Grosjean celebrates summer break as new father

Romain Grosjean with Marion Jolles

Romain Grosjean with Marion Jolles

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean is celebrating Formula 1’s August summer break as a new father.

The Lotus driver, whose wife Marion Jolles met 27-year-old Grosjean as an F1 reporter for French television TFormula 1, confirmed the happy news this week.

“Our son Sacha was born on the 29th of July,” he said on Twitter, referring to the very day after he finished sixth in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

After a wave of up and down form in 2013, Grosjean also qualified a season-best third in Hungary, while many applauded his feisty racing on the Sunday.

Asked to name a highlight of 2013, he said: “Well, I would like to say the pass on Felipe [Massa] in Budapest, which at the time I thought may have been the best of my career so far, but of course with the penalty I suppose it’s not the same.

“After our performance in the last few races, I honestly believe that my first win is now just around the corner,” Grosjean added.

Indeed, while earlier it was believed that Grosjean’s erratic form might cost him his race seat, boss Eric Boullier thinks that Lotus has “a future contender for titles” on its hands now.

“It gives me great pleasure to see him learn from those [bad] experiences and to really start delivering the kind of results we’ve always known he is capable of,” Boullier said after Hungary.

“He knows that if he wants to be winning races and fighting for championships then he must deliver this kind of quality drive at every grand prix,” he added.

As for his wife and his newly-born son, Frenchman Grosjean told his 165 000 Twitter followers that “All the family is doing very well”. (GMM.)

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  • McLarenfan

    Congratulations to them both, with a family now it is a good job he lives in Switzerland otherwise he would be taxed to death.

  • fools

    Congrats. Dont gain weight. Thats what love does to you haha

  • Boycottthebull

    What a nice story change for the F1 pages. Best Wishes. And yes that overtake was simply the best and should not have been awarded a penalty. Isnt it funny how Vettel went of the track twice in the same race defending against Grosjean and it didnt even get a mention. We certainly know Bernie and the Stewards have their favourites

  • James

    I feel happy for him…

  • McLarenfan

    The pass on Massa was AWESOME, the fact as I see it is this he was forced by Massa off the track for a couple of ft, if they had collided then Massa would have been the driver not leaving enough room so Massa’s car can be clearly seen running Grosjean over the edge yet keeps his head and makes it that even though Massa is trying to cause a collision they don’t collide Grosjean gets a drive through, seems a bit of a bullshit penalty.