Mercedes V6 turbo engine sound unleashed; love it or loathe it?

Instructions: Best enjoyed with the sound turned up LOUD and on headphones or speakers for the full effect! Laptop speakers may lead to pale imitations of a Formula One Power Unit…

Mercedes AMG Petronas has given Formula 1 fans around the globe a unique insight into the future on its official YouTube channel.

To mark the team’s new status as a Commercial YouTube partner for the creation and broadcast of exclusive video content about the Silver Arrows team, Mercedes has offered fans a first taste of what the new 2014 power units will sound like out on track.

Mercedes V6 turbo F1 engine

Mercedes V6 turbo F1 engine

The audio recording of the turbocharged V6 unit was conducted using a development engine at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) in Brixworth, UK.

This simulated lap of the Monza circuit – the definitive test of any F1 powerplant – was then synced to a lap of the circuit at the team’s Driver-in-the-Loop simulator at team HQ in Brackley, UK.

The result is the most accurate impression so far of the sound of the new power units for 2014, with a maximum rev limit of 15 000 rpm and a single turbocharger spinning at speeds of up to 125 000 rpm. (Mercedes AMG F1)

Subbed by AJN.

  • batloun_76

    I doubt it will stay the same on a real f1 car, or if they use it on a real one without telling cos it forbidden … and on the faster track of them all Monza

  • Hman

    It sounds..not so all!

  • Roger Jones

    Sounds tinny, having said that i never liked the sound of a Porsche thought they were as well

  • F1R

    Sounds like a car vacuum cleaner or a turbo powered Rascal scooter. This is NOT what F1 should be about.

  • Michael Schumacher

    The low revs is not helping it at all. F1 just lost the plot

  • lawl

    So basically F1 and IndyCar sound both the same. Where’s the f1 supremacy? Disgusting.

  • Boycottthebull

    I heard the buzz about the poor sound of these new F1 engines, I now know the actual buzz is the sound they make.

  • LOL, Riiiiiiiiight!

    Hate it.

    After all the fcuking around and bullsh1t to get the racing this close, the formula changes…

    and for what? ERS? Fuel savings? I couldn’t care less and have serious doubts about the 2014 and beyond formula. I wonder if I’ll even miss watching F1…

  • TC

    Not as bad as I first thought, although with the exhaust and other bits all hooked up, I’m sure they’ll sound way better.

  • McLarenfan

    Not Impressed sounds like bee’s in a JAR

  • dusty7

    Sound like 2 stroke 500 cc motorbike.

  • sonnyd

    It is the sound of a highly engineered and high revving engine. If you listen very well you can tell how smooth and balanced the engine is. Just the thing one would expect of Mercedes Benz. The ironic part is that for next season it will go to waste at the hands of Lewis Hamilton. Give one to Sebastian and see how it performs.

  • michaelmacarthurinMaine

    time to watch lawn mower racing, or INDY Car.
    or anything but this crap.

  • grat

    Man, these new V8’s sound like crap. Give us back V-10’s, or V-12’s, for god’s sake! No one’s going to watch F1 with these dinky little engines! They don’t even put out a thousand horsepower, FFS!!!

    Oh, sorry… I guess I posted that a few years too late.

    Add to that some doppler, some other cars racing around, actual acoustics from the crowds and environment, and what the exhaust will actually sound like as the cars (and all their parts) bounce around the track… it’ll be fine.

    Does sound a bit odd on braking though… was hoping for a massive braking sound like the Audi LMP1’s make.

  • Tamburello_1994


    I didn’t even make it through Lesmo.

  • Sennados

    Loathe it! It’s as if they put a cork in the old f1 v8 engines! Good grief.

  • AAX

    Sounds like spin dry on a washing machine

  • McLarenfan

    loathe it!!!
    Too disgusted to listen. A 1.1 Rover Metro with a powerflo exhaust sounds better WTF were they thinking. F1 should be the best not some lame joke with dinky car engines attached to a Scalextric engine operated by the pit wall.

  • =El Presidente=

    The sound is OK.. for a toyota-starlet on steroids.. but for a F1-car?!?!

    To me it sounds more like a supercart.. (250cc engines) the low revs are just horrifying, especially when shifting in the higher gears (5-6-7) you hear the revs drop way to much, and it sounds like a fregging road-car trying to build the torque..

    Next year is going to be nice to watch.. im expecting some big-booming-engine-blow-outs :P i will be at Imola in 2014 :D
    That being said next year is also going to be a joke.. with engines that are less powerfull (yes a little bit more with ERS.. but people seem to forget that -even with the new rules- still 70% of the lap will be without ERS, and thus down on power.. down on revs.. ..

    But i hope the lift the rev-limit, because i think the engines could well be doing close to 20K/min rev and that would make them sound a lot more vigorous.

  • =El Presidente=

    ah, and i forgot the 100Kg weight limit on fuel..
    so im expecting the boys to steadily slot in behind each other, start driving “head-over-head” like the cyclist in the tour the france, and a rolling start 3 lap before the end, simulating the mass-sprint xD

  • Yongky

    the low revs doesn’t help at all.

  • Bec

    If people don’t like the sound of the new engine, I dread to think what reception Formula E is going to get.

    If people are being honest then Formula E is dead already.

  • Mats Jacobson

    That does not sound like F1 anymore, too bad!! The low revs really suck and it sounds like my mom’s sewing machine!!!

    I just purchased my tickets for 2014 Montreal and after hearing that I am thinking I made a mistake!!!

  • jeff

    Im sure that live its a bit more impressive. But this thing sounds like SHIT to me. Bring back the V 10 and V 12. From the comments posted here nobody wants to see vacumn cleaners. F1 is shooting itself in the foot.Period.

  • McLarenfan

    Now I remember its the 500 twin cylinder out of a fiat 126 air cooled i knew I recognized the sound, that must be the reason Ferrari have got a jump start on the rest they just bolt the extras on to the old ones they have stuffed in corners I bet they gave Jean Todt a nice backhander and got the rules pushed through.

  • KC

    Loathe it. But then, the current engines don’t sound great either. Who follows F1 for the engine sound?

  • McLarenfan

    Actually if you have been to the track and listened to one of these or the older V12 engines scream down the straits and pop as they down shift you will understand the love of the deafening noise by the fans.

  • Rob Ducker

    Don’t be mislead and don’t panic. This sound is recorded in a soundproofed engine test cell – these cancel out sound reverberation completely and it is this factor, as the exhaust reverberates of the stands etc that gives F1 its distinct sound. In a Test cell, the exhaust is piped outside – so is clearly demonstrated on this example there is no exhaust sound at all. Having said all that the sound off-throttle is quite weird bearing in mind that the Turbo is at that stage being driven by the MGU-H at full boost.
    The Renault engine sounds quite different.

  • Rob Ducker

    El Presidente – “but people seem to forget that -even with the new rules- still 70% of the lap will be without ERS”
    That isn’t true – you are simply looking at the harvesting potential in one lap. The ES (Energy Store) can, and will hold x 2 this amount and may deploy all on one lap where required.
    In addition just releasing 160 bhp like an on off switch just isn’t going to happen – F1 drivers don’t really like power-sliding their cars. There will be a computer that controls how much of the power is released and this will be displayed via a graphic on TV. I expect the ERS to be providing power for 50-70% of the lap.

    AS for a “Tour de France type procession – I don’t think so. You obviously know very little about the real characteristics of Turbo engines. By the way the Turbo Units are producing 600 NM of torque. The V8 produces 320 NM.

  • McLarenfan

    @Rob Ducker: I hear what you are saying I will give you the turbo since the old days of turbo in the Williams and McLaren I have been hoping they would bring them back but not like this kind of half engine half battery fuel restricted miss match. I still have no idea why they didn’t say lets change the fuel to Methane and have some fun with something different, and say rotary turbine power with turbo. at least that is Green. Batteries are not green power petrol is not green so what is the point spend mega money on batteries and development all to be not green.
    I loved the old turbo cars they were crazy and I think the un-named tyre supplier is right with all that power the rear tyres should be wider to take the TORQUE.

  • petes

    I’m sure when the cars hit the track in 2014 they’ll sound just fantastic, as intended.
    Can’t happen soon enough.

  • fapper

    The MotoGP bikes sound much better than this. I hope the old F1 turbo era sound will be the one that we’ll all be hearing by next year…

  • Monza

    Sounds just like a bad computer game. Sad.

  • McLarenfan

    The first tests for next season will have the eyes of The world glued to the first car that hits the track and god help the FIA if they are a fail

  • Richard Carlson

    I’m an old timer. I’ve seen the metamorphosis of the F1 power plants from the 60’s up to now. Nothing can compare to the sweet, screaming sound of the V12. It was fun to watch in the older days when rules were gentlemanly agreements and car builders and engineers had a free hand in development. I have adapted to F1 changes over the years, and find some of the issues car builders deal with to be absurd. I still have the reverie of years past, and I enjoy that.

  • Barlow

    Well…I had a small model race car with a rubber band engine. I wound it up real tight, then let it go, it sounded a little more louder than the one in the video!! I hope the people don’t reject these new engines. Maybe they could put playing cards between the spokes of the tires to add to the sound!!!!

  • Doug

    I can live with the sound of the engine what I can’t live with is the sound when they come down the gears. Fix that and maybe we can put on a show for the fans. If it stays like this… there is no hope for 2014

  • James

    ok, so all you guys are always talking how beautiful was the turbo era.. now we have turbo again are you complying?

    I would love to see the new f1 with manual gear box :)