Consistency” basket. But, I guess you people have to sleep well at night.

  • Butterfly


    BTW, nobody gives a damn what you notice. Keep it to yourself next time, old man.

  • Tamburello_1994

    When caught out All you have left is vitriol.

    Butterfly, I told you many moons ago I’m not gonna let you contradict yourself left and right and think your getting away with it.

    Sorry to make you cry.

  • Butterfried

    ‘BTW, nobody gives a damn what you notice. Keep it to yourself next time’

    No!!! You keep your ignorance to yourself and let other people can show us his point of view.

    Forza Ferrari!!! Fuori Alonso!!!

  • Butterfly


    Well, it’s very nice of you to watch over me so I don’t contradict myself. :-)

    But getting back to Fernando Alonso, are you trying to tell me there is a better driver on the grid than him?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Bittersprite hopelessly fooled by Alonso marketing.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Getting back to Fernando?

    Sebastian Vettel is a 3 x’s consecutive worlds champion. In good position for his forth. That’s some pretty rarefied air. Full stop.

    Until you can give the man his due, We ain’t havin this conversation. End of story.

  • Butterfly

    Isn’t marketing used for products?

  • Tamburello_1994

    The mere fact you want Alonso at Red Bull totally blows a big fat hole in you whole argument against Vettel. That’s what so unbelievable about your admission. I would expect Red Bull to be the absolute last place you’d ever want Fernando, Getting some of that Newey advantage. That’s only for ham and egg-ers like Vettel and Massa.

    Butterfly, You just clowned your way out of your entire argument on why Alonso is the best and why Vettel sucks.

  • Tamburello_1994

    * Hole

  • Wolf 9

    Surly the entire competition fears Alonso. It is mentioned most of times by media experts that he squeezes the car to the max to make ends meet. If he had just a BIT of luck & the proper support/team strategies, by now he should have pocketed 5 WDC’s instead of the only 2. & surly enough no team fears Ferrari at the moment. Massa’s performance indicates the true colours of Ferrari. Massa has been struggling to keep the car on the track. But he does well & surprises every one again & again when the car is good enough. He is not kept at ferrari because he is a rented mule.
    Alonso’s fans are also saying simply that if Alonso had a proper car that develops during the season at the same rate as the rest of the front teams, Alonso would firmly be exchanging positions with the points leaders even if he had few DNF’s. Maybe one day soon enough, Newey would say, enough of the Red Bullshit, and joins the true Red’s. Then Ferrari would be truly feared & all drivers would desperately want to line up to join them again.
    If it wasn’t for Fernando & Kimi, the F1 world at the moment would be a true boring sport.

  • Butterfly


    Fernando Alonso doesn’t need Newey for an advantage. He needs a good car and it just so happens the only place opening up is at Red Bull, where Newey happens to work.

    FA proved many times that he doesn’t need the fastest car to win races, but the Ferrari is just awful. Four years in a row they’ve had a deficit between half and one second in qualifying, and he’s had to fight those cars every weekend just to get on the podium.

    He won’t win any titles with that kind of disadvantage.

    So I take it you’re saying I contradict myself by saying FA needs Newey to win while at the same time he can win without Newey. Is that what you’re saying?

    FA needs a faster car and Ferrari can’t deliver that. He can take the title with 3 tenths deficit throughout the season. But 8 tenths every weekend is just too much. That, plus inconsistent performance during races.

    Ferrari is a mess right now.

    Plus, if the rumors going around are true – and I believe they are – Red Bull want to sign him up asap. Fernando is smart, fast, consistent, tough… he can work anywhere.

  • Butterfly

    Thought experiment:

    Jenson Button wins the WDC in 2009 then stays at Brawn GP for two more years in which time he wins two more world titles. Heck, he even takes the fourth title from 2012.

    The 2013 season starts, and Jenson Button is a 4x WDC. Is he a better driver than Fernando Alonso who has just two WDCs to his name?

    Consider that all four Brawn GP cars were just as good as the 2009 model was in the first part of that season.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “Fernando Alonso doesn’t need Newey for an advantage. He needs a good car and it just so happens the only place opening up is at Red Bull, where Newey happens to work.”

    That’s trying to have it both ways.

    I(and others) have said the same thing to you all these months about SV and you wouldn’t accept that. But now it’s OK for FA?

    And if you truly feel this way now, You can never again be critical of SV because of the car he drives. See what I mean?

    You’ve totally undercut your entire argument against Vettel by wanting FA right there beside him. You can’t have varying standards for different drivers and remain credible. it’s as simple as that.

    All that you just said about FA can be applied to SV just the same. Period.

  • Butterfly


    Okay, let me explain it like you’re 6 years old:

    Given the same car, Alonso is faster than Vettel, and the gap widens as the car gets worse.

    In a car like the F2012, Alonso would be more than half of second ahead consistently.

    Is that clear enough for you?

  • Wolf 9

    Butterfly, I am not accusing you of contradicting your self. In fact I totally agree with you. Alonso deserves a better car to show what is he made of. He has been pushing very hard beyond the limits of the car & the same is defiantly draining him out. And yes he can win the WDC with a deficit of the 3 tenth slower consistent car, and perhaps Ferrari might have a surprise to do it this season after the break (maybe just saying). But why not have Newey on board so Alonso can for once relaxes in a state of utopia.

  • Wolf 9

    Butterfly: oooops. You can Ignore my above message.

  • Butterfly

    Wolf 9:

    Nothing wrong against that.

  • Ukwhite

    Kimi is just a man like many others, money will play a major role, so no issue coming back joining Ferrari. That gives shivers to samurai Alonso that in the end will do a harakiri, Kimi will trash him.

  • Ukwhite

    Comparing Seb with Massa is like butter flies.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Fly

    Your argument is irrelevant. Why? Because you’re describing a hypothetical situation. I don’t do hypotheticals. Stop trying to create a situation that doesn’t exist.

    Besides, I’ve heard that OPINION based (crap) spin from you’re twenty-four-seven excuse machine way too many times. Been there, done that.

    Lemmetellyousomething – Lewis Hamilton is schooling Fernando Alonso on how to build a winning team around oneself.


  • Butterfly

    Are we clear on what, all that rubbish you just wrote there?

    Senile fool.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Even if it’s clear Alonso is one of the best drivers, i think that his estimators should accept if many others think he is not THE best.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Of course you can’t respond. What else can you say?

    You do wish I was a bit senile so I wouldn’t remember all your crap. Your shifting positions. . . Your outright B.S.

    Anytime you want to provide that link where you read the “contracts are signed” I’d be most interested. Sucker.

    Punk, Don’t play me.

  • thefan

    while I do admit that Vettel is a very good driver, he needs to be tested with a driver of alonso’s caliber in the same car. webber just dont cut it. vettel has been fast, consistent and have lots of luck. i will not take away those 3 championships he won but he still needs to prove something and that is to win against a another world champion in the same machinery. senna proved this when he partnered prost in mclaren. hamilton did it to button. this is why this alonso to red bull move will be very interesting, not just for alonso but also for vettel. Alonso is the perfect driver to define Sebastian’s legacy in this sport.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hamilton didn’t win a championship with Button. He won his championship with none other than the great Heikki Kovalainen.

    I notice Michael Schumacher isn’t on that list. How come he didn’t “have to prove something”?

    Be consistent!! You can’t apply that standard to one driver, And omit others.

  • Butterfly


    Yes, you’re right about Alonso defining how good Vettel really is. But I fear for a repeat of what happened at Ferrari.

    I remember when FA went over there, everybody was expecting Massa to give FA a wakeup call. Even Bernie Ecclestone said that there’s no way FA will take over the team. He used to say that FA is just like Raikkonen, that they’re the same kind of driver and since Massa was a match for Kimi, it would be the same for Alonso.

    Even Felipe himself said in an interview that everybody is beatable and that Fernando is most definetly beatable – maybe he wanted to say that Fernando is *more*beatable than Raikkonen or Schumacher.

    Instead, what we got was Massa being obliterated to such a degree that nowadays nobody takes him seriously as a driver. He’s had four nightmare seasons and now Ferrari have probably kicked him out already. He may not be on the grid in 2014.

    It could turn into a mega disaster for Vettel. Let’s see what happens, but I think Vettel’s fear is justified.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Laugh out loud !! More Delusional Happytalk at it’s finest !!

    I like how you just leave out Felipe’s accident like that didn’t happen.

    Got that link butterfly?

  • Wolf 9

    thefan: If Alonso joins RBR, it will be for a while until he gets use to the car & the team. So therefore Vettel will most probably have the upper-hand for a good period of time + the core of RBR team will be radically standing behind the German & not the Spanish (perhaps a fear of deep hidden racial touch). So why risk it. And Alonso wont come in as a 2nd driver, Beside who will be paid more as a driver?
    More or less the same applies to Vettel if he joins Ferrari. It will take him time to adjust.

    Tamburello-1994: Massa still the same old Massa. He is truly fast With lots of experience. Its just the car is not helping for a while. Many drivers had radical accidents, and they came back as strong. Niki Lauda did it for example.

  • thefan

    tamburello… nobody said hamilton won the championship against button, what im obviously saying is that button went into a team where another champ is driving and he’s skill was somewhat tested. God i cant believe you didnt get that… why did I omit MSC? his legacy was defined by the fact that he won 7 titles in between 2 teams, he put ferrari on top of the motoring world on the time the team is really down. it really is a case to case basis if I have to spoon feed it into you…

    now in vettel’s case, as Ive said, he is good, young and bloody fast but why do you think a lot of people even his fellow drivers dont rate him that highly as alonso or kimi or hamilton? because he has won with a top rate machine that nothing in the world can beat and lots of luck and he still needs to prove something and Alonso could be that equalizer. now read this all over again so you can understand that im not talking sides and what im saying is so easy to understand

  • thefan

    wolf… that remains to be seen as to who will be treated as the top rate driver in RB. horner loves vettel but he hasnt hide his admiration for alonso either. why risk it? formula 1 teams need assurances for the future. if vettel goes to ferrari, at least alonso is there for RB, thats one possible reason. i personally dont care much if alonso goes to RB or stays put… if kimi is with ferrari next year then that would be interesting to watch, kimi vs fernando. if he goes to RB, interesting as well. I find it amusing for some people who doesnt like fernando in RB as if they fear him… isnt that more interesting? vettel and alonso in the same machinery? and this debate of who’s better would be answered

  • Butterfly

    Wolf 9:

    Agreed, it does take time to adjust to a new car/tires. Think Alonso & Raikkonen in 2007, it took them a couple of races to adjust to new tires.

    Think Hamilton to Mercedes, about five-six races to adjust to new car.

    As for money, I’m sure Alonso would take in more cash.


    You’re right about Horner admiring Alonso, noticed that too. In fact, I reckon almost everybody on the grid – bar McLaren – would like to have Fernando on their team.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ fan

    Nobody cares Hamilton “drove with” Button – That’s that why I didn’t get your silly-assed comparison. Because it’s just stupid.
    Same for Senna / Prost. Nobody cares. Very few worlds champions end up on the same team, For obvious reasons. That’s why you have to go to another set of parameters when I bring MSC up.

    I said you can’t have varying standards for a certain drivers and not for others. but that’s exactly what you go and do. Vettel’s career so far is defined by the fact he’s a three-time consecutive world champion. End of.

    Also keep in mind Red Bull wasn’t exactly on top when Vettel got there. “He put them on his back”, and now their on top, No?

    So no matter who his teammate is, Vettel will always be first at Red Bull. To believe otherwise would be totally delusional.

    Above all else, A driver is not responsible who his teammate is So holding ones legacy responsible for that goes nowhere, and really is nothing short of asinine.

    How about just judging a driver for what he does on the track?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Pssst! Hey fly! Got that link yet?

    Help a brotha out, yo?

  • thefan

    tamburello… didnt i say that vettel is great driver since he’s won 3 WDCs? how long have you been watching F1? as far as I remember, when vettel got in RB they are certainly not on the top but already a rising team, when he got settled and with newey’s brilliance they had already won it on his 2nd year. so that is still not enough for you huh? msc won it after what? 4yrs! read about history you fool…

    sure nobody cares about the comparisons i made, its not a standard rule on how to define a legacy, but to me as ive stated that will be my measurement on how vettel’s legacy should be defined. we know that webber isnt capable of beating him, nor the red bull will be slower, the only thing that stands between vettel and more greatness is to show that he needs to beat other top rate drivers in the same machinery, a rare but great opportunity if alonso goes in there.

  • Butterfly


    Schumacher’s team was making progress during that waiting period, which is more than can be said of the current Ferrari.

    I mean, they’ve improved their pitstops, strategy – both war bad when Alonso came over – but they’re still lacking in design.


    “Help a brotha out, yo?” – are you black by any chance?

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ fan.

    You’re no better than butterfly. You make silly, irrelevant comparisons, and make-believe litmus tests like a little two year old. Didn’t your mother teach you “tricks are for kids”? I’ll give you some credit that at least you admitted you make no sense.

    You’re exactly right, Your standard is not the accepted standard – so you’re opinion is just that. Delusional or whatever, It’s just your opinion.

    Your entitled to it.

    @ fly

    What does color have anything to do with that link?

    What does color have anything to do with anything for that matter? Whatever my race / nationality / sex / creed / is, Does that matter?

    Does anybody hold the fact you’re a girl against you?

    Are you a racist?

    Gitme that link, Skunkstool.

  • Butterfly

    I am not a racist, but blacks usually talk like that.

    Regardless of color, you’re garbage. You’re no different than the other trolls that inhabit this site.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Let me break it down for you some more:

    1) If you wasn’t a racist it wouldn’t of mattered or you wouldn’t of cared to even ask about ones colour because in the end it’s not germain to the conversation. So nice try.

    2) I’ve exposed you as a hypocrite, a liar, and now I can add a racist to the list. You’re really a piece a work, Aren’t you butterfly. I bet your parents are very pleased.

    3) If I’m garbage all the sudden, Why are you using my words when it suits you? (They can “drive like they stole it” as Tamburello said). I think it’s because I’ve absolutely pwnd you for what, three days here, And there isn’t anything you can say or do about it.

    4) I’m glad we’ve had this exchange because now I’ve got TONNES of ammo I can use against you. I am NEVER gonna let you forget how completely off the rails you have been during this summer hiatus, NEVER. Anytime you post your crap I’m going to be right there to regulate on your stupid ass, so get very used to seeing my name. I’m gonna make a special effort so everyone else who comes to this forum know what rotten piece of shyt you are. I am gonna make you awfully sorry you ever crossed paths with me, You dooshbag.


  • Tamburello_1994