Vettel and Rosberg defend Ecclestone amid legal controversies

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone

World champion Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg have jumped to the defence of Formula 1’s embattled chief executive Bernie Ecclestone.

Already under fire by German prosecutors over the Gerhard Gribkowsky bribe affair, Ecclestone’s troubles worsened this week when a London court ordered his bosses at Formula 1 owner CVC to release hundreds of documents about the sale of the sport years ago.

The Financial Times said the documents relate to German media group Constantin Medien’s $171 million lawsuit which claims that Formula 1 was undervalued when it was sold to CVC in 2006.

Most figures in the paddock have been reluctant to comment on Ecclestone’s troubles, which could end the 82-year-old’s four decade reign over F1.

Vettel is quoted by Germany’s Bild newspaper: “The bottom line is that he is the one who brought Formula 1 to such a high level.”

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg reportedly added: “He has done so much for this sport for so many years.”

According to media speculation, one potential successor for Ecclestone is Christian Horner, currently Vettel’s team boss at Red Bull.

The Briton played down the prospect, insisting¬† “I am fully focused on what I’m doing”.

“I hope [Ecclestone] goes on for a long time to come,” Horner is quoted by the Daily Mail.

“The business, as it is today, is because of the way he has run it and operated it. It is unimaginable for him not to be there.” (GMM.)

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  • =El Presidente=

    yeah, yeah, yeah, as ‘unbelievable’ as it might be, he is a giant fraud (as are most participants in the F1 world)

    And yes you could argue that F1 is where it is today because of ecclestone.. you can also argue that N-Korea is where it is today because of Kim-jung-Il ..
    that he brought the sport behind decoders does not mean he is above the law.

    What is the problem if that old fart has to move? nothing.. i tell you.. whole governments change 2-3 times per decade.. and all seems to go well.. bog companies have changes in their boards all the time, without too much fuzz..

    This guy is talked-up by all his minions, but i really dont think F1 will have any inconvenience without this old, grumpy, stealing and fraudulent dinosaur.

  • Boycottthebull

    Of course Horner and Vettel will stand by him all the way. How else can his little boy get away with cheating and rule breaking. Grosjean gets a drive through penalty for avoiding a collision but Vettel goes off the track twice in the same race illegally defending his position and doesnt even get a mention. It obviously pays to be Billionaire Bernies beautiful backgammon boy. Bernie is a crook he was paying bribes to get shares on the cheap. He and the F1 corporation have plundered F1 that most teams are now in severe debt and see little of the revenue they generate NOT generated by Bernie yet he steals all the cash and they sing his praises. The only ones that can afford F1 are the drink cans thats all you will have racing eventually if Bernie isnt stopped and jailed.

  • montoya

    EXCELLENT comments, both of them !
    Nothing more to say.

  • Quasimoto

    It is a fact that those who suffer from The Stockholm Syndrome tend to be unaware they were ‘infected’ until after they are rid of the disease.

  • BernieIsNotGoodForF1

    Excellent comments all. F1 teams are going bankrupt as this guy and his CVC are pocketing the majority of the revenue. And they still keep singing praises of him. The sport needs to be run by professional managers who protect all the stakeholders interests, not this guy