Sauber was never close to bankruptcy claims Kaltenborn

Monisha Kaltenborn with Peter Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn with Peter Sauber

Team principal Monisha Kaltenborn has denied that Sauber was ever close to being bankrupt.

Having admitted that it was having trouble paying increasingly impatient suppliers, the Swiss team recently announced new partnerships with Russian entities that many in the media described as a ‘rescue deal’.

However, team boss Kaltenborn insisted: “We were never close to bankruptcy.

“We have been through difficult times in the past, and know how to survive.

“We also had other options, but we realised that this was the best one for the team to have a long-term future,” she is quoted by (GMM)

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  • Junior Johnson

    Kattleburn saved the team once again.Hip Hip who ray for monica and well done to her we knew she could come through.
    She is a great team leeder and one of the cleverest people in f1 at the moment.
    It is just a pity that she didnt do a bit better with the building of this years car.She did build a very good car last year but this year didnt.They say that the car is to thin so that air washes over the car and doesnt become atatched to the car and this can ofen be a problem

  • petes

    Maybe, just maybe, Monisha’s had her ear tweaked a bit too?

  • Alantt

    Lets hope the money does not go “missing” if the Russian GP fails to happen in 2014….