Red Bull boss confirms that meeting in Budapest was about Alonso

Luis Garcia Abad with Fernando Alonso

Luis Garcia Abad with Fernando Alonso

Red Bull has confirmed that a meeting with Fernando Alonso took place with the Ferrari driver’s manager at the Hungaroring last weekend.

Initially, the sensational story of a potential move to Red Bull for the two-time world champion was dismissed by some, as Alonso’s manager Luis Garcia Abad also handles the career of rising Red Bull-backed youngster Carlos Sainz jr.

But when told that his meeting with Garcia was thought simply to be about the 18-year-old Sainz, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner told Sport Bild: “Nonsense. Why would I talk to him about Sainz jr, who has long been in the Red Bull junior team?”

Sainz jr drives for the GP3 team MW Arden, a collaboration between Mark Webber and Horner.

Clearly, Garcia and Horner might have something to talk about other than Alonso, but Red Bull is not hiding the fact the Hungaroring meeting was about Ferrari’s number 1.

Luis Garcia Abad with Christian Horner

Luis Garcia Abad with Christian Horner

“I can’t remember if we talked about Red Bull or Spanish red wine,” a mischievous Helmut Marko, the head of Red Bull’s driver programme, told German television Sky.

With Australian Webber heading to Le Mans, Red Bull is looking for a new teammate for Sebastian Vettel next year.

Earlier, although Kimi Raikkonen is also still thought to be in the running, it was believed that Daniel Ricciardo had sped into pole position for the seat.

But Horner insists: “We have never been under pressure to take one of the junior drivers.

“We have won the world championships for the past three years, and we want to ensure we can carry on doing so in the future.”

Nothing has been heard from Alonso’s manager Garcia since the Hungaroring meeting, but still involved in the 32-year-old’s driver career is the former Renault boss Flavio Briatore.

He told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “He has a contract and contracts must be respected. Alonso has never said [that] he wants to leave.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I’ll still believe it when I see it.

    Just can’t picture Alonso in Red Bull coveralls.

  • batloun_76

    Mostly impossible to team up Alonso with Vettel in the same team, it’s not good for the team anyway and also for their budget when they are winning anyway, but like they said, it’s like a warning from Alonso to Ferrari nothing more, and also if they were negotiating they wont reach on agreement.

  • batloun_76

    And it’s also like a warning from red bull to raikonnen to hurry up with his decision to join the red bull team.

  • Forza

    as batloun_76 said…i too feel that its just a warning from Alonso to Ferrari….I think he’s playing all this…by purposely sending his manager to discuss with Horner so that Ferrari provides him a better car for the second half…but will be disappointed to see if there are no major changes in line-up after all these dramas..!!!

    Will Felipe be replaced for sure no matter who the No.1 driver is?

  • Butterfly

    If Briatore stepped in to throw cold water on the rumors it means something stopped the deal from happening.

    Now that LdM cleared the air with Fernando, I guess it’s time for Ferrari 2.0 from next year.

    Let’s hope for a winning design from 2014.

  • Forza

    What abt Kimi?

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I’ve no doubt Fernando would like to drive a Red Bull but i can’t figure out how can Horner make Sebastian to accept a so uncomfortable team-mate, even more if the german will take his 4th title…

    Anyway, the only time Fernando had a strong team-mate he lost the title despite having the fastest car… this does not look to me as an encouraging premise for a Vettel-Alonso team-up ;-)

  • hillside

    FA will be in trouble if joins RB. he always had a hard time dealing with a younger, hungrier and more talented team mate just like when he’s paired with LH.

  • Hawk

    Just to disorganise Ferrari

  • dong

    I think its time for Ferrari to let go Alonso and take Kimi and Rosberg as their driver lineup or as team mates because I see it more interesting and more strong Ferrari.I see it more perfect as both drivers are really competitive. I even dreamed it one last night.

  • Mats Jacobson

    That would be awesome to see Alonso at Ferrari, that would make the other teams worry!!

  • Mats Jacobson

    Woops, I meant Alonso at Red Bull!

  • Mats Jacobson

    I mean’t to say Alonso with Red Bull!

  • Boycottthebull

    Its just all game playing. Alonso just wanted to rattle Ferrari management to get them to give him a better car but LdM has called his bluff with this weeks rebuke saying drivers come and go. Horner and Marko in typical childish fashion like to point out how everyone wants to be in one of their drink cans.

  • Tamburello_1994

    N. Hulkenberg to Red Bull

    (My dark horse prediction)

  • Forza

    This maybe the ideal time for Ferrari to replace Massa with young driver…like Hulk or DiResta or Bianchi and allow them to settle in the year….as the pecking order is anyway going to change..!!! But yeah Kimi will always be a better option….but I highly doubt whether that would happen!!

  • Butterfly


    Apparently, those two Austrians from Red Bull want Ricciardo over there. Let’s just hope this “insider info” proves more reliable than the rubbish from Hungary. SMH

  • vnbrtzl

    I’m sure driving the #2 Red Bull would make Alonso’s pompous ass really happy. DON’T DO IT.

  • Forza

    Alonso to RedBull is impossible…coz if Vettel wins this year he will be 4 time WC….and if alonso joins RB…he must be given equal status as Vettel (if not 1) which I don’t see will happen…coz RB n Vettel would want equal Schumi-Ferrari record of winning 5 WDC and WCC on a row….So it makes sense not to take Alonso instead find a no.2 for Vettel…maybe someone like Hulk or Ric…!!!

  • Tamburello_1994

    O.K. Butterfly. Just remember I said dark horse. (Lol)

    Theoretically Hulk could go to Ferrari (from forza) if Massa is out the door. I’m just thinking they would of given Felipe a heads up out of courtesy so he could get in on the silly season sweepstakes. We would of heard about Massa’s agent talking to other teams, No? I may be mistaken but I’ve heard no such reports about that. Would Ferrari punk Felipe out of a chance at a decent ride for next year? That would be cold-blooded.

    O.K. Butterfly, Lets run with what you said: If they are already set to announce Ricciardo, Why didn’t they do it after Hungary like Mateschitz said they were? If they know it’s already him, Why wait? That has me wondering what’s really up.

    Point blank: I just have this feeling the whole Riccairdo stuff is a smokescreen for stealthier activity.

    I’m just putting out there. . One man’s opinion.

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, I get the feeling something’s going up behind the scenes, too. We’ll just have to wait and see what those crazy Austrians decide.

    But I still wish Fernando moved to Red Bull :-)

  • sonnyd

    Please Please keep Alonso at Ferrari. His arrogance would create a huge comedy of errors at Red Bull. He would not fit into the Red Bull scheme of things

  • Tamburello_1994

    Be careful what you wish for I say. With the impending rule changes, Nothing is certain. Red Bull could perform like a Toro Roso next year and visa-versa. Ferrari could be the world beaters – You never know – It’s a total crap-shoot.

    A myriad of ways this could go . . Meanwhile, we still have about three weeks to go before Spa. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    LMFAO! :)

  • Forza

    @Butterfly you alonso fan or Ferrari fan?

  • Forza

    “A website (which is in Hungarian) claims that the Bild newspaper (in other words, paperback edition) confirms Raikkonen has signed a preliminary contract with Ferrari, and that he would replace Massa, who will join Lotus.
    This Raikkonen-Ferrari story just won’t go away. How reliable is Bild regarding F1 news?”

    This is what I read from autosport f1 forum….

  • Butterfly


    I am more of an Alonso fan than a Ferrari fan, but I like Ferrari even if I disagree with their conservative approach at times.

  • jurrabi

    Nonsense. Way to sell newspapers. Nothing else. I’ll take the bet with anyone that sees Alonso in Red Bull.

    Horner gains 2 things lighting this fire:

    1. Put pressure on rival team, making them doubt each other.
    2. Get Kimi’s monetary pretensions down.

    That’s all there is to it. And Alonso’s manager is showing how bad he is being played like this.

  • Kimi4WDC

    I would love Alonso leaving for Red Bull and Kimi switching to Ferrari and easily winning WDC with Ferrari in 2014.

    Oh did I mention Kimi wins 2013 in that scenario too?

    Oh well, we gotta dream sometimes :)

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    As both Red Bull and Ferrari need to find a good n.2 driver (no more then this) i guess a good choice could be Kovalainen for both: Heikki proved to “know his place” when he was at McLaren and probably he doesn’t cost too much… but it’s only an idea.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso does not have the courage to be loyal. See what he did at Mclaren. He will never be a great champion.

  • batloun_76


  • GreenHell

    I am sure that there is some truth about the rumors the Kimi-Ferrari connection. I think Ferrari intends to replace Massa (not Alonso) by Kimi – we all can easily image how Alonso’s reaction would be (and he surely already heard about it). The visit of Alonso’s manager at Red Bull is rather a political manouvre to prevent Ferrari from doing the final step towards Kimi than a serious attempt to join Red Bull. But – who knows? If Red Bull would open the door and Alonso would find a way to leave Ferrari, he would surely do the step – to get a better car (as he assumes) and to avoid the direct rivalry of Kimi…

  • Butterfly

    WTF: “The courage to be loyal” :-)

  • aberracus

    Hhahahaha, Alonso is Slow, hates Alonso, probably he stalked him and he kicked him out.


  • Ukwhite

    Alonso and Vettel will never work, McLaren saga said all. Whatever others may say, Alonso pure and simple cannot face a competition in a team. Ferrari story is going to end quite ugly, that’s Alonso’s style.

  • Butterfly


    OK, alonso_is_slos in disguise. :-)

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