Red Bull pit crew fastest so far this year with top five times to their credit

Mark Webber enjoyed the fastest pit stop so far this year during the Malaysian GP

Mark Webber enjoyed the fastest pit stop so far this year during the Malaysian GP

Red Bull is not only leading the Formula 1 drivers’ and constructors’ championships in 2013, its pit crew is also the fastest operating currently in Formula 1.

That is the finding of Auto Motor und Sport, reporting that the average pitstop for Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber so far this year took just 2.83 seconds.

“In the second half of last year we were on average three tenths faster than Red Bull,” McLaren sporting director Sam Michael is quoted as saying. “Now it’s the other way around.”

Indeed, Ferrari is in second place with an average time of 2.9 seconds, followed by Mercedes at 3.06 seconds.

AM&S said that Red Bull has also recorded every one of the top five fastest pitstops of the season so far, headed by Webber’s 2.13 second stop in Malaysia. Mercedes, however, thinks it they can go even faster than that.

Practice makes perfect: Red Bull crew during preseason testing in Barcelona

Practice makes perfect: Red Bull crew during preseason testing in Barcelona

“We did a practice stop at the Nurburgring in 1.6 seconds,” said sporting director Ron Meadows. “But, of course, practice lacks the tension of an actual stop during the race.”

In fact, the speed of pitstops looks set to dip in the second half of the season.

After Webber’s flying wheel struck a cameraman in the Nurburgring pitlane, the FIA is preparing to introduce a system where a backup row of pins on the wheel nuts will ensure a loose wheel cannot fly off a car.

AM&S reports that Red Bull voluntarily trialed the system in Hungary, which promptly cost Webber and Vettel an average of half a second per stop. (GMM)

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Top five pitstops so far this year:

Driver Race Stop Time
Mark Webber Malaysia Stop 2 2,13 seconds
Sebastian Vettel Malaysia—- Stop 4—- 2,15 seconds
Sebastian Vettel Spanien Stop 1 2,15 seconds
Mark Webber Malaysia Stop 4 2,16 seconds
Sebastian Vettel Germany Stop 1 2,20 seconds
  • McLarenfan

    Getting to that speed just does not allow for any error.

  • fools

    They also have a record of wheels coming off. oh and injuring camera crew. Oh and hurting Mark Webber’s career. Oh and…hmmm what else can I bring up.

    Lets make sure we can put on “1 bolt screw” to ea tire before release yeah? ok…go….safety first right?

  • jl

    no matter what haters say,… they still leading.
    and horner say: talk as much as you want, talk is cheap.

  • KevinW

    It’s impressive what they’ve done with stop times. The car appears to hesitate for a moment then take off. This requires smoothness and practiced orchestration, where the delay in time is simply the time it takes to change one tire plus the difference between the fastest and slowest corner crew. I believe most can change a single tire in the same time as Red Bull, its the teamwork of all acting in unison that causes them to gain such quick total results. The consistency in 2:15+/- seems to indicate that this is about the best it can get for any team… amazing. Haters can shove it. As a team of management, design, production, maintenance, pit work, driving, etc… Red Bull is the class of the field right now.

  • BernieIsNotGoodForF1

    This proves they are an equal opportunity team who treat Webber and Vettel the same way. Only thing is Webber’s wheel falls off once in a while

  • Butterfly


    Just because they treat the same way on the pit-stops, doesn’t mean they didn’t sabotage Webber’s starts or his strategy to suit Vettel. But I will say they both got absolute equal treatmant in 2010 before Vettel’s first title.

    Back then, it was just Webber getting tired over a season whereas Vettel kept going.

    So, basically, they’re just betting on the better driver. But what happened in Malaysia was just wrong.

  • BernieIsNotGoodForF1

    I dont think they intentionally sabotage Webber. But the best engineers, mechanics, parts and team is on the Vettel-side of the garage.
    And you cannot blame RBR because in an organization you would concentrate your best resources on the most profitable part of the company, in real life.
    I agree that Webber maybe because of age loses his edge as the season goes on.

  • Butterfly


    I wasn’t blaming them, I was just saying that’s what they do.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Webber, though. Age is no problem for the current F1 drivers. They’re as fit as they can be. Heck, Schumacher would have no problem at his age given his level of fitness.

  • realf1fan

    If they are Sabotaging Webber it still does not detract that Red Bull Racing are the total package the best Pit Crew, best strategists, great car, a team that can push with development and upgrades throughout a season when others fall away, and Newey and his lieutenants knocking out super cars which if driven by any of the top tier drivers it would gain them a WDC.

    Not a fan of Horner but have to give credit where it is due he has spent the Austrians money well.

  • KC

    “what happened in Malaysia was just wrong.”

    You mean, Red Bull idiotically ordering their top driver and triple champion to stay behind the slower Webber was just wrong? That it was.

  • KC

    “Newey and his lieutenants knocking out super cars which if driven by any of the top tier drivers it would gain them a WDC.”

    Where does this “super cars” claptrap come from? The RB’s are very ordinary cars, as shown by Webbers record in them. People keep trying to pretend they have been fantastic, when they clearly have not. The same is true again this year, where the only thing making the car look good is SV’s performances in it.