Renault: By mid-season the 2014 turbo cars will be faster than this year’s cars

2013 F1 cars are fast, but the 2014 turbo versions should be even faster

2013 F1 cars are fast, but the 2014 turbo versions should be even faster

Renault SportF1 chief Remi Taffin does not think the next generation of Formula 1  cars will lose much of their speed as the sport  moves from V8 to V6 turbo power next year.

“I don’t think we’ll lose so much,” the French marque’s head of track operations told Russia’s Championat.

“F1 is F1, and we want the cars to still be the quickest. And they will be fast,” he said. “I think that at the beginning of the season they will be slower than the current cars by a second, but after mid-season they could even be faster.”

“It’s always been like that, [like] when we moved from V10 to V8, and when there were big changes in the aerodynamics in 2009,” Taffin added.

Remy Taffin

Remy Taffin

What will definitely change dramatically next year, however, is F1’s sound. Recently, Renault released an audio clip of its new turbo power, and now Mercedes has followed suit. Here>>>

Renault’s Taffin thinks F1 that will be loud enough next year.

“Have you heard the GP3 cars?” he asked. “If you find yourself in the pitlane during their races, you are unlikely to last the whole race without earplugs.

“Yes, the sound of the engines will be quite different in 2014, but it will still be very loud. It will still be F1.”

2014 F1 Renault turbo engine

2014 F1 Renault turbo engine

Finally, Taffin said that there has been progress with 2014 Renault engine deals for existing customers Caterham and Lotus.

“The fact that the contracts are not signed yet does not mean we are not already working with them [for 2014],” he revealed.

“But the signing of the contract is not so simple: we’re talking about technical matters, marketing, finance. We know that the talks will end positively, but some questions still remain to be answered.” (GMM.)

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  • batloun_76

    I love this sport

  • Tamburello_1994


  • Stoner

    All this is bullshit.
    They moved from V10 to V8 and since then how many circuit records have been broken, to prove that you are faster the 1st thing is to post a better lap time than the previous years cars, which clearly is not the case.
    F1 is already slower than what it was 5 years back,
    After following Formula 1 for the past 14 years, thinking about next year thoughts have come to my mind whether to i would ever remain a hardcore fan as i was all these years.

  • Stoner

    and BTW the Renault V6 turbo is so far the worst sounding engine, other engines(Mercedes) not great either. they can never bring the feel and presence of a naturally aspirated V8 engine in a turbo charged one

  • Stoner

    “Renault chief Remi Taffin does not think the next generation of Formula 1 cars will lose much of their speed as the sport moves from V8 to V6 turbo power next year.”

    This is what they need to say to cover up, If they have the opposite kind of opinion, then they know how much the sport’s popularity will take a hit and also their own Brand image.
    All engine manufactures will give such news but the reality is far different and we have seen it in the change to the cars from V10 to V8.

  • Uh

    He must be watching another F1, because the F1 I am watching has cars that are slower and uglier than years ago and now they will also sound like an Opel Manta.

  • GreenHell

    It is not about the change from naturally aspirated to turbo charged engines – sound of turbo engines is principally only a little bit less loud due to the turbocharger’s impact. It is finally about the smaller volume of engines plus the drastically reduced revs.

  • Loln

    My Yugo is faster than this year’s cars!

    Formula 2014 isn’t looking too good to me, even if Pirelli don’t sh!t the bed. Again.

  • fools

    because Turbo has “Booooosssttt”!

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • Maarten


    That’s not because the cars over a single lap are slower. But because mr. E. has asked Pirelli to change the tyres so that they wear quicker. Laprecords are set during the race and not during practise sessions.

    So technically he is correct that they have found much of the speed again after going down on horsepower during the last years.