Pirelli wants to organise another 1000 km F1 team tyre test

Paul Hembery

Paul Hembery

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has admitted that he would like to organise another 1000 kilometre Formula 1 tyre test, although the last one with Mercedes‘ 2013 cars and race drivers was highly controversial.

Indeed, Formula 1’s official supplier and the Brackley based team were officially reprimanded for the Barcelona session.

But if the FIA’s clarified guidelines are followed, Pirelli’s contract with the sport actually permits tyre tests with individual teams, and motor sport boss Hembery recently admitted that he is keen to organise another.

Despite the controversy, and the fact Mercedes was penalised by having to sit out the recent Silverstone test, Hembery called that 1000 km session “the best we’ve ever done”.

“That’s why we want more of it,” he told Auto Bild.

“Maybe we’ll do another 1000km test with a 2011 car,” said Hembery. “At the end of the year we would also like to do one or two tests with a 2013 car — one in Brazil and a rain test at Le Castellet.”

It is yet another clear indication that, although not entirely certain, Pirelli will be staying in Formula 1 beyond the end of its 2013 contract.

But amid the delay in getting a new deal signed, the normal September 1 deadline for revealing the following year’s full tyre specification to the teams will pass.

“We will inform the teams on October 1,” said Hembery, revealing that the deadline has been extended.

Pirelli is tipped to produce wider rears for the high-torque V6 engines next year, but otherwise Hembery has hinted that the construction and compounds will be much more conservative than the controversial 2013 tyres.

He said the scandals and criticism were “too much” this year. (GMM.)

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  • Boycottthebull

    Im sure Mercedes is keen to do another test too. Winning three out of the last 5 races even illegals test are beneficial. You can even set your own penalty! Bet if Lotus tried that they would be banned for many races entirely. Red Bull could get away with the the FIA and the stewards turn a blind eye to them like they do Mercedes. Just look at the Grosjean drive through penalty, Vettel drove outside the lines twice while defending against Grosjean in the same race and not even an investigation. Its all about favourites and bumchums at the FIA and the stewards.

  • petes

    Ohhh goody!
    I do hope Mercedes can participate this time.
    Boycott, it’s occurred to me since the tribunal, the only error Merc made was on their suggested pennance. If they’d offered to stand the court a round of beers instead, they’d have been away laughing.

  • Michael Schumacher

    Ha! Grosean! Funny guy. He has no sense of space and keeps crashing with other cars. Why is he even in F1 I don’t know but surely he doesn’t belong there. Go back to GP2 where crashes are a normal thing.