Massa: Ferrari is already thinking about 2014

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Within the next few races, Ferrari could shift the full weight of its resources to its 2014 Formula 1 project, claims their Brazilian driver Felipe Massa, who is pushing to remain a part of the Maranello based team’s plans beyond the 2013 season.

Next year, a new era dawns in F1, but teams are already hard at work designing and developing all-new cars for the radically different V6 turbo regulations.

“We are already thinking about next season,” Massa is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

After a solid start to the season, Ferrari’s development progress faltered, with Fernando Alonso’s challenge now almost 40 points behind Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel.

It means that Ferrari, like most teams, is now counting down the races until preparing for the 2014 challenge becomes the absolute priority.

“It is very important,” said Massa, “because so much is changing that we have had a whole group that only works on the next car for a long time.”

“But we need to look at the performance in the next races to determine if we should continue to develop this (2013) car, or focus completely on 2014,” he added. (GMM)

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  • batloun_76

    Ironic .. Every year same thing happen in the middle of the year…they wont win a championship unless others stop developing their cars.

  • Tamburello_1994


    And every year Ferrari gets an “early jump” on the next years car and it’s always the cookie cutter approach – With the same results that following year.

    You knew when they started blaming the wind tunnel, again, they had all but given it up. Hard to believe they would even attempt to go there again, but as they say, fool me once . . .

    Been there, done that Ferrari. Might as well roll the dice and develop the 2013 specification to the end of the year. Go down fighting for once.

    Maybe the luck will change.

  • LotusFan

    Sick of reading these stories about 2014. Merc, Ferrari all want to think of 2014 already? Lotus probably does not have the money and will have to do the best with what they have so far.
    So who is going to put up a fight against Red Bull. F1 fans just dont want all the teams to just concede 2013 and look at 2014. Lot of us wont be around in 2014 then.