Stewart says that dropping Indian GP sends wrong message

F1 fans in India

F1 fans in India

Dropping out of next year’s Formula 1 world championship calendar is not a good message being sent by organisers of the Indian Grand Prix.

That is the warning of triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart, following news that India will not host a race next year but will return to Formula 1 in 2015.

Amid the undoubted tax and customs issues, and the pressure on Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone to limit the calendar to 20 races next year, Indian organisers insist that missing 2014 is simply “a scheduling matter”.

“These kinds of adjustments take place all the time,” said a spokesman for organisers Jaypee.

He explained that Ecclestone offered India a March date on the 2014 calendar, but with this year’s race taking place in October, the two races would have taken place too closely together.

“We were then given the option of holding it in March in subsequent years,” said the spokesman.

But Stewart, a veteran figure in the F1 paddock for almost five decades, indicated that he thinks that the real issue is about tax and customs.

“F1 has been able to handle the issue in every other country we go to – whether it’s Hungary, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia or China,” the 74-year-old told the India-Asian News Service.

And Stewart said the situation, culminating in India skipping at least the 2014 schedule, could hurt the country’s F1 foray.

“It is certainly not a good message the Indian Grand Prix is sending out to the motor sports world, and is not positive for India’s image when questions are raised about it,” he said.

Not only that, spectator numbers dropped from 95 000 for the inaugural race in 2011 to just 60 000 last year. And after October’s race, 16 months will pass before India hosts its next grand prix.

“This year’s race is crucial,” Stewart agreed, “and if the race in 2015 gets the right promotion, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t again attract large crowds.” (GMM.)

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  • Boycottthebull

    I think it sends the right message to India. Some of the other tracks have built their race over decades of heritage and then India comes along to host 2 mediocre races and its government wants an equal 1/19th cut of everyone else’s profits! It sends the message to India you cant expect to ride the rest of the worlds coat tales and expect them to pay for you. I never understood India getting Billions in aid from Brittan and others to help building their economy yet they cant feed their starving millions yet they find the money for Nuclear Weapons and F1 races and buy out Jaguar. I hope the Indian GP is never brought back.

  • Ian Mac

    Ticket sales in India fell off because the prices are way too high, given the country’s usual shameful gap between rich & poor. The rich can afford it, all 60,000 of them, but the average Indian cannot justify such expenditure on a marginal sport. In India, the Cricket matches are sold out because tickets are priced realistically.

  • Abhinav


    thanks for your wonderful description of india, whatever u think about yourself, its my sincere advice please keep it to urself or get ready to smashed right into ur face, i truly believe u r a brit and have still not given up on criticizing indians.

    where da hell did u learned that india is taking billions from Britain u fictitious freak, its u greedy and bigmouth people who cannot pay the taxes, yet bernie gives loafs of bribes and brits give billions to india.

    wow getting overboard

  • Abhinav

    @Ian mac

    yes poverty is a serious issue in india but its not just 60000 rich people are over here. if figures can be verified india is one of the counteries to hold maximum no. of millionares and billionares, but yes ironically gap between rich and poor has increased due to inflation and population and this is a serious issue to be addressed to………

    regarding attacking any country’s sovereignty and respect please be careful, each and every country including developed countries have their own serious issues

  • Nafeesa Mangat

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