Sauber owes money to Hulkenberg, Gutierrez, Kobayashi, Ferrari, Pirelli and more…

Sauber financial crisis hitting hard

Sauber financial crisis hitting hard

Reports of a continuing financial crisis at Sauber are continuing to emerge, with the Swiss team’s Russian saviour deal still waiting to be finalised, Bild am Sonntag newspaper reports that Sauber’s debts still stand at € 80 million, including unpaid bills to suppliers totalling 35 million.

“The time bomb is ticking,” the newspaper’s correspondents Helmut Uhl and Frank Schneider report. They claim that, in addition to Ferrari‘s unpaid customer engine bill, Sauber has also not paid for its Pirelli tyres in 2013.

It was already known that lead driver Nico Hulkenberg is waiting for his salary, but Bild am Sonntag now reports that rookie teammate Esteban Gutierrez has also not been paid in 2013.

Nico Hulkenberg with Esteban Gutierrez

Nico Hulkenberg with Esteban Gutierrez

The report also said that2012 Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi is also owed about € 2.5 million.

Reportedly, the already delayed Russian saviour deal is also further in doubt due to the uncertain prospects of one of the key figures, Oleg Sirotkin.

That’s because if Sirotkin’s son, 17-year-old Sergey Sirotkin, does not debut as expected in 2014, the entire Russian deal could be off.

Correspondents Uhl and Schneider report that Sauber might need to consider a ‘plan B’ – the sale of the Hinwil based team.

Former Force India and HRT boss Colin Kolles is apparently ready on the sidelines with sponsor millions to exchange for a stake in the Swiss outfit. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    What and they sacked Kamui Kobayashi while owing him money

  • DaMan

    What are they paying Esteban Gutierrez for?
    Crying like a baby and always finishing at the back?
    Then blaming the car for his useless driving.
    He’s a pay driver, he’s supposed to pay them.

  • Empee

    “That’s because if Sirotkin’s son, 17-year-old Sergey Sirotkin, does not debut as expected in 2014, the entire Russian deal could be off.”

    Why are some parents so gung-ho on letting their children charge into failure? Not saying that Sergey is dead on arrival, but if his performance is?anything less than prodigial, he’s done, especially since he seems to be advancing primarily on daddy’s whim.

  • Mr Bojangilis

    Leave Kollis out of it, he’s a looser, Bullshitter. and
    Blackmailer. that’s Trouble with a capital “T”

  • Max Smoot

    @McLarenfan: agreed — and KK had the good grace not to mention this to the press even as he was being shown the door. He should still be on the grid. in F1.

  • PB

    One very troubled team – financially. Will the Russians honor their deal or not that is the question. I do not think so because the son is too young to drive in F1 and performance wise not really a dazzling performer, more an average performer.

    If this deal falls thru, which I suspect it will, you would have to suspect any future Russian investment in F1.

  • McLarenfan

    Unless that is the whole point if they go belly up they can then purchase the team lock stock and barrel for a whole chunk of change less. a bit like HRT Formula 1 Team they would have sold for nothing, Honda sold to Brawn yet it cost Honda $200m Brawn Fry and others did well out of the deal.